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Turkish Airlines General Management Building Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
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EmyG EmyG
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Turkish Airlines Aug 12, 2015
Turkish Airlines is the Turkish flag carrier and a leading European airline that has won 'Best Airline in Europe Award' few times in a row. Turkish Airlines is today a four-star airline.

While most of people love it, I hate it. I used this airline four times and four times it wasn’t a pleasant flight. Well, maybe the thing I wrote isn’t much correct. Flights themselves were ok, but taking off and landing was awful. The weather was good, planes didn’t look old so I guess it had to be pilots’ skills. While taking off (every time!!!!!) planes had problem with going streight. It looked like the pilots had problem with the balancing the aircrafts in the move. I really had a feeling that we would sooner pull over and crash on the grass which was next to the runway than take off. The same case with landing.

The planes I used looked good. Not old but not new either. A lot of legroom, which is important for me. The seats were made of imitation leather, not the best option during a hot summer.

I didn’t like food. It was were monotonous. Almost the same thing on all four flights. I was unlucky and I got something that looked gross and was made from an eggplant. I don’t like eggplants. The good thing about food on board is that it is served in cute paper baskets. Cool idea.

The flights were on time and the boarding was quick. All flights I made by Turkish Airlines were short (2 x 50 min and 2 x 1h05min). Maybe on long-haul flights their service is better.

As for such a short flights which btw were domestic, the tickets weren’t cheap.
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rsvpme says:
Congrats on the feature....
Posted on: Aug 14, 2015
Congrats on your featured review. I have flown more than 10 times with Turkish Airlines and was always happy with them. I was even once upgraded to business class.
Posted on: Aug 14, 2015
Vikram says:
Congrats on your featured review Emy! If May was the queen of TB, you're fast becoming TB's favourite poster girl!
Posted on: Aug 14, 2015
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cotton_foam cotton_f…
321 reviews
over all, 'twas a fine flight... Mar 15, 2014
Ground Staff at LA check-in:

Check-in counters were already like in peak check-in hours and queue was already long even though it's only 3 hours before the flight. Luckily, we were assisted by a courteous, polite and a kind Ground staff. She reminded us of the special meal for my husband to avail during the flight. There is a self-check in kiosk but still need to go to the counter to check-in our luggage. Free baggage allowance of two luggage and should weigh no more than 50 kilos. Our backpacks were allowed as hand carry.

Flight Attendants:

They are courteous, polite, and attentive and they're always smiling!


We boarded on a Boeing 777-300ER that has an arrangement configured for high density sitting. That being said there was not enough leg room which makes it very inconvenient. The isles are narrow when going to the lavatory or when deplaning.


Menu cards are distributed to the passengers before mealtime which I think is a good way to inform passengers about the food to be serve. I availed on the complimentary wine (red wine on bound to Israel and then white wine on our return flight to LA).

Meals served are Turkish cuisine which IMO is quite special. And by the way, they still use silverware utensils!

For the entire 12-hour flight they served two meals and you can ask for sandwiches, pastries and drinks in between. Some Turkish delights were served, too as treats.

Inflight Entertainment:

Entertainment Library is pretty much well stocked! There are ample movie titles, songs and games to select from. I saw at least 4 new release movies. On long haul flights, each seat has a monitor or screen which also have ports for electronic device such as smartphones, iPads, Tablets and laptops.

Ground Staff at Ataturk Airport:

We had a difficulty finding our way to the boarding gate for the flight to Tel Aviv. So as soon as we saw the information desk we approached the ground staff for help but instead of helping he gave us an attitude -- and in an angry voice he said "don't ask me...go...go..." while he point out his finger towards the flight monitor window. Hello, that's why we're asking because it is not showing on the monitor window.

In-flight Amenities:

As we boarded the plane we received an overnight pouch that has grooming stuff, disposable socks and other amenities a traveler/passenger would need while on a flight.

Flight to Tel Aviv from Istanbul:

On our continuing flight from Istanbul Turkey to Tel Aviv was a narrow body aircraft -- Airbus A-320. Our departure was on-time. One meal was served at passed midnight local time.

Over all it was a fine flight! And despite the negative experience we’ve had with one of the ground staff in Ataturk Airport, I believe, we'll fly with Turkish Airline again! ~
check-in counters at LAX
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Chokk says:
I have been flying with them a couple of times since my first flight and I am still quite happy with their service even though I have a delay of 16 hrs in Moldova and someone opened my suitcase (without finding any value) in Chisinau. These things happens - I was amazed by their customer service using #Turkishairlines on Twitter where they in both cases responded to me in minutes after updating my Twitter account with my unlock.
Posted on: May 01, 2014
cotton_foam says:
Cho, thanks for the comment!
Yes I agree, both flights were pleasant :) and their airfare prices are unbeatable -- that's why we grabbed the opportunity to go to Israel as soon as we saw their cheap RT airfare! Their inflight staffs are also professional and they're always smiling! :-)
Posted on: Apr 30, 2014
Cho says:
I have flown Turkish Airlines a couple of times, and was happy with their in flight service too. I would definitely travel with them again.
Posted on: Apr 30, 2014
abhishek23 abhishek…
18 reviews
Turkish Airways: Disappointing Jun 17, 2014
Flew Turkish Airlines for Delhi-Istanbul-Athens-Delhi. Flights were brand new and nice and tidy. However, Wifi was not free which is contrary to most of the information available online. Staff was generally rude. My experience was alright but i could see those with infants around were not happy. They were being made to stand in queue, nobody was really helping them despite requests, Plane crew was just busy in finishing their routines and even anyone made a request for something else which could be as simple as asking for water, then either it would take 20 mins or not come at all.
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ratu ratu
120 reviews
Good deal Feb 02, 2010
First of all I choose Turkish (wich I have done 8 intercontinental flights) because of their price and also because of their location on the way to SE ASIA.

Price: They had a really good prices but lately they increase their fares so much, that makes them less atractive

Location: It's almost perfect for me because:

-The scheduled flight from Barcelona departs at 17.30h, allowing me to work in the morning

-The intercontinental Flights departs from Istambul arround 23h, that allow me to reach SEASIA really earlier.

But unfortunately the first return flight reaches BCN at 11h :(

About the planes I have to say that they're new (not brand new) and in good condition.

The food is also excelent (for being a plane food)
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cotton_foam says:
I agree, their price of fare is unbeatable! RT to Israel from LA is only US$ 764.00! So we took advantage of that!
Posted on: Apr 30, 2014
Chokk Chokk
1733 reviews
Turkish Airlines - a really good carrier Oct 03, 2008
It was my first time flying Turkish Airlines and I didn’t know what to expect. We were taking the early evening plane out of Brussels airport and we were quite late upon arrival in the airport. I had been flying loads of times from Brussels and I have always smiled at the huge queues at the check-in counter.

We arrived so late that there was no queue so we could check-in right away and enter the security line in the B-terminal; luckily the plane was gated at the first gate so we made it in time.

The plane was quite full but everything went smoothly, finding our seats and space for the hand luggage. The service and friendliness from the stewards and stewardesses was really impressive. If found them over the top. The food was also quite impressive compared to many others due the possibility to choose between different menus.

I must say that I was very satisfied flying with them. Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s national flag carrier, was founded in Ankara on 20 May 1933 as “State Airlines Administration,” under the direction of the Ministry of Defence. In 1955, it was restructured into “Turkish Airlines.” 25% of the company was sold via an SPO under a privatisation programme in 2005, and today, 50.9% of the company shares are public, while the rest remain state-owned.

Turkish Airlines has kept his position ranked as one of the fastest-growing airlines among European Carriers in terms of capacity and traffic growth. With its fleet of 128 passenger aircraft across a network comprised of 120 International and 38 domestic destinations there is a good chance that they cover some of your needs.
Turkish Airlines
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cotton_foam says:
I agree with your review of them, Christian! We did encountered some set backs from one of their Ground Staff at Ataturk Airport but over all we had a good experience!
Posted on: Apr 29, 2014

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