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We were 4 people who decided to come back to summer. We had some possibilities whare to go, but finally chose Turgutreis in Turkey. Of course, a 5 stars hotel with "all included". Well, lazy holidays near pool or in a beach is not one of my priorities but was interesting to try out it. We stayed in "La Blanche Hotel". It was huge, had 4 or 5 pools and private area near the sea. That was nice but the view to the street and some small shops not so much.

For me was a big adventure when you can go and try out cocktails as many as you want :o I love Margarithas and Pinacoladas :D It was great to try out and some amazing food, especially fish and seafood. Cats knew that too and often came around to have lunch together :) Some of them were really fat, but not all :) By the way, cats and dogs rule streets there. Big, calm creatures walk lazily around, sleeps on streets and parks, begs some food in restaurants. Cars just drive around them when it is needed :) Quite a view. And one more interesting thing about driving in Turkey: be careful on the streets because passengers are not important there. When we went to Kos, we rode to the marina of Bodrum by turkish bus and had a very interesting first-hand experience when the driver didn't slow down in the mountains' serpentines :) Well. I liked it but can't imagine anything similar in the EU.

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