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hippie69 hippie69
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Speaking a little goes long way Jul 19, 2013
If you search the web before going to where your going try to find out about customs first and if possible learn simple words in local language it goes along way if you try to speak there language. I find this to be true any place you go Like My Thai is worst than any one else's but I try with doing it over and over you get better. the Thais and natives love it and you get tips on how to say it better plus the smiles when you get it wrong. I lived in Thailand a year in a condo that all were Thai use to sit with the guard and chat for hours I in English him in Thai people would see us and laugh but believe or not we knew what each other was saying. I guess we spoke a lot thru our hands but we spoke. He learned English thru me and I Thai thru him plus I made a real good friend along the way. With travel outside our comfort zone and if alone then trying is better than thinking why don't they speak my language remember your a guest in there country as long as you remember that you will have a great time.
Cho says:
Sawadee krap! I couldn't agree more with what you say about learning the language of the country you're in, particularly when you're going to be there a long time. Before settling down in the US, I lived/worked in several different countries. One of them was in Thailand. Another was France. In both countries I had a very hard time trying to socialize with the local people. So I made a strong effort to learn their language and more or less succeeded. Needless to say, I made lots of friends and my social life became very active! Choke dee!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2013
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