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Berlin, Germany

Treptower Park Berlin Reviews

keenriser keenriser
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Remarkable park in east Berlin Jan 05, 2011
Treptower park is a large public park in the east of Berlin. There are however two things that make this park more interesting than the average park.

One of them is the Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in a bend in the river Spree. The remarkable history of this amusement is worth an article in itself, and it is, on Wikipedia. For potential visitors, it is good to know that the premises is currently off-limits to visitors. Possibly the Spreepark will open again in the future, but don't hold your breath.

The other one, and the one most described here on TB, is the Soviet war memorial. The memorial is bilingual in both German and Russian, if you don't read any of these languages, rest assured that the summary is something along the lines of "to our fallen comrades that have liberated Berlin from the grasp of the treacherous dictator Hitler". The highlight of the memorial is the 12m high statue of a soviet soldier holding a baby. In the pedestal of the statue, there is a small memorial room mostly covered in flowers.

Unlike a previous reviewer, I do not think that Treptower park is best visited with snow. There was snow when I visited, and it is mostly annoying.

Still, the park is definitely worth visiting. Exit the ring S-bahn at station 'Treptower park'.
S-bahn station Treptower park
The entrance portal
Kneeling statue at Soviet memorial…
Inside of the large statue pedestal
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Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
Impressive Memorial May 16, 2010
Only a couple of stops from the Ostbahnhof and then change and one stop on the circle line to get here.

Coming out the station we found ourselves in the middle of a festival, but beed to walk through the park and right to come to the road and walk along it to the arch.

Treptower Park is home to one of the biggest Soviet War memorial, and one of the biggest graveyards, with some 5000 Soviet troops buries here.

Through the arch and down the path, the significance of loss is marked with a statue of a Grieving Mother Homeland. There are 4 information signs here to tell you the history and information on the memorial.

Walking to the middle along past what are the mass graves, you come to two granite Soviet flags, with a statue of a kneeling soldier below each one.

The park opens out again and at each side there are 16 white tablets that depict the history of the war. We walked up the left hand side, and at the end of each of the tablets are quotations from Stalin in Russian. When we walked back down the other side all the quotations were in German.

The tablets were facinating, as they chronologically pictured the Soviet perspective of the war, from being attacked, to defending the Motherland, to liberating the people of Europe.

At the far end of the park, is a 30ft staue of a soldier carrying a sword in one hand, achild in his other arm standing over a broken Swastika. A really nice piece of artwork.

The most impressive thing though, apart from the deatail on the white tablets that totally fascinated me, is the shear scale of it all. Well worth going to visit to see the mixture of rememberance and triumphalism.
Soviet Arch At Treptower Park
Grieving Mother Homeland
Granite Flags
Soldier Kneeling At Base Of Flag
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Farmboy23662001 says:
This was one of my favorite sites on my trip to Berlin! Simply facinating!
Posted on: Jan 05, 2011
huibdos says:
Absolutely agree! Had exactly the same feeling here.
Posted on: Jun 08, 2010
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Jan 02, 2008
This War Memorial is situated in Treptow Park. First , the Treptow park is a beautiful park so pack lunch and eat it on one of the benches to escape the crowds. I visited this park at around 9:45 and the first tourist buses arrived around that time.

The main reason why coming to this this park is the Soviet War Memorial situated around 700meters from the Treptow Park S-Bahn stop and is built on the top of the graves of the 5000 soviet soldiers which dies in the battle of Berlin. The make the experience complete the red marble is the same red marble that once where the walls of Hitler's chancellery.
Soviet War Memorial, Treptow Park,…
Soviet War Memorial, Treptow Park,…
Soviet War Memorial, Treptow Park,…
Soviet War Memorial, Treptow Park,…
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Eric says:
Ahh, see your review now. No, I didn't get a chance to see this memorial. Interesting.
Posted on: Jan 15, 2008
dqfn1 dqfn1
74 reviews
Soviet memorial May 23, 2008
The last day in Berlin, make a choice... going to the zoo, next to the hotel, or going to a Soviet Memorial side with a teacher. You think that's a hard choice? Hell no! Who want's to see animals locked up in cages? I don't!

So we went to East-Berlin by train, very obvious because some aparmtent complexes look abandond to me.

We got off near Treptower Park, this park itself is the monument or memorial place and cemetary for more or less then 5,000 Soviet Soldiers. First sign of entering a special park is the arch. Second is seeing a morning Mother Russia statue. She's made out of granit. Surrounding this open space are four signs showing the park in birds-eye view.

The park is immensly large, just walking between the two flags and the soldier will take at least 5 minutes.

What's not told at the signs: this park was made by enslaved German women who had reacently lost their sons, brothers and/or husbands. Many of them where raped by the Soviet Soldiers. This park was designed by Stalin himself.
One of the signs showing the entir…
Standing between the two flags. Ov…
Inside of the pedestal of soldier.
Standing in front of the soldier, …
seraphimkarlien seraphim…
93 reviews
Lovely park with Soviet War Memorial Mar 22, 2008
Berlin is the greenest city in Europe - it has the most green space per square meter. Needless to say you could spend a week here just visiting parks. Treptower Park is one of my favourites.

It's quite large, on the bank of the Spree river, in Treptow (in former east Berlin), as the name suggests. It's well kept and there are some food and drink stands near the river. It's also the start of some cruises around Berlin.

The main attraction inside the park, which is really a must-see, is the Soviet War Memorial. There is a large statue (you'll see it from afar) of a Soviet soldier saving a child, with a number of stone displays, in Russian and German, telling about the liberation of Berlin by the Soviet army. It's all very coloured of course, but that's part of the attraction - you don't see many of these any more. It looks best in winter, when there is snow, though any season is good to visit the park and memorial.
Eric Eric
408 reviews
Jan 02, 2006
This is a neat park conveniently located right off of an S-bahn stop.

It is basically a grassy field with trees located next to the

waterfront. There are plenty of paths to stroll around on and it seems

like a pretty popular picnic spot with the locals. If you get tired of

walking, there are also many benches along the paths where it would be

easy to enjoy an idle afternoon of reading or people watching. The food

along the waterfront is pretty cheap as well, and the small shops sell

a variety of smoked fish. Come here when you want to escape the

pavement and huge industrial skyscrapers of the rest of the city.
Path and small eateries along the …
Path meandering through the park.
A group enjoying a picnic in the s…
Eric says:
Hey Christian, no I don't think I did. What did it look like?
Posted on: Jan 15, 2008
CFD says:
Did you see the soviet memorial in this park when you where there?
Posted on: Jan 15, 2008
kevinw83 says:
We went to this park? I don't even remember...
Posted on: Jan 06, 2006

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