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Phuket, Thailand
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Days in Phuket Jan 06, 2012
Once alighted from the plane, you'll find Phuket to be quite warm so do forget about bringing any cardigans or what have yous. Pretty soon you'll be wearing bermudas and light weight t-shirts all day long and in slippers too. Occasional rain though, but in my 10 days there the rain stops after about 20 mins top!!

Once out from the airport every taxi driver will be trying to cruise you if you don't want any unnecessary haggling and not be sure if thats the correct price, pay for your taxi ride right after you exit the customs gate there is this counter with a billboard writings of all the fares it cost very little more getting the taxis from them. I found out the hard way haggling outside and getting snubbed for a 600baht ride to Patong and it was written just 650baht at that counter.

Best if you have the phone number of he hotel at hand as well, some of the drivers might not be so good with English and be confused. I stayed at the Album Loft Hotel at Nanai road and it was a short walk about 15 mins to the sandy beach, you'll have to pass right through the Jungceylon Shopping Mall first while getting there. The basement has a food court and Thai handicrafts for sale so its a great way to have local delights while enjoying the air-con as well. I eat there almost everyday day but I do patronize the roadside stalls for the local noodles and chicken rice as well. Yummy and cheap too!!

I will also recommend The Album Loft hotel to those who are not too fussy with luxurious living and want something in the mid price range. I think the staff there is wonderful, smiley face and most helpful; free shuttle ride to the beach but at FIXED time schedule, free breakfast at again FIXED time till 11am. Theres a small pool which is really quite and peaceful and in room safe + free bottled waters and reasonable bathroom kit. Rooms are air-coned but comes with ceiling fan options. Decor is kinda dowdy mixed but otherwise reasonable for short stay. The hotel is hugely popular so it was almost impossible to book during the xmas and new year period when I was there!! O there's free WIFI and cable TV which is a must for me coz I don't really sleep at night and will be hooked surfing and listening to the local Thai pops on TV. Some of it so cheesy its quite hilarious and a good laugh.

Tried another hotel further up the hill called Suite Dreams. Its not bad too room interior (701) looks almost brand new but theres no WIFI and no hair dryer!! Those who don't mind walking a little more from the beach back to hotel (25mins) and who has no computer and don't need hair drying can have this hotel option, its priced quite cheaply too. However I would rather pay a bit more to stay at the streets nearer to the beach, I didn't get the street names but they are on the same road stretch as the shopping mall.

Do apply lotsa sun screen for those white skin of yours if you're not sun accustomed because when you're sun burnt it really hurts and will make you sick even ruining a good holiday. The walk towards the beach is quite interesting do haggle to buy the local surfing shorts and tanks because they are cheap and quite the rage there. Other than that boys will be going gagas over the cheap beer and lots of arms-a-welcoming Thai girls. I don't understand the 'must get myself Thai girlfriend in the arms' mentality all these (mostly old and fat) Caucasians are doing? But i guess have fun while you're at it?

I walked along the street near the beach almost 3 times a day so after a while they are quite all the same and theres only so many shorts you can buy....... Best advice is to relax the mind and forget about work back home and just chill with the locals, the bookstores at the mall do have a small selection of latest book so its a small slice of heaven to down a beer and read at any of the open bars in the daytime.

For water and beach enthusiasts just pop down the beach and you can chose to be oil massaged by any of the plump and smiley mamas there or have your hair tackily corn rolled. For the more open minded, a short walk to the Paradise Complex you will find theres a small gay street about 50 meters or so with funny drag shows open aired about 11.30pm/ 12am. The bars there serve all kinds of alcohols and is quite a breeze sitting and watching at all the on goings around. You'll see silly boys dancing topless and imitating a go-go boy while they're at it? Most of the local Thai people are modestly tall at 1.7m and tanned or kinda makeup-ed if they're fairy-like but almost all of them are really nice and just wanting to make your acquaintance; some do want more than that but its all at your discretion so a fair warning to your valuables whether you're bringing back any strangers.

Almost all the white boys are renting themselves a motor bike because its so cheap but it will cost you a fortune should you lose a part or have it crashed in any accidents when its returned. Most boys tried to send their bikes to local repair garages but I have no idea how much it'll cost; I prefer my unending but get fit walks around the beach.

Took a 800baht taxi ride to the Old Town but was disappointed by it all, almost like a dead town with colonial-ish houses here and there. Went to the big temple nearby a bit of interesting exploring but really nothing to rave about too. Everything gets boring almost quickly because they are so touristy predictable.....

There are options of taking day trips to off shore islands and I heard Similan Island is just like the Maldives, theres Phi Phi Island and a James Bond Island too? I don't fancy getting trapped with a boat of strangers much less staying on an island with them so I didn't op for them. There are packages of these trips everywhere on the shop windows or as travel counters so shop around a little? The local foot massages are not bad and the oil massages sound like a good way to have a quickie? I think I have only seen again old and fat looking men getting all excited to have their oil massages while I'm getting my feet rubbed.

All in all Phuket is a relaxing trip which you don't need to bring much of everything because you can buy them cheaply there and its good to just chill and not think about anything while enjoying the sun there. Almost every hunky looking white boys are topless walking around and quite a few bikini-clad white girls strolling around in sarong/ wraps. The local ATMs can dispense Thai currency with your VISA cards so I don't think bringing lotsa foreign cash is needed? Do buy the local SIM cards to stay connected with your friends who are in Phuket too. I don't think i will be back again though, its too touristy and kinda trashed out with all the sexual under vibes at the bars everywhere surprisingly I can find more solemn spots near the river/ water in Bangkok.
Album Loft Hotel at Nanai road
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Surroundings to Jungceylon Shoppin…
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