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Trier is Germany's oldest town, founded in or before 16 BC. Located astride the Mosel River about six miles from the Luxembourg border, Trier is little known to most tourists who vacation in Europe, but it should be one of Germany’s most visited cities. One motto says, “Before Rome, there was Trier.” It is home to the most Roman ruins north of the Alps. It served as a major Roman Empire capital, and the headquarters for the court of six different emperors.

Trier is a pedestrian friendly place. In Trier while we walked just 2,000 steps, we witnessed and enjoyed 2,000 years of history. Most of the beautiful landmarks can be found by walking along the Hauptmarkt. The Porta Nigra is the imposing gate found at the northern edge of the city. It dates back to the 2nd century AD. Other Roman ruins that are worth a look are the Amphitheatre, and the Kaiserthermen (Roman Baths).

If churches are your cup of tea, visit the Romenesque cathedral which is off of the Hauptmarkt. There is also the Constantin basilica and Palais der Kurfursten which has a beautiful garden area to sit and relax in.

In Chrismastime Trier is home to one of the most well known Christmas markts. The setting is mid-evil, and the smells of the Glueh-wine mixed with the roasted chestnuts is like none other.

Take the local road train around the town centre to take in an overall view of this beautiful area.

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