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South Africa

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Montie_M Montie_M
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World Cup 2010 in South Africa Mar 18, 2011
For all you world cup fanatics who want to go and see the world cup for real, pls read on as these may save you some money and even your life!

When we visited South Africa in 2010 for the World Cup it was an amazing experience and a pretty chilling one too. Staying in Jo'burg next to a street know as Hillview where it was probably one of the most dangerous spots in the world was thrilling.

Jo'burg is a fantastic city with really friendly people always having a warm smile. The shopping areas of Sandton and Melrose Arc was certainly great with the World Cup atmosphere looming all around.

However, when travelling to SA, some words of advice, beware of the shody buses and park as you might get yourself in trouble too. And go out in groups of at least 4 for safety purposes.

In my time there, we have been followed on numerous occasions and my friend's wallet got hitched too. We even heard that there was a small shootout at a nearby cafe to where we stay so the dangers are real!

The food there is pretty unique as well and they are pretty famous for their exotic foods some of which I can even describe!

However in view of it all, it was a fantastic experience especially cos we came back in one piece!!

P.S If you go to Jo'burg pls go for the safari as well as head on down to Cape Town for some partying!!

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Mopane Mopane
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Beware when travelling in South Africa Nov 17, 2008
S. Africa can be dangerous unfortunately. Several car hijackings are happening (not as much in Western Cape as in the rest of the country but that doesnt mean that Western Cape is totally safe). Always keep the car doors locked, be cautious, avoid driving during the night, keep a distance from the front car so that you can maneuver around it if necessary.

It is still better to travel by car though. There is almost no public transportation (at least not a safe one especially if you are a woman). It is not very expensive to rent a car....

Some trains, not as much the long distance ones as the local ones,are also dangerous. Yet if you choose to take them (i dont recommend it) try not to look like a tourist :-) and the same goes for when you walk around, especially when its dark. Western Cape is a bit safer though.. at least during the day. If you are a woman please be extra cautious! It would be much safer if you travel in a group or with at least one more person.

Never, ever, ever let anyone help you while using the ATM!!! They are simply trying to steal your money. No matter how polite and sweet they look!!! Be really careful where you use your credit card and never let them take your card away (even in restaurants). Ask them to swipe the card in front of you and keep track in which places you used your card.

Be patient (very patient in some cases)! Especially in Western Cape people take their time...a lot of time...

You might have heard this before but in restaurants, coffee shops etc. the waiters rush to take your plate/cup as soon as you've finished (sometimes even before). It might actually be the only time they are being fast! Usually, as mentioned above, they are rather slow with the orders...In any case, when removing your plate they are not trying to kick you out apparently . They are just making space for you to be more comfortable. Funny, I know...
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clairerich81 says:
Great review! Thanks for the advise...all noted!! :))
Posted on: Nov 18, 2008
travelman727 says:
Ioanna, nice review! Thanks for the tips :-D
Posted on: Nov 17, 2008
X_Drive says:
Congrats on your first featured review!! :D
Posted on: Nov 17, 2008
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