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Traveling with a baby - Sleeping in the ergonomic carrier (tula)
Traveling with a baby - Playing with her cars not only on the plane but also at our room :).
Traveling with a baby - Looking around on mommy's back.
Traveling with a baby - I'll wrap you in love

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Suusj Suusj
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8 tips for traveling with a baby (or toddler) Jun 24, 2015
So we went to Rhodes. Our first time flying with our babygirl. She was almost 1 year old at the time. I did a lot of research on the subject as I have done a few flights with not so happy baby. Having a crying baby on a plane for about 4 hours is not a happy start of a holiday.

Things I learned from flying with our daughter as well as looking around on the internet.

1)Board as late as possible. Everyone has a seat so no need to be rushing. You can always sent your significant other ahead of you and the little one to make sure the hand luggage is within arms reach, as the overhead luggage compartments can fill up rather quick. Giving your baby just that 15 minutes less on the plane is always a good idea

2) Use a sling or a ergonomic carrier (SSC). You don't have to carry (drag) a stroller around the airport or at your destination. You have both your hands free to check in, carry your luggage and do whatever. You can also use the sling/SSC on the plane when baby (or toddler) is not feeling well.

3) Be prepared. Know your flight times, boarding times, gate. now your airport. Is it a big airport with lots of things to do or see. Or is it a small airport with not that much entertainment for your little one. When you know everything you need to know you are prepared which means you can relax a little which will rub off on your child. Relaxed parents give a relaxed child :).

4) Stuff that backpack! We have a special backpack for our little girl. Filled with books and toys in other word the entertainment package ;). We packed some of her favorite toys as well as some new toys she hadn't seen before. The simplest toys are most of the time the favorite ones. In our case that was a slinky and 4 little cards with pictures of animals. Use toys that don't make a mess, so no watercoloring or play-doh. Do bring small cars, books, Slinky's, small stuffed animals and any other thing your kid loves.

Do however pack a view new things for the flight back so your child is surprised and makes the most of the toys.

(you can also bring this backpack to the restaurant as waiting at a restaurant can take a while).

5) Bring your own snacks. We all know that airplane food is not always the best, not to mention all the snacks they sell. We packed some slices of cucumber as well as some small carrots. Raisins, organic cookies as well as some bread-sticks so she would have something to eat. PAck the snacks in re-closable plastic bags or clear containers so you can see what is in there and you can grab the right thing at the right time. We also ate some (in our case) breakfast at the airport so our bellies where full and the first 1.5 hour there was no need to snack.

6) Hand luggage. Make sure you have everything you need in your hand luggage. We took 2 spare outfits with us, as you never know when the poop explosion will begin as well as maybe some throwing up. Pack more then enough diapers, wet wipes and a blanket or towel (you really want to use a blanket to throw over the folding table).

7) Take off and landing. Take off lading are most of the times the hardest thing,especially the pressure on the ears can be a bit difficult. Your child is placed on your lap during take of and landing and can't really move. For our daughter this was the hardest part, she just wanted to sit in an other position. I would suggest breastfeeding as it will help to keep their ears open. If you don't breastfeed you can also use a bottle.

8)When you arrive on your holiday destination wait till everyone else has left the plane. No need to hurry as you still have to wait on your luggage. This will give you time to organize all the stuff (empty snack containers, toys, your magazine and what else you used).
I'll wrap you in love
Looking around on mommy's back.
Sleeping in the ergonomic carrier …
Playing with her cars not only on …
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jendara says:
Congrats on your featured review:)
Well done my friend!!!
Posted on: Feb 01, 2016
monkeymia79 says:
@yasuyo, I remember that when travelling with babies. lol
Posted on: Jan 30, 2016
Suusj says:
@yasuyo Thank you for your comment :). Nice to see that there are other moms on here who take there little ones on journeys :).

@bensonryan. Nice to read that someone finds my tips useful :). Hope they will work for you as well as they worked for us :).

@monkeymia79 Thanks so much for the explanation about the plane ears, much appreciated :).

@jeminigirl Yeah the backpack idea is such a good one. You can use it for any situation. And it is indeed so much easier than going trough your own luggage

Posted on: Jan 30, 2016
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