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pragkid pragkid
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Traffic in Cairo Jan 07, 2008
They say, "if it hasn't been kissed it's not loved."

They're not talking about family, friends or pets. They're talking about their cars, buses, or motorbikes.

The city streets have white painted lanes, street signs and lights, police directing in intersections, one-ways, wrong-ways but it seems as if no one is paying attention to any of those formal traffic regulators. Cars are an ocean of congestion and rules of the road exist but in the heads of the individual driver.

Not one car is without a dent, all have been "kissed." All vehicles have been loved by the other. And some how in that ocean of honking and yelling, some how in the mess of individual rights of passage, some how destinations are reached, point A to point B are accomplished with just a little bit of love.

Taxis seem cheaper to catch on the street rather than taking the recommended taxi from the hotel. But the taxi isn't the crazy driver, the city is.
pragkid says:
Yes! And they turn them on a split second before they pass on-coming traffic to let the other know they're there. Perfect timing for blinding light to come on out of no where.
Posted on: Feb 08, 2009
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