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Farmboy23662001 Farmboy2…
23 reviews
Excellent Look into London's Dark History Jan 29, 2017
I decided to visit the Tower of London on a whim. I was so surprised! It was such a fun look at some of London's darker history.

Start by taking the Beefeaters tour. They meet right at the entrance. The groups are large but don't worry, The Beefeater tour guide speaks loud enough so all of the groups can hear. The tour is full of puns and word play making it a truly delightful experience.

Take in the tour but don't worry about getting to see all of the tour stops up close. The tour ends while you are still inside the tower grounds and you can take your time and go back and revisit the tour sites on your own.

I recommend making time to see the suits of armor, the torcher exhibit and of course the marker where Ann Boylan was beheaded.

Here you can also find the Crown Jewels of the UK. Definitely take the time to see this. I was amazed at the beautiful crowns and scepters. Additionally, the queuing system is set up in a way that allows all visitors to get a great view of the exhibit while keeping the line moving.

On a side note, you can get some great views and photos of the Tower Bridge.

This site should be on your list of things to do whether you are a first time visitor or seasoned traveler.
The ravens who live at the tower
The Tower of London
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FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
229 reviews
Tower of London Mar 08, 2014
With so many things to see & do in London, how do you decide what to see in a short period of time? And by that I meant 4 days, 3 nights in the Winter where it gets dark pretty early esp in London!

So for us, the Tower of London is a must-see esp since back at the hotel, the tv was showing Pirates of the Carribean & Johnny Depp was at the scene of the Tower of London!

My advise is to book your tix online before going there, we book ours 1 day ahead to avoid any disappointments. Being 1 of the main tourist attraction here, the Q is of course pretty long especially if you are only buying your tix on the day itself. We went to a separate Q for about 10 mins. But we still have to go thru that long Q to enter the Tower (in the rain!). We decided to rent the audio-guide so that we have a better understanding of the place. Q is, where do you start? The highlight was of course the Crown Jewels which even at 12 noon the Q was already pretty long! We decided to head for the Main Tower - the White Tower itself 1st since it was raining & I was getting cold. Its no fun walking in the cold rain to see site!

The White Tower is an iconic symbol of London/ Britain & one of the most important historic building in the World and also part of the World Heritage Site. It houses a chapel & the Royal Armouries & Line of Kings. Inside, there are also actors & actresses dressed in Victorian costumes re-enacting scenes from the Victorian times. You can also take pictures with the actors/ actresses. Honestly, the Royal Armouries does not impress me that much because I had seen the Spanish Royal Armouries which in my opinion was far more impressive.

Then we head outdoors for Raven, Royal Beasts, Torture Tower & East Wall Walk before calling it a day. We decided to skip the Crown Jewel since at 3.30 pm the Q was even longer than before!

There are several souvenir shops to buy the typical tourist goodies which are specially reserved to be sold in the Tower of London. We also found a cafe and several drinks/ waffle booths to grab a bite.

To conclude, you really need to give yourself a full day to really see this entire place! I just wished we had more time.
Me entering the Tower of London
The White Tower
Tourist everywhere
The Q to see the Crown Jewel
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mdfehmel mdfehmel
233 reviews
Tower of London Oct 09, 2013
London has no shortage of historic and iconic tourist spots. In fact, on a recent holiday in London, my wife and I were hardpressed to see everything we wanted to see in 4 full days and we certainly left some sites off the list for a return visit. By far my favorite attraction was the Tower of London. Of all of the Royal sites, the Tower (and adjacent Tower Bridge) has the oldest and most exciting history (in my humble opinion at least). Although we only spent 3 hours at the tower, one could certainly spend an entire day, although those not quite interested in history or those lacking the patience to listen to all of the story tellers on site, may get board and opt for the more speedy walk-through. The period-dressed story tellers provide interesting narratives about the medeival defenses, fights, imprisonments, executions, famous personalities and structural designs and upgrades throughout the many years that the Tower was in operation. In addtion to walking through the various towers and Royal living spaces, there is an exhibit with a collection of Crown Jewels and another displaying military historical artifacts. Once you finish with with the Tower and depart out of the river side exit, the Tower Bridge is right there. We opted only to use the bridge as a picture backdrop but there is also tours available should you choose to take a closer look. The entry price, like other sites is about 18 pounds however, you can buy a special ticket that grants access to multiple sites at a discount rate. There is not much else to see in the area as the Tower is way out in east London. Also, not sure if there are any periods when it is "off-peak" but it was quite crowded when we were there on a week-day due to all of the school groups.
The Tower of London, view from the…
Statue of a Roman soldier beside r…
The Tower of London
The Tower Bridge (often mistaken a…
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RTW_Wannabe RTW_Wann…
35 reviews
A must for lovers of medieval history Jun 08, 2012
I visited The Tower of London in February 2012. Despite living in the UK and studying in the South this was the first time I had visited any tourist attraction in London - mainly due to the cost. Tower of London cost around £17 for the entrance fee but we managed to get 2 for 1 by showing our train tickets (I don't know if the offer is always on via the rail but always good to check these things!). Well we queued for a good 35 minutes to buy our tickets, and this was in February; I dread to think how long you would wait in peak season! However once in, there was no more queuing; thankfully there is enough to see in there that while there are hundreds of other tourists around, it does not feel too crowded. We joined a guided tour run by the Beefeaters (the Queen's official guards of the Tower) which ran for about an hour and this is a must, for they give a really good overview of the history of The Tower and you can only gain entry into the chapel with the guard. The chapel is one eery place; if you are quite sensitive to spiritual energy you might feel quite strange in there (I felt quite sick and dizzy). After all a number of infamous historical figures are buried within the chapel, some of them minus their heads! There are a number of 'tours' or walks around other parts of the castle such as the bloody tower so called because that is believed to be where the famous two princes were buried. Within all areas there are informative displays and historical artefacts to look at. The Crown Jewels are housed within The Tower of London and they are well worth a visit (no extra cost but you may have to queue in high season); as is the display of armour through the ages. How soldiers actually managed to mount a horse, let alone fight, wearing all that metal is beyond me! They must have been fit in those days! We were there for about 4 hours and did not even fit all of it in. Food and drink is expensive in The Tower, as it is generally in London so you may want to take your own picnic if you are going on a nice day. There are plenty of green areas to sit and eat outside. That said the food was nice if you are prepared to spend nearly £10 on a sandwich lunch. If you are not a fan of history nor architecture, there will not be much to grab you here. But if like me you love history (especially medieval period) then you will love the Tower as it is one of the best preserved castles I have ever visited; it really is much like it was hundreds of years ago.
The Tower from across the Thames
The White Tower
Waterloo Block (where the Crown Je…
view from the walls
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cianmo cianmo
29 reviews
Nice to see, but it'll cost you Oct 16, 2012

I visited Tower Bridge when my parents were visiting this summer. A ticket for an adult is expensive for what you get out of the attraction, you'll be paying close to £20. If you happened to use the national rail that day, they sometimes offer half price offers on many attractions in London (such as this one), but these tickets are only valid on the day of purchase.


Tower bridge is a fairly large castle, and if you've been to many other castles in Europe, you'll find that it doesn't differ too much. There will be the same basic rooms like bedrooms, dungeons, armouries with the relevant information and objects. There are also beef eaters, who will take folks around regularly for walking tours.

The key jewel here is the Royal Crown Jewels. We waited in like for about 20 minutes to see them, and it was different and pretty cool inside, but personally it wasn't enough to pay the price of £17 per adult.
rcpilgrim rcpilgrim
40 reviews
Tower Of London May 23, 2012
The Tower of London was built by William the Conquerer and is a fortress on the banks of the Thames River. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is symbolic of the British royalty. The tower contains the crown jewels of England. The fortress has many aspects but was used mostly for royal prisoners. Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I and Thomas More were all tried and imprisoned here. There is a dungeon, motes, the white tower, and beefeaters guarding the entrance. It is a n afternoon well spent. crowds are inevitable as it is one of the main tourist attractions in London.
frivolousat25 frivolou…
16 reviews
Creepy history but its so rich!! Apr 15, 2011
Used my London Pass.

This is again a must see place. What amazing history over the centuries this place has collected.

Definitely opt for a Yeoman Warder tour. The details you get make the tour so much more exciting!!.

The jewels are a must too!

When I go back next time, this is definitely one of the places I will visit again.

You can walk to the Tower Bridge & the Monument from here. The tube station & cruise stop is also close by.
abhi_UK abhi_UK
1 reviews
good attraction, must see Jul 04, 2011
Tower of London is good attraction and must for all new tourists to UK.Tower of London is good attraction and must for all new tourists to UK.Tower of London is good attraction and must for all new tourists to UK.Tower of London is good attraction and must for all new tourists to UK.
binky binky
57 reviews
Tower of London Jul 17, 2010
Being that the USD is very weak compared to the Pound, the fee to the Tower is very expensive. I don’t think it would be such an issue if it wasn’t so crowded and if I wasn’t rushed through almost every room. Especially in the room with the Jewels, it was ridiculous and you hardly got to see anything at all. Also the line is so long, you will not want to wait in it again. If I am paying that amount, I would like to be able to see things at my own leisure.

Though if you are interested in English history, especially the Tudors as I am, then it is worth seeing. Just be prepared for the crowds and the crazy actors that reenact scenes from history. I think they could do without that personally, but that is just me…
binky says:
Yeah, that would help! But tube was being worked on and it took us 2.5 hours to get there. I think it was just a bad day for the Tower which may have made us more grumpy! :)
Posted on: Jul 18, 2010
the_bill says:
If you want to avoid some of the crowds, go early, right away when the Tower opens and head straight to the crown jewels. :)
Posted on: Jul 18, 2010
nickent1968 nickent1…
2 reviews
The Tower of London Apr 16, 2010
The Tower of London is possible what of those must do sights if you are a visitor to the UK and it is a very interest place to visit.

Be prepared though for crowds and in some areas i felt like i could not stop and read the information as there were too many people also all trying to look and read, though that is to be expected in a place like this. there is a lot of information to take in in certain places and if you are prepared to wait just that few minutes extra, you can get in and find out what interested you in the first place.

Take the tour with one of the beefeaters as they are a good way to learn a bit about the Tower and there are leaflets handed out, so you get a idea of where you are going.

The queue for the Crown jewels are possibly the longest and so we waited until nearer the end of the day to see them, which for us it was a good idea Once i did get to see them, i felt like i was a contestant on The Generation Game, waiting for the cuddly toy to appear as you have to stand on a travelator to see the jewells!

The price for us i felt was average but that is due to the fact we used the two for one deal with the train network. however if you have a family i can see it turning into a rather expensive day.

I didn't take any children myself and i am not really sure young children would find it that interesting. It is not like some of the castles which have mazes and child friendly interations and some of the children there did seem a little bored. Yet some of the older children did seem keen to learn about the history of the place, so perhaps a place for slightly older children.

Over all though, it was a good and interesting day out for a person who has never visted the Tower of London and i felt worth the money.
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seaotter seaotter
3 reviews
Feeling History Dec 30, 2009
Setting foot upon the uneven cobblestones just outside the infamous Tower of London, I could feel the presence of every person I ever read about in books and stories, it was remarkable! Anyone who is a lover of history would love this place without a doubt!
sorry, lol, it was taken through a…
petrarchanprincess petrarch…
36 reviews
I Propose a Toast! Mar 17, 2008
One of my top top places in London…especially if you like history! You should also take the audio tour. It’s totally worth it, there are lots of interesting things you’d never know if you just walked about reading the signs provided for you…and they’re not that expensive at all. Don’t forget to go up the Medieval Palace and walk on the walls of the inner part of the fortress, you get some great views and some great exhibits. I also suggest checking out the stores, and also if you’re travelling with another person and plan on hitting up Kensington or any of the other places covered in the yearly pass to get it…and you get a 10% discount in the stores, so remember to show your card. I didn’t so much care for the White Tower, it’s basically all guns and horses…not really my thing, I’ll probably skip it next time. It didn’t take very long to get to the crown Jewels either, but since we went at a sort of off time of the year, I guess that would make sense. In all, I think if you’re going to do one thing in London, I would go to the tower. Honestly…it’s the best tourist admission for your money in my book…especially compared to the London Eye!
xxwishnonstarzz xxwishno…
33 reviews
Entertaining, definitely worth a visit! Jun 29, 2008
At £16.50/£14 (adult/student), the price tag is a bit high for some budget travelers, but its definitely worth a visit. The complex is HUGE and there is a lot to see and learn. A FREE guided tour, lead by one of the Tower guards (Yeoman Warders or "Beefeaters"), is a must do! They tell you a lot of very interesting stories and take you into the Chapel Royal which is otherwise inaccessable to the public. Also at the Tower are the Crown Jewels of England and a huge armory display. Views from the South Wall walk are pretty great, too! Give yourself a few hours here and enjoy!

PS - Look around for discounts. They're out there! Also, try and buy online tickets because otherwise the line can get pretty outrageous.
138 reviews
Mar 11, 2007
Tower of London has been one of the most important buildings in English History and is one of the best kept fortresses from medival times.

The admission price is 16 GBP for Adults and 13 GBP for students so is rather on the expensive side , but with such an extensive collection is not that bad. If you want to can easily spend an entire day here and not see the same thing twice. There is also one tour every 30minutes starting from the entrance which is a good place to start. The guide is very informative and has a good sense of humor. He also speaks very clearly so even people with poor english skills will understand. There is also audio tours in other languages for those who doesnt understand english (but i dont think that apply if you are reading this..hehe).

The Guards (Or the beef eaters as they are called) are helpfull and their knowledge of the place is extensive.

Overall a great experience. Suggested time 4hours including lunch.
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tartanhop tartanhop
8 reviews
Jun 14, 2007
One of my favorite places in London, especially for history buffs. We got the audio tours and I loved them because they let you move at your own pace (no waiting for a group) and were extremely informative and entertaining! The parts about Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and the Tudors are Particularlly ineresting and the tour helps them to come alive. The history involving the royal superstions of the Ravens are also fascinating, and there are still ravens there today. The crown jewels are riducuously incredible and shiny, and you get to go around on a moving sidewalk for a bit while you look at them. All in all the Tower of London is a must see.
travelman727 says:
I was listening to an audio tour and got run over by one of the Royal guards changing assignments :-D
Posted on: Jun 15, 2007
miamichick636 miamichi…
2 reviews
Jun 14, 2007
I have an amazing picture of the tower of london froma few years ago in the fall. It is an amazing place to visit and is soooo much fun to go walking along the water near the canons. Right next to the tower bridge... Walking distance. Its just the perfect tourist stop. So beautiful... =]
aelder2259 aelder22…
216 reviews
Great for History Buffs! Feb 12, 2007
If you love history and/or the Tudor/Elizabethan periods, you're in for a treat when you visit the Tower of London. Seeing the real places where Ann Bolyne came through the traitor's gate and where she (and so many others) were beheaded, really brought the stories I've read to life.
funinuk funinuk
41 reviews
Apr 27, 2006
We went to the Tower of London over Easter - BIG MISTAKE!

It was absolutely rammed with people and was my first real experience of huge crowds in a small space.

We didn't have to line up to get in as we arrived early in the morning.

Once you get through the main walls into the castle grounds you see the white tower in the center with stone buildings on the right and tudor houses on the right.

We started off at the crown jewels which we waited in a huge line to see.

I didn't really think much of them (being a jewellery lover)my boyfriend couldn't believe it! I think the crowds really make the difference here as you cannot really stand and look at things for a long time as you are always pushed along to the next display by the crowd.

My favourite areas of the Tower of London was the King's quaters where his throne and bed were on display. The huge round room was eerie as we(surprisingly) were the onlypeople in there.

I also enjoyed the torture chamber which had torture devices on display.
The Tower of London from the Thames
Tower and blossom
Kings tablet
The White Tower
Koralifix Koralifix
104 reviews
Stepping back in time Mar 24, 2004
The Tower of London close by the River Thames belongs to the most famous buildings in London, no doubt! It's a significant component of this capital city and an ancient landmark that represents a lot of typical Gothic features.

Numerous travellers from near and far visit this sight because of its exciting history, gorgeous architecture and, of course, the amazing British Crown Jewels.

But before this imposing tower was opened as great museum the magnificent walls had had an important and often cruel responsibility because the White Tower and its grounds had been built as fortress in the 11th century and till 1820 the state prison had been located there.

Nowadays many of us love to stroll around this building without any unease but, actually, a couple of interesting relics and many helpful information boards including never-ending lists of powerful and influential monarchs like Henry VIII and Mary I bring back the past here and there. Watch out, for the ghost of Arbella Stuart as well!

There are quite a few fascinating corners to find! How about visiting the Medieval Palace that shows its rooms like they may have been arranged in the 13th century? Or having a closer look at the Green Tower which is known as the Bloody Tower? And who wouldn’t like a tour through these marvellous grounds guided by the Yeoman Wardens, the so called Beefeaters?

It’s also worth to have a look at the precious Crown Jewels even though the visitors have to stay on an assembly line that brings them from one end of the room to the other. This might not be the most comfortable way of moving around this place but on the other hand it isn't 'just a usual' museum.

For history fans, architecture lovers, interested tourists or ambitious ghost busters the Tower of London is an absolutely lovable place where you can easily spend a few glorious hours with family and friends.
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dzhao1988 says:
amazing, i will definitely go there this June, can't wait!
Posted on: Apr 16, 2011
huibdos says:
An inside report.
Did they let you go?
Posted on: Aug 14, 2009
bernard69 says:
I like its crows,still there??
Posted on: Aug 14, 2009

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