Tsukiji Fish Market

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Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan

Tsukiji Fish Market Reviews

pnda pnda
5 reviews
A must see if you love sushi/fresh fish and you want to see where it comes from Mar 25, 2012
Wow... You can even buy fresh sashimi, eat it on the spot, and keep going... Every asile and corner you turn, there's something else to see. If you get there early enough, you can see the tuna auction. There's SO MUCH going on, it's hard to keep track of. All sorts of fish, all sorts of yummy fresh good "snacks" if you're into SUPER fresh fish. A fisherman's dream, and a sushi lover's paradise...

The pictures speak for themselves. You can snack there, then walk out of the market and find yourself a seat at a nice restaurant and grab breakfast.
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Richiec20 Richiec20
3 reviews
Fresh start to the Day Mar 22, 2011
The tokyo fish market is recommended in most of the guide books as one of the top attraction to see whilst in the city.

I set out very early in the morning and got to the fish market for 5am so that I could see the Whole process as the market.

Catches been brought in, Tuna Auction, Industrial Scale prep of the fish, a wander round the market watching the local restaurants come and buy their supplies for the day. The final port of call was to a local bar for some unbeatable sushi.
attyjcalvarez attyjcal…
3 reviews
Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo Jun 01, 2011
Wake up at the ungodly hour of 4 am to catch the famous tuna auctions at the world’s largest seafood market in Tsukiji, Tokyo. The place is a madhouse - giant tuna and assorted seafood being thrown around and bidden on like there's no tomorrow. Also check out the wholesaler section and the outdoor eateries. I find the area quite dangerous though with “turret truck” fish transporters zipping in dangerous speeds all over the market. If you get hit by one of these babies you will literally be sleeping with the fishes.
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cynthiasmiller cynthias…
62 reviews
Wake up early to be in everyone's way Dec 30, 2010
Before going to Japan, I heard from many sources that I simply must get up at 4:30 in the morning to see the fish auctions at the Tsukiji market. So I went and I was very disappointed. I don't know why, it's exactly what everyone says it is, but it's not very picturesque, there's nothing really to do or see, and you're constantly trying not to get run over. If you're curious about the hustle and bustle of a fish market (remember, the fish is not for you to buy), then check it out. The only part of the experience that I recommend is any of the many tiny sushi restaurants surrounding the market. You'd be hard-pressed to find better sushi anywhere else in the world.
Sushi breakfast!
Airportman Airportm…
230 reviews
Fresh fish in the early morning May 22, 2007
The Tsukiji Fish Market is probably the biggest fish market in the world and each morning, tons of fish are traded to restaurants or find their way into the japanese households.

To witness the auction of the frozen tuna fish, you have to get up very early. But it's not always allowed that you watch this auction.

I've been here 2 times, the first time later then the second time, which was after 7:00am.

The place was busy, with vendors, customers and transporters running & driving around like mad at times. Walking around there means you sometimes need eyes in the back of your head, because it is an actual working place.

They expect you to lookout and move out of the way. The floor can be slippery as well, as fish parts fall on the floor. So be careful where you walk and look out! Oh, the smell ain't so bad as you might think. There is hardly any smell at all!

Both times I enjoyed seeing how fish was traded to business owners, as well as local people. And on the second time there was a late auction going on, so I got lucky.

A visit to the market is free and if you fancy (I certainly didn't), you can try a fresh fish or sushi for breakfast. Just outside the marketplace, are several food stands.
Street near the Tsukiji Fish Market
Tsukiji Fish Market
Tsukiji Fish Market
Tuna fish
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Airportman says:
I guess I was lucky at that time
Posted on: Mar 27, 2011
tj1777 says:
I didn't think you could go for the auction as late as 7 - I could have slept in then.
Posted on: Mar 27, 2011

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Tsukiji Fish Market
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