Tower Bridge

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London, England

Tower Bridge London Reviews

london110 london110
25 reviews
Most iconic in London Apr 25, 2013
The Tower Bridge is the most famous bridge in the world that sits on the Thames River in downtown London. You can't miss Tower Bridge while visiting London. The best view of the Tower Bridge is from a boat dock near Tower Hill station. You'll see a ton of tourists trying to make their way down from the station to that spot. You may witness the bridge lifting or lowering to let through ships. If you are interested to learn about the history of the bridge, you are able to visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition. The exhibit costs £8. If you are only interested in getting a great view of the city, check out the London Eye instead.
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Glynnes says:
Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: Apr 25, 2013
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Bojasem Bojasem
216 reviews
cool Sep 25, 2013
Tower Bridge (built 1886–1894) & collapsed because the king OK great of Britain the the bridge take fee using which for maintenance & give the money to his wife .The bridge is 800 feet in length with two towers each 213 feet high, built on piers.

The Tower Bridge is the one of the famous bridge in the world one of top sight seeing in London.

you can go to the Tower Bridge by tower hill metro station.

There are good deal to visit the tower

pay 8 GB but i advice you book online & came early because it crowded area & many people want enter the tower . the bridge tower open limit time per week , i advice you know the time before you came. i like London view from the informative , history & nice tour.
bus enter arch in the bridge
me in the bridge
tower bridge
view of tower bridge
scotraveler scotrave…
3 reviews
tower bridge Jun 04, 2011
just went to tower bridge with my pal yesterday, not bad! it is easy to find that. we were off at borough station, then just walk 5 minutes. I feel times river not very clean than what I was think. hope you like my short introduction.
frivolousat25 frivolou…
16 reviews
Most colorful & majestic of bridges in London Apr 15, 2011
Used my London Pass.

Definitely go for the "Inner workings" of the bridge tour. Its impressive.

The view of River Thames from here is pretty cool.

Its walking distance to the Tower of London from here.
sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
Tower Bridge - Inside the Bridge May 15, 2010
Tower Bridge is an icon of London, with many tourists assuming it must be London bridge itself. Of course, you can cross it for free, and there aren’t that many places on the Thames where you can’t admire its gothic towers. It is a prime example of how good the late Victorian (not medieval, in this case) engineers were at combining ambitious engineering with impressive, and expensive, style. Built to alleviate congestion by allowing an extra crossing of the Thames without interfering with shipping, it’s well worth paying for the tour at least once in your life, for two reasons.

The first one is the view from the towers. They are really quite high up, and offer a wonderful view of the river. There is even a lift, to allow for disabled access, so if you can’t climb stairs then you can still enjoy the views. Of course, climbing up inside the tower is part of the fun, so if you can manage, you should. You climb up through one tower, walk along the walk way, and then can explore the other walk way before climbing back down again. The staircases are quite broad and so you don’t have to worry about it being narrow or enclosed. The East walkway has views out over East London towards Docklands and Canary Wharf towards Greenwich, and the West walkway faces inwards towards HMS Belfast, The City, and Westminster.

The second reason is because of how impressive the engineering itself is. I know I’m a geek, but throughout the walkways and then in the second part of the tour, which shows you the steam engines that powered the bridge until the 1970s, they explain how they lift the bridge roadways (the walkways stay open all the time, but the road still shuts to traffic and opens to shipping a couple of times a day) both in the past and now. The steam engines are beautifully maintained and it is really interesting.

Tower Bridge is free to cross, of course, but the tour inside the bridge is £7 for adults, including the steam engine rooms.
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Zagnut66 says:
I went inside Tower Bridge way back in 1998. There was a talking mannequin posing as one of the workers who built the bridge explaining its history, but it's voice was jarbled. The views from up top were great.
Posted on: Sep 23, 2013
Sunflower300 says:
I did this tour years ago and I agree with you, it's well worth it.
Posted on: May 26, 2010
sarahelaine says:
thank you for the smiles - there are photos to come!
Posted on: May 18, 2010
52 reviews
Tower bridge Oct 25, 2010
I was there while it wasn't raining and that was really beautifull. I could take nice pictures! I was in there in a holiday and it was not busy. There were people, but I could take pictures without people on it who I didn't know, and I could sit on a chair to eat on the tower of London platform.

Maybe that was because it wasn't to busy. There are shops on the same platform. I ate really tasty fish and chips there. There is also a subway store, but that's something I can eat at home!
jhoc jhoc
66 reviews
tour of the bridge information Aug 19, 2008
Just had my second tour of the Tower Bridge which I would recommend people do, but here are the facts so you can decide for yourself.

Enter at the tower closest to the North side of the river and line up to pay £6 per person. There are bigger discounts for groups such as a family pass which is £12 for 2 adults and a child (free basically). Depending on how busy it is you will wait in line for the lift (10 mins for me). While there they take a photo in front of a blue wall (don't wear blue!) and superimpose over some fancy bridge shots (£10 for this, buy later).

Once up the lift you'll see a 5 minute film on bridge development, ideas and approval. There are some models showing 2 other variations that were considered. After film you enter the east walkway across the top where you get some views back towards Canary Wharf and Greenwich. There are telescopes for use, £1 per go, and a number of signs and computers giving interesting facts and info on the bridge.

Once over walkway 1 you get to another film area where a 5 minute film will be shown describing the engine system and design to lift the bridges. There are some good shots of actual construction and the introduction of the bridge.

From here you can walk down the west walkway, which is a dead end, but has the same photos, computers and telescopes as the first walkway. The views this time are back towards the city.

since the bridge is fairly high you get great views. If you're looking to get up in the air and don't want to pay for the eye or pay and walk St Paul’s, this is a fairly cheap way to get some great city views.

Now you leave the towers by walking down a number of stairs and get to an exit area with a couple of models and some light information. This is another lift portion so you may have to wait. This is also where they show you the picture they took and you can pay £10 for a big one or 4 small ones.

You then walk outside across the bridge and down to the base on the south side where the engine room is. Show your ticket stub and then tour the 2 massive engines and read about the steps it takes to raise the bridge. This is a short bit, but worth it. The end of it has some educational activities showing various mechanisms and how they work.

Lastly is the gift shop of course and then you're off. Total tour is less than hour, maybe 45 minutes if you walk quickly.
view from the north side river walk
view west from tower walkway
view east from tower walkway
from the tower of london side
soflypnoy soflypnoy
1 reviews
Tower Bridge Apr 11, 2008
Tower Bridge was absolutely beautiful. To think that this type of bridge with this type of architecture was created back in the late 1800's was kind of mind blowing. Not to say that this area is a MUST SEE spot in London, but it's definitely a place that you have to pass by if you have some extra time. There's been millions of people from all ends of the world that have come to see this bridge-celebrities included. Take a walk up the River Thames and you'll eventually hit it. Enjoy the beautiful sunset to get the most out of your pictures on your visit there.
Me in front of Tower Bridge
petit_gooroo petit_go…
69 reviews
Tower bridge is impressive Aug 27, 2008
I haven't visited the bridge itself but I have crossed it and even gone under it.

It is a bascule and suspension bridge spanning the Thames that must be seen if you are around. I was built between 1886 and 1894 and is 270 meters long.
wongjst wongjst
40 reviews
Jul 08, 2007
If you are riding a boat along the River Thames, you won't miss this Tower Bridge. Some people even called it London Bridge but that was a mistake I just found out. Remember when we were young we used to sing "London Bridges is falling down, falling down, falling down..."
tartanhop tartanhop
8 reviews
Jun 14, 2007
I agree that the bridge is pretty impressive itself, but I would advise against taking the guided tour. The guides aren't all that entertaining compared to others and neither are the videos. They take you and other groups members into some pretty cramped and uncomfotable spaces. It's probably good to get a brochure, read about it, see it and spend your time and money elsewhere.
nadda nadda
13 reviews
Apr 17, 1998
This was the most impressing bridge in London. It is very colorful and big.

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