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Tips to travel with children May 14, 2009
Travelling with children has never been easy. Sometimes, you wish that you do not have to bring them. On the other hand, seeing them so happy and excited during the trip makes you feel somehow satisfied and be more grateful of what you got in your life.

So, to ease the burden of bringing the children to know a bit more of the world, you should consider several things.

First of all, don't let them get too tired before the departure. No outgoing activities other than school at least one week prior. This is to avoid them become horrible during the trip because of being tired or even worse; sickness. If they are sick before the trip probably you have to cancel the whole trip which is a great loss in terms of money, effort, and experience.

Secondly, make sure you have all of these items in your bag:

1. Snacks and foods they usually eat on the daily basis. In my case, oatmeal and coco crunch as for the breakfast. Don't forget to bring chewy candies for take-off and landing if you travel by air. Budget airlines do not offer candies. Normal price airlines sometimes offer mint candies, which is not suitable for young children.

2. Spoon, fork, plastic bowl, plastic tumbler, napkins, milk bottles, wet tissues. Everything needed to eat the food. Also, vomit bags.

3. Washing dishes tools (soap, brush, dishtowel)

4. Diapers

5. Back-up clothes. Lots of them.

6. Toys, games, dolls to keep them busy.

7. Books for bedtime stories.

8. Children movies or songs in your Ipod or laptop. You still have to improve their sense of music eventhough during a trip.

9. Blankets and jackets.

10. Toiletries. Usually, children, especially babies, have their own toiletries: bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair lotion, body lotion, sunscreen/anti UV lotion, powder, cologne.

11. Baby trolley and baby car seat.

12. Last but not least; medicines. Bring all medicines you think is necessary, especially if your children have any specific need. Everything you can think of, such as medicines for getting flu, diarrhea, cough, head cold, insect bites, accidents and injuries, allergies, and so on.

I think this preparation is enough. I will add some more if a new point comes into my mind.
As happy as their mother. Always. …
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