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My Experience of Rome May 31, 2011
I have just arrived back from a long weekend in Rome with my girlfriend. I must say that I loved the City but as with every trip it has its good and bad points. I have listed a few things I have learned, so that if in the future you travel to Rome you can take some advice with you.

First...Buy a ROMA pass, they are well worth 25 euros for use on all public transport, the metro and also get you into the first 2 attractions free of charge.

This leads me onto my next point, learn the bus routes!! I think we ended up getting lost every day and I lost count the number of times we were both stood in the middle of the street consulting the map. A quick type in Google will give you the routes and bus numbers you need to reach your destination. If you’re planning going out on the night then check when your last bus is. We missed our last bus and were forced to get a taxi to our hotel which cost us 15 euros. Also if you are using the busses and metro be aware of pickpockets, I put all my valuables in my front pocket and stuck my hands in there.

If you are planning on getting the train to the termini station then that will cost 14 euros. However on our last day there was a citywide strike on public transport so we forced to get a taxi to the airport from our hotel which was in the north of Rome. The taxi from to the airport is at a fixed rate by Italian law and cost us 50 euros.

One thing I would defiantly recommend for first timers is the walking tour. We booked through enjoy on the ancient walking tour which took about 3 hours. We were initially going to do our own walking tour but the que for the Roman forum and Coliseum were huge and would probably increase this to 6 hours. During the tour we by passed the ques and the guide was very passionate and informative about all the sites. To make the day enjoyable for us.

Rome is a beautiful city and I loved all the ancient building, however one thing that spoiled Rome for me was two things. First there was graffiti everywhere. On buildings, trains, buses, the floor, basically you turn a new corner and you see more graffiti. Secondly the drivers in Rome are crazy. It is better to cross the road with a group of people because cars will stop for you.

So now onto things that annoyed me while I was there.

Some people were just point blank rude. I don’t know whether it was because we were English or tourist but when we needed some help with directions or prices on items, some of the Italians just ignored us and even turned their backs on us.

Second please be aware of people in the street with birds, watches. Basically street vendors trying to sell you things. We were on a tour and this one man decided to put two birds on us and then told me to take a picture using my own phone, he then proceeded to charge us 8 euros for a picture on my own mobile. Best thing to do is to either ignore them or just say no.

Check what you ordered on your bill before you pay and check your change. Even tell them how much you are giving them so they know in fact. Being two young students, we were both on a budget so when we went out for meals we decided to get the cheapest wines, pizza, etc. etc., however they brought us an expensive bottle and I did not check so I ended up paying 30 euros instead of 12. Also a slice of pizza was advertised for 2 euros but it came to 9 as the price was for the weight of the item. I paid with a 20 and got shorted changed so I confronted the woman who was reluctant to give me the rest.

If I could give you some advice for eating out it would be to clearly state what you want, pointing or asking the price and if you get wine double check that the wine you are given is the wine you ordered and not the expensive stuff.

If you would like know any more then send me a message and if I know the answer I will try my best to help.
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Vipin says:
very good advice here :)
Posted on: May 31, 2011
nimic says:
really good review =)
Posted on: May 31, 2011
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