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A mesmerizing blend of Mediterranean and African cultures set against a backdrop of relentless sunshine, Tunisia is home to vast expanses of desert and beaches to die for. The alluring blend of cuisines – from couscous to the peculiar penchant for blending Coca Cola with distilled figs – and heady mix of the ancient and modern are more than worth writing home about, too.

Tunis – or more specifically the magnificent Tunis Medina – is an intensely bustling centre that’s home to an aging mosque, maze-like streets and the heady smell of spices infusing the sea air. Grab a mint tea at the back of a market stall as a break from the carnage, before delving into the depths of Tunisia’s capital to haggle away for that must-have bargain.

For history of archaeology lovers, Tunisia is a real haven. At Carthage you’ll find the beautiful remains of a crumbling Roman town, overlooking the sea and steeped in enough mythology to fill books. The Bardo Museum, tucked away in an Ottoman Palace, is home to a mammoth collection of Roman relics, while El-Jem coliseum is a serious rival to Rome’s in terms of size and stature. Bulla Regia’s Roman villas are a different experience, being carefully hidden under the dirt.

Head to Ksar Ghilane and you can watch the sun drop over the dunes from your own hot spring, and if you ask nicely, might even be able to do so with a sickly sweet glass of boukha – an intensely flavored spirit - in hand. The whitewashed village of Sidi Bou Said comes with incredible Mediterranean coastal views, while the place to soak up some rays is Sidi Ali el-Mekki, a secluded beachfront that’s within a short walk of a cave where a saint is buried.

There are plenty of undiscovered gems to be dug out in Tunisia, and plenty in the way of seductive luxury and great souvenirs, too. To top it all off, you can take that perfect snap of you crossing the last dune out of town as the sun sets, and ‘disappearing’ into the Sahara. In short, Tunisia is simply sublime.

Hammamet #1 most popular location
Hammamet is one of the most touristic places in Tunisia. You can find in Old Hammamet The Medina. A very nice place. If you are early in the year, you may find it disturbing that the people f…
13travelers 19reviews 9blogs
Sousse #2 most popular location
Sousse is a city of Tunisia. Located 140 km south of Tunis, the city has 220,000 inhabitants. It is in the central-east of the country, on the Gulf of Hammamet, which is a part of the Mediter…
28travelers 20reviews 6blogs
Djerba #3 most popular location
7travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Tunis #4 most popular location
Close to the ruins of the legendary Carthage, the Heart and Brain of Tunisia, with roughly a fifth of the whole country's population, Tunis is a city with many facets. Both the Ottoman and…
217travelers 18reviews 19blogs
Monastir #5 most popular location
Monastir is a city on the central shore of Tunisia, in the Sahel area. Traditionally a fishing port, Monastir is now a major tourist resort, with loads of all-inclusive resorts stretching alo…
15travelers 6reviews 1blogs
Port el Kantaoui #6 most popular location
7reviews 1blogs
Tozeur #7 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews 4blogs
Nabeul #8 most popular location
Nabeul is in the Cap Bon Peninsula of Tunisia. Worth coinciding your trip with the weekly cattle and camel market here... though its a bit difficult locating the blue gate of the enclosure. T…
3travelers 1reviews
Mahdia #9 most popular location
3travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Kairouan #10 most popular location
Kairouan is a mixture of new buildings and very old houses. Kairouan has one big mosque this is a very important one for whole Tunisia. They call Kairouan the holy city. This town is also ver…
1travelers 8reviews 9blogs
Matmata #11 most popular location
3travelers 4reviews 5blogs
Douz #12 most popular location
Entering Douz is a strange feeling. You can feel the silence of the dessert. Douz is the main gate to the Sahara. It is an experience to take a ride on a camel. (in fact it is a Dromedaris be…
5travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Sidi Bou Said #13 most popular location
This is a miracle! No one has written about Sidi Bou Said!! This is one of the most famous places in Tunisia. The view you have to the bay! Spectacular! And the tea and fruit juices they offe…
3travelers 1reviews 3blogs
La Marsa #14 most popular location
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Sfax #15 most popular location
15travelers 2blogs
Carthage #16 most popular location
Carthage was one of the most prosperous and wealthy cities in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. The Phoenecian empire was however considered a great threat to the Roman empire - especially after …
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Tabarka #17 most popular location
Houmt Souk #18 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews
Bizerte #19 most popular location
I have been there only one day, so very green, so lovely quit different from the rest of tunisia. This is to become the new beach for the hollidays. You can find an area where a lot of flamin…
8travelers 1reviews
El Jem #20 most popular location
2reviews 5blogs
Dougga #21 most popular location
3reviews 3blogs
Chott El Jerid #22 most popular location
1reviews 4blogs
El Djem #23 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Hammam Sousse #24 most popular location
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Tataouine #25 most popular location
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Gabes #26 most popular location
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Ksar Ghilane #27 most popular location
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Tamerza #28 most popular location
Kebili #29 most popular location
Rades #30 most popular location
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Chebika #31 most popular location
Soliman #32 most popular location
Ezaharra #33 most popular location
Metlaoui #34 most popular location
Mides #35 most popular location
Road to the dessert #36 most popular location
Port al Kantaoui #37 most popular location
Megrine #38 most popular location
Beja #39 most popular location