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Tortilla Flat Overview

Tortilla Flat is an unincorporated town with a population of 6 located in eastern Maricopa County not far from Apache Junction and the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. It had a peak population of 100. Tortilla Flat is the least populace town in the state with a post office and a voting precinct. The area served as a camping area for prospectors searching for gold in the nearby Superstition Mountains. In 1904 the town was established as a stagecoach stop for supplies used to build the nearby Roosevelt Dam, and was named for a butte by the town which resembles a tortilla. Today the town is preserved as an example of a mining town along Arizona Highway 88 “the Apache Trail”. Much of the town was destroyed in a flood in 1942, which also caused many of the town’s residents to move out. The road still floods occasionally. There are several really interesting buildings in Tortilla Flat although they are not historically significant since they were rebuilt after the flood. There are, however, five historically interesting bridges near Tortilla Flat which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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