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Travel Tips Jul 19, 2011
Thanks to traveling I learned a lot about the world and also about myself. Learned to use the tools I find along the way and make the best out of situations. So I will frequently be placing TravelTips on this list hoping that someone will be ableto use one :).

* Tea.

Tea is something you can drink in almost any part of the world. But you have tea and tea. And I do like a lot of different type of tea's. But when I even pas the border to Germany they don't have my tea. Even normal green or blac tea tastes different. And I have to say, I just don't like it...

So my TravelTip is: Take your own tea bags so you can enjoy your favorite flavour even on the other and of the world.

* Sugar.

I'm not a hughe sugar user bud my husband is. So when we arive at the vacation-location the first thing we do is go an buy suger so he can drink his tea the way he likes ;) (as you can read we are hughe tea-lovers). But not every store sells sugar. So my TravelTip. When you drink something in a restaurantand you don't use the sugar/coffemilk take it with you. You've paid for it so why don't you. And use the sugar/coffemilk in your appartment when you make you're own tea. It's cheap and it saves you 100 of hours searching for suger :).

And besides that its fun to use spanish suger in Germany :).

* Washing.

When you are in a country for al longer period of time you maybe want to wash your clothes. But when you don't have a lot of space in your suitcase washingpowder would bethe last thing on your packinglist. My TravelTip, use your shampoo. It's smells nice or else itwouldn't be your shamppoo and it also cleans your clothes. So shampoo is great for washing.

*moist toilet paper/baby whipes

One ting I'm neverever gonna forget when travelling has to be moist toilet paper/baby whipes. They come in handy everywhere. When there is no paper on public toilets. When your hands are dirty and there is no water around. And especially when you have some stomach problems... So pack those they will come in handy and it doesn't really mather if you use the baby whipes or the moist toiletpaper. Baby whips smell beter though .
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