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Located in the northwestern corner of Italy and serving as the business and cultural center of the Piedmont region along the banks of the Po River in the Alpine arch, Turin is one of the most industrial cities in Italy, with an extremely contemporary technological and architectural vibe to it. Beyond the rich culture and history displayed in a variety of art galleries, churches, palaces, gardens, and other architectural wonders set out in Baroque, Rococo and Neo-Classical French style, Turin has merged into the modern era with far more compatibility than many of the other traditional Italian cities which focus more on their ethnic roots than on whether or not they are keeping up with the latest in tech and trend. From its days as Italy's first capital and home to the House of Savoy, it is now ranked third in the country for economic strength behind Rome and Milan, and showcases a wide variety of Italian flair.

Sometimes referred to as the Capital of the Alps, Turin is not necessarily as important of a tourist destination like Florence, Venice, or Rome, but it has its own unique appeal that brings in plenty of visitors nevertheless, and between the headquarters of FIAT, the splendor of the architecture, and boasting sights such as the Shroud of Turin, there are far more reasons to visit Turin than can ever be explained. To truly experience the city, one simply has to come here.

As far as attractions go, there is plenty of architecture to gaze upon, not to mention the traditional relaxed Italian atmosphere which has so many visitors from around the world coming into the country in the first place. However, since this is not a major tourist destination it is also one of the best places to experience an intimate Italian vacation in one of the most important cities in the country, away from the mass crowds. At the end of the day, Turin is one of those places that has remained off the tourist map but is nevertheless a city which should be on your itinerary.

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