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1 Main Street Tortilla Flat AZ, Tortilla Flat, AZ, USA… - No phones but you can call 480.984.1776 for info
Tortilla  - This was what first greeted us when we arrived. We decided that we best leave a good tip.
Tortilla  - This is the entire town. Post office, museum, gift shop and restaurant.
Tortilla  - The bar seats are actually saddles. They did not look comfortable to me but lots of people were sitting in them.
Tortilla  - This is very cute but I want a door high enough that when someone comes over to see if the stall is available they won't be looking in on me to see that it is occupied.
Tortilla  - This is a picture of the money on the walls. Yes it is real money and no you can't use it to pay for your lunch.

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sunsetrosebud sunsetro…
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May 05, 2007
This was a very unusual restaurant. As we negotiated the Apache trail we saw few cars and now I know why. They were all at Tortilla Flat.The town has only six residents. At one time the town had over 100 residents but after a flood and more recently a fire that destroyed everything, only six are left. The place looks so run down that at first I was a little disappointed but some of that is deliberate to keep the atmosphere. The service was fantastic and friendly. The only criticism I have is that they do not allow any substitutions on the menu. Since I couldn't have my Mexican food with out refried beans in it, which I don't like I ordered a hamburger. We received our food in what seemed like just a few minutes wait. My hamburger was so hot! I don't mean spicy, I just mean really hot. I had not realized before that they are usually lukewarm. I loved my hamburger and the fries were good too. The beer was really cold. A great lunch!

The decor is interesting as people have donated money to put on the walls. Most are US dollars but some are from other countries. In fact they say they have money from more than 67 different countries

The bathroom was clean and well stocked but also disturbing enough that I had to take a picture of it.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday 9:00 to 6:00 and Saturday and Sunday they are open from 8:00 to 7:00.
This is the entire town. Post offi…
The bar seats are actually saddles…
This is a picture of the money on …
This was what first greeted us whe…
pinchora says:
this looks like a pretty cool far away is it from Phoenix?
Posted on: Jul 07, 2007
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