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A popular Slovenian legend tells the story of Zlatorog, a white ibex with golden horns which used to live in a paradise garden at the heart of the mountains, guarding hidden treasure.
Triglav National Park is Slovenia’s only national park and is one of the largest natural parks in Europe. The park lies in the vicinity of high stony mountains including Mount Triglav (2864 m); the highest mountain of Slovenia.
The shortest way to Triglav leads through the Kot Valley, the longest and easiest takes one through the Krma Valley, and the most picturesque leads from the Bistrica Valley through Plemenice. Near the top there are no easy routes left to choose. You can only reach the main peak with a via ferrata “iron way”, using the permanent railings. Helmets are useful and on the most difficult trail’s it’s a good idea to come equipped with a safety rope and know at least the basics of how to use it. There is a cigar-shaped shelter made of metal on top of the mountain. It covers Aljazev’s torrent and provides cover for 3-4 people in bad weather. Regardless of where you begin, you have to keep in mind that the trail is long and step. The hut system in Triglav is wonderful. Before hitting the trails, review your map and make note where the huts are on the trail system. There are a number of huts all within a few good hours hiking of each other.

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