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Travel Packing Lists - what's in my handy bag?
Travel Packing Lists - what's in my handy pouch?
Travel Packing Lists - My pack...Fully packed with day pack inside it too. 53lbs. 
Euro Trip '09
Travel Packing Lists - My pack with Pacsafe on it, and day pack. 
The Pacsafe works great at hostels that do not have lockers!!
Euro Trip '08
Travel Packing Lists - Trial by fire.
Packed WAY too much!! Most of what I packed spread out a crossed two beds; but I did not pull out the items from my day pack. 
Euro Trip '05

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Kapilano Kapilano
3 reviews
Packing light and sending packages home is always better! Apr 03, 2011
Although everyone says it I don't think this can be emphasised enough! Some of my trips I have taken my own advice, others I have failed dismally. Advantages of packing light:

-More freedom to go places without a heavy pack weighing you down: e.g. remote place, using public transport

-Can be good to buy what you need when you need it

-More opportunities to shop if you want to

-Enjoyment of living a simpler life and/or appreciating what you have

-You don't lose anything in your pack

-You don't have to lug things around that you only use for a small amount of time

-Can be more enjoyable/manageable

-You will avoid physical injury from carrying too much!

-Save on tipping costs in some circumstances

-Less to keep organised and everything is accessible

-Your less likely to lose thing or have things broken or stolen as you have more control over your baggage

(There's probably many more I have forgotten about..will just have to travel again and find out!)

I also recommend sending things home..its worth the expense. Lugging it around is a pain. I have learnt this from experience! (Carrying wine around with you when you aren't going home for awhile is bordering on insanity.)

Bring things that have multiple purposes if you can.
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sylviandavid says:
Great points.... sometimes costs a lot to ship but what a relief...
Posted on: Aug 24, 2011
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ghia09 ghia09
6 reviews
Traveling in the Philippines Apr 15, 2011
Its summer time in Manila, Philippines :) and everyone is pretty excited to visit our country and enjoy the beaches...just one important tip....pack an lately has been a bit crazy and it wont hurt to be prepared....

Till next tip from me...xoxo!
rosiemcbeth rosiemcb…
1 reviews
Travel light Mar 19, 2011
Remember you're going to have to carry whatever you pack around with you so don't take things that you won't need. In the past I've taken far too many clothes that I never wore and hair straighteners only to find that there was no point in straightening my hair whatsoever.
matet910 matet910
3 reviews
What to bring during travelling Apr 05, 2009
"hey! i forgot my toothbrush! grrrr!"

sometimes we're not aware how busy we are that we tend to forget some of the most important things on what to bring when travelling.

i made a packing lists for myself and posted it on my freezer so that i can just grab it whenever i'm on travel - by land or by air.

it is advisable to bring only those important things to minimize baggage. it is more convenient to bring less baggage than having a lot of trouble carrying everything while on the road.

here's my list(based on a 3days/2nights stay):

1. not too heavy travel bag

- a bag that could accommodate everthing you need during your stay in a hotel(depends on how many days you are planning to stay)

*2 t-shirts

*2 shorts (plus 1 mini-short if ur planning on a beach vacation)

*2 night dress/pajamas

*3 pairs of jeans/skirt/dress (or any clothes you want to bring that you can wear during daytime)

*1 formal/semi-formal (if ur planning for a girls/boys night out

*toilettries pouch which includes: soap, shampoo, conditioner, feminine wash, facial wash, moisturizer, sunblock lotion/cream, sanitary napkins, facial toner and cream.

*6 sets of undies

*1 flipflops/sandals

*mobile/laptop/digicam chargers

*1 towel and two mini-towels/square towels

2. handy bag

- consists of the things you can't live without.

*toothbrush & tooth paste

*mobile phone



*make-up pouch : face powder, concealer, eyelash curler, eyeliner/browliner, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher, lip liner, lip balm, lipstick

*hair accessories and jewelries are also in a separate pouch.


*a journal, organizer or small note and a pen

*mp3/mp4 with headset

*first-aid/medicine kit: betadine, bandage, band-aid, micro-pore tape, cotton, Bonamine, Advil, Mefenamic Acid, amoxicillin, Loperamide, vitamins


*snacks and drinks

3. mini-bag/belt bag

- the one you always carry wherever you go




*coin purse

*spare mobile phone

*credit cards, loyalty cards, ATM cards, health cards

*2 valid IDs


4. others:


***i hope this list could help you in deciding what must bring during vacation and travelling. i don't require you to bring everything since it is only my suggestions and these are really what i bring whenever i'm away from home.

by the way this only requires 7kgs of your baggage. less than maximum baggage allowance of 10-15kgs in plane.

a no-hassle and more convenient way to enjoy your vacation.
what's in my handy bag?
what's in my handy pouch?
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JudgeDredd JudgeDre…
37 reviews
travel packing lists Apr 03, 2009
After 5 backpacking trips in Europe, spending a month to two each time I have come up with a good list of items that I found to work for me when living out of my pack for 1-2 months while in Europe.

In Spring of '09 I packed all this and had my main pack at 37lbs, and my day pack at 16lbs.

This is probably an overkill for many, but I found this to be a good amount of items for me. In the future I will be knocking weight off with a Netbook instead of my Laptop, and a newer smaller MP3 player.

Travel Pack List:

Clothing -

- Shirts – 2-3 T, 2 long T (fall time), 1 collar (SS), 1 collar (LS) 1 Sports type

- Sweater or Fleece Jacket – 1

- Pants – 2 pair (tan cargo, blue jeans) (summer/spring time pack maybe 1 pair)

- Shorts – 1 pair (summer time pack 2-3 shorts)

- Swimsuit (if looks like I will be swimming a lot)

- Scrubs & Shirt for sleeping in

- Underwear – 5 pair

- Socks – 8-10 Pair Hiking (wearing 2 pair at a time)

- Shoes – wear boots, bring sandals

- Jacket – rain/wind breaker

- Poncho – if traveling in rainy season

- Rain Pants – if traveling in rainy season

- Gloves – waterproof or bike gloves (depending on weather)

- Travel Hat & OR Rain Hat

- Bandannas – 2-3 (can be used as hankies)

- Beanie

- RCB Scarf

- Money belt

Money –

- Debit, Visa, AMEX

- Traveler checks (emergency $)

- Photocopies of documents

- Passport

- ID

- Rail Pass

- Airline ticket

Small Day Pack – (fits inside of larger pack when fully loaded)

- Camera

- Camera Battery: extra, and charger

- Tripod (travel one)

- Extra Memory

- Cell phone (and charger)

- MP3 Player and charger

- Headphones – small and Noise Canceling

- Laptop and power source/ grounded adapter

- Outlet Adapters (for countries visiting)


- Cup (or just a water bottle)

- Corkscrew (don’t really need one all the time)

- Small knife/Small leatherman

- Wash cloth

- Camping utensils

- Several zip lock bags

- Water Bottle – 1 (Nalgene)

Medicines and Vitamins –

- Imodium AD

- Tums

- Pain Meds (Ibuphrophin, Aspirin, etc)

- Allergy Pills (plenty of them, they are hard to find over there)

- Zinc

- Vitamin C, Multi Vit. (Enough for the trip)

- Emergencee (Handful of packets)

- Fish Oil (Enough for daily use)

- Echinacea

Shaving Kit (all in small travel sizes)

- Toothbrush/paste (brush cover)

- Shaving cream

- Razor w/ new blades

- Aftershave

- Bar of soap & soap box

- All purpose liquid soap

- Camping towel (nice ones with quick drying)

- Clothes line

- Fingernail clippers

- Sewing kit

- Small Mirror

- Nose Spray & Saline Spray

- Talcum Powder

- Q-tips

- Neosporin

- Mouth Wash

- Lotion

- Stick of Deodorant (Regular size)

- Breath-Rite Strips

- Hand Sanitizer – Small one for day bag and medium one for refilling

- Eye Drops

Misc. –

- Sun Glasses

- Glasses

- Sunscreen

- Watch (Make sure fresh battery is in it)

- Earplugs (x2)

- First aid kit (small)

- Travel books/maps (minimal) – in zip lock

- Journal (only if not taking laptop)

- Notepad (pocket size) and pen/pencil

- Pillow/Blanket (travel, blanket in colder months)

- Small flashlight

- Book/s

- Y Jack for earphones (if traveling with 2 people)

- Small duct tape

- Locks –For Pac Safe, Packs

- Pac Safe

- Gifts (US $1 Coins, or other items to exchange with fellow travelers/locals)

- Sleep Sac

- Laundry Bag

- Expandable Baton (for protection)
My pack...Fully packed with day pa…
My pack with Pacsafe on it, and da…
Trial by fire. Packed WAY too muc…
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sylviandavid says:
Thanks for this review... Sylvia
Posted on: Nov 12, 2009
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