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Affordable transportion in Bali Jun 19, 2013
Bad transportation system is one of the biggest problems in Bali. Limited public transportation and the rate of cab which very expensive makes renting car and motorbike became the common option.

I ll share some info about the average price for renting transportation in Bali.

The cost renting a car for a day is depending on what kind of car that you want to use. But the most average price is about 135.000 IDR – 250.000 IDR /24 hours, car only. But If you want to hire the driver as well including gasoline, the average price is about 450.000 – 500.000 IDR/10 hours. The extra hours usually cost about 25.000 – 30.000 IDR/hour.

Please ask the price for extra hour in advance to avoid stupid argument to the driver or owner of the car. And also make sure the driver is driving in normal speed – I mean not too slow. Sometime the greedy or tricky driver will try to waste the time by riding around to longer route or driving in very slow speed.

The cost for renting motorbike for one day is depending to the type of the motorbike. The price for certain area in Sanur, Kuta, and Ubud is also different. But in general the average price is about 35.000 – 50.000 IDR/24 hours + full gasoline. You just need to give them the copy of your passport. Monthly rent is also possible around 400.000 – 500.000 IDR. Usually it’s included one helmet already but you have to refill the gasoline once you bring it back to them.

Rent a bike also a good option, but believe me, motorbike would work well during your trip in Bali. The pollution and traffic are getting worse here. But maybe would be a little bit different in Ubud area where people usually want to have similar biking experiences like on movie Eat, Pray and Love. In Ubud, people usually give price for 15.000 – 25.000 IDR/day.

For local people (Indonesian who is not Balinese), there is a bad news regarding renting the transportation. The fact is there is a kinda prejudice or discrimination to local as Balinese is a bit worry that local people will steal their car or motorbike. If you lucky as local, they might be will ask for double price and asked you to leave your paper or document as guarantee. Another way to get a chance renting the transport there: come with “bule” then they will give you more trust.

What if you don’t have much budget to rent a car and could not ride a motorbike either? No worries, local people sometime works as Ojek, they will ride the motorbike for you to any location which you want. It’s a bit hard to give a description about the common price. You have to bargain and bargain, and just make it easier by comparing to how much you have to spend if you have to hire a cab or motorbike. For short route, I usually pay for about 10.000 – 15.000 IDR.

Ojek guys usually standing near the park area.

The only one public transport which you can try for long route is Trans SARBAGITA Bus (local people call it ‘bus way’). For the initial route; Trans Sarbagita serves for route Batubulan to Nusa Dua and through the hotels conclave of Nusa Dua area. The buses will operate from 05.00 am to 9.00 pm. You only to pay about 3.500 IDR for long or short route. Yeah, finally there is a good news for budget transportation. For details route of Sarbagita bus, please check my other posting.

Another option is Shuttle Bus. The most famous shuttle bus company is Parama. Indeed their car or minibus mostly already ‘old’ but they are available many area and has more variant of schedule. Check their link : Please note that you better make a call to them or just come to their nearest bus station since the online reservation seems not really work.

The average price for shuttle bus is 50.000 – 60.000 IDR/route/pax.

If you are in Ubud and other area and headed to airport, don't forget to estimate how long you should be at the airport. Better come much earlier as sometime the traffic is really bad and the shuttle bus sometime take time about almost one hour to pick another passengers.

For backpacker who traveling solo, to save your money/budget, better stay in Kuta/Legian area for the first night then continue to go to other area in next day. Because the cab from airport to nearest area/Kuta would charge about 60.000 – 80.000 IDR. It’s mean if you want to go to Ubud or Sanur area for example, you have to spend that amount plus 60.000 IDR. But it you have somebody with you, better renting a cab from airport which cost 130.000 IDR to Sanur area or 200.000 IDR to Ubud. Or, renting a car for similar price (175.000 – 200.000 IDR) which is more convenience and you can share with other/friends.

DO NOT TRUST the Lonely Planet Book which mentioned that you can go from Sanur to Ubud by public bus/transport which cost only 8.000 IDR. Remember guys, the book already wrote in years ago and never being revised.

Good luck.
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