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Toulouse, France

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The Pink City Dec 08, 2011
Toulouse is definitely a surprise hit for me. Apart from knowing that

it has some involvement with the Airbus industry and the people here

are fanatical with their rugby, I know nothing else about this city.

And what a city it is. Here, I'm surrounded by terracotta buildings,

which I deem to be more masculine than Bordeaux's lime-white elegant

buildings. When people told me that in general, people call it here

the "pink city", I thought that it may have something to do with

people's sexual orientation, only to be corrected later that it's got

to do with the shimmering pink colour of the city especially during

summer time. It's been said that sunset is the best time to take a

stroll around the City Centre & if possible, look beyond the gates of

inner mansions where they conceal fine gardens. Perhaps, this is to

illustrate the sophistication of the people here, where they convey

their advance lifestyle in what they do rather than what they wear.

There's a buzz to the city centre. It's not what u call gritty-like

like as in NYC but that the shop fronts show a certain kind of finesse

& flair that I haven't seen for quite some time. Perhaps, we r closer

to the South of France & there's definitely a Mediterranean feel to

the place where people in general r more olive skinned & that

conversations r more animated complemented by ocassional shrug of

shoulders & hand languages. Perhaps, it's a hybrid of Spanish,

Italian, French all merged into one huge melting pot. The

transportation system here is superb, well serviced by train, subway,

bus. The food served at the Hall is homely, filling & unpretentious.

I would have this more than a Michelin restaurant where I would be

given a plate the size of a moon but food the size of a grain of sand.

Remember that song, that's the way I like, I like....IT....Yes, with

Toulouse, it's a brief fling indeed, one day's worth of it but

somehow, everything exceeded my expectation. It simply brings me a

great feeling to be in the midst of it & just before Arnie parted in

his Terminator's franchise, he proclaimed, I'll Be Back & that's what

I will do. Let's meet again one day~Toulouse.
Eglise Jacobins
Basilique St Sernin
Pink city of Toulouse
Capitoleum & Christmas market
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