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ariwardani ariwarda…
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Going around Germany with ICE May 16, 2009
What can I say about ICE? I fell in love with ICE the first time I see it in Germany. It is white, beautiful, and it is incredibly fast.

According to Wikipedia (, once it broke the world speed record by reaching 406.9 km/h (253 mph) on May 1, 1988. I used ICE whenever I wanted to visit some destinations far away from where I stayed in Germany. From Freiburg to Hamburg, Dortmund to Amsterdam, Hamburg to Muenchen. Back and forth. It goes to some cities outside Germany as well, such as to Amsterdam, Basel, and Paris.

It has several generations, from ICE 1 up to ICE 3. In my opinion, I think the most beautiful one is the design of the third generation / ICE 3.

The train itself, sometimes comes with compartments in it, sometimes not. You can sit wherever you want to sit. Since it is very calm and smooth during the ride, sometimes I fell asleep and miss the station where I supposed to stop :P

Overall, I am glad that I had the chance to try ICE to several destinations throughout Germany. I hope I can try other fast trains such as TGV in France or Shinkansen in Japan in the near future. Happy travels!
Ride ICE when I go from Muenchen/M…
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ariwardani says:
Understood. Yes, it's pretty insane! Japanese has built even faster one, 581 km/h. Break the world record!

Using a new technology, the train is called Maglev, Magnetic Levitation. Using Magnetic as the power, it floats in the thin air. So, no friction that can slow it down. Although, I think they have not commercialized it yet because it needs double money to invest for the train and for the system.
Posted on: May 16, 2009
lamadude says:
Actually I meant its TOP speed (in commercial use) is 300 km/h and is only possible on the high speed track between Cologne and Frankfurt, but thankfully, that's the connection I need the most :-)

Test drives of the TGV have gone to 574 km/h... wow I would never take a plane anymore for european trips :-)
it's a pretty insane sight :-)
Posted on: May 16, 2009
ariwardani says:
Thanks, Cedric for your further info about ICE. Yes, I know the average speed is "only" 300 km/h. The new world speed record was only happened to ICE-V (Inter City Experimental Train) to try maximum speed of this train.
Posted on: May 16, 2009
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