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Mexico City, Mexico

Travelling alone Mexico City Reviews

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Travelling alone Apr 19, 2011
Executive summary

The purpose of this document is to provide security advice and guidance helping to reduce the exposure to crime. By installing common sense and developing a sense of security awareness this threat can be positivly reduced. By reaming one step ahead of the criminal you will deflect his interest towards other areas and easier targets.

General Advice

Dress as inconspicuously as possible and avoid displaying signs of wealth. This includes displaying large amounts of money, wearing jewellery or carrying items such as laptop bags or cameras.

Never mention you are alone in country or give out personal information to strangers.

Research the city or countries geography and avoid high crime areas these are often the lower level in-come districts.

Avoid dressing in a military style or conveying a militaristic look.

If possible avoid large demonstrations, political rallies and large gatherings on the street.

Ignore verbal arguments with passers by and avoid eye contact with strangers.

If attacked do not make any sudden movements and avoid eye contact this could provoke violence.

If possible carry small amounts of currency and keep the bulk of cash and credit cards in a money belt or in your hotel.

A dummy wallet can contain anything that will satisfy a mugger, expired credit cards, gift cards old receipts and a small amount of cash.

Use only accredited taxi services with meters and radio communications. Avoid public transportation at night.

If lost do not stand in a street consulting a map, ask for directions in a busy shop or hotel and consult your map out of sight.

Program your mobile phone to contain emergency service and embassy details.

Try to remember as many local phrases as possible.

Avoid low-lit areas and be alert to your surroundings. If you are being followed enter a busy public place and call for help. Remember that the attacker often passes the victim before attacking from behind.

Limit you alcohol intake, individuals are more vulnerable to attack if they have been drinking. Avoid leaving drinks unattended in bars as criminals often use drugging to attack victims.

Additional advice for women

Dress modestly and respect local laws and customs.

Be aware that you may be stared at if travelling alone. Ignore all propositions or suggestive comments. Do not be drawn in to a argument.

Avoid eye contact with strangers on the street and on public transport. Consider wearing sunglasses. In some cultures eye contact with a man can be considered you want his company.

Avoid low-lit and isolated parks or streets. Do not travel on public transport at night without a known male companion.

Avoid hailing taxis on the street if possible arrange for a taxi to meet you at a hotel entrance.

If driving be prepared to ask trusted contacts to accompany you to your car or hotel after dark.

Ensure that hotel rooms and numbers stay confidential. Do not display room keys in public places these may contain names and room numbers of the hotel. When checking in ask for the room number to be written down and not said out in an ears shot of other guest ort he public. Avoid ground floor rooms or rooms with access from a roof.

Once at your hotel room check all doors have chains, dead bolts and a spy-hole. Ensure all lock on both windows and door work.

Never open the door to anyone you are not expecting and take precautions if someone claims to be a member of staff. Phone the front desk to clarify there name and department.
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MariaM says:
Really I may disagree with you... Mexico city is not that dangerous as it can seem from these tips... (may be the situation was a bit different in 2011)... but nobody would be staring at you in publiс transport or streets... people I really nice and ready to help.. even if you are just staying lost they would ask whether any help is required))) so don't be that much preocupied with all this stuff))) Next thing... all the hotels offer a safe, where you can store personal belongings... day and night time in tourist places is absolutely safe.. I guess some basic phrases in Spanish are required to feel more comfortable)
Posted on: Feb 04, 2015
rcpilgrim says:
Very informative, Thanks!
Posted on: Feb 09, 2013
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