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Troy, Turkey
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Troy - Troy, its Achilles
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victoria109 victoria…
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Uran Savas local guide May 31, 2010
While in Troy we met a very nice man; Uran Suvas, who gave us a ride to catch a Dolmus back to Cannakale. He was born and raised in the area and serves as a local guide. You can stay at the Troia Pension and Camping, visit the local Helen & Paris Cafe Bookstore and take a tour with him. From his clientele and business we could tell that he is top notch.

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Lasttraveller Lasttrav…
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Troy, well the horse Dec 20, 2009
No you are not sneaking into troy with achilles to burn troy to the ground, but you are in a horse which is sort of cool, well maybe not as cool.

The site has a somewhat average fee, you can take a ferry and a bus here to get from the main town, it is pretty easy to do. Once you get to troy you can wonder around and see the ruins and of course the horse. You are able to climb into the horse and view it from the inside. There is also a horse somewhere in the town nearby if you can find him. The ruins themselves leave hardly anything to take a photo of and are really dissappointing though, you can take a guide but is more civil to walk around yourself.
Troy, its Achilles
tj1777 tj1777
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Troy - old rubbles Jun 25, 2007
When you go to Turkey you will find a country with lots and lots of marble - supposedly there is more marble in Turkey than any other country on earth. So you will be able to go from one ancient site to the next and experience the marvellous ancient constructions. And then you go to Troy - and what do you find - mainly rubbles.

The area of Troy is probably the most famous of all the sites from ancient history maybe except for a few major cities like Rome, Athens and Thebes. But contrary to those big cities there's is not much to see in Troy today - you will find a few ancient ruins which are not really remarkable by any standard and certainly not by the high mark the ancient sites in Turkey sets.

The main reason people go to Troy is because of the fame the place which it got when Homer in one of the most famous writings from ancient times - the Iliad - told the story of the beautiful Helen who were taken from her husband Menelaus. Achilles led the attempt to get Helen back which took him to the city of Troy to which he laid siege but without any fast success. In the end the Greek made a giant horse and left - the locals took in the horse as a sign of peace but of course it was indeed full of soldiers.

Today in the ruins of Troy you will find a giant replica of this legendary horse and you can also see the remains of the city from the different faces - but if you come waiting for the fair Helen and Greek heroes in the bustling streets you will not find it.
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