Top of the Rock

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30 Rockefeller Center, New York, NY, USA

Top of the Rock New York Reviews

tlenot tlenot
43 reviews
Skyscraper view of NYC Mar 19, 2015
Something to do in NYC is getting to either Top of the Rock or Empire State Building for a view of NYC. I didn't purchase my ticket in advance. Just right then and there. The price was $29 and the wait was about an hour. I don't know what the cost and wait time for ESB but it's probably higher and longer if you were to purchase on sight, or maybe it might not be possible due to high demand. The view was great. South side you get to see ESB and World Trade 1 and North side is Central Park. Since I went to NYC in early Spring, Central Park wasn't green and the trees were still leave less. Something to thing about doing in NYC especially if you don't think you will be there again.
Rockefeller sign
ESB and 1 WTC
Central Park
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six2midnight six2midn…
12 reviews
Peaceful Feb 13, 2012
Top of the Rock is a must see while in NYC. The amazing view panoramic view will leave you breathless. Its a great way to experience the city.

I braced my self on Saturday(despite the cold and scheduled snow) and decided to head to NYC for some sight seeing. Our last stop was the Rockefeller Building. We purchased our tickets online to avoid lines and wounded up saving $2. Our elevator up was scheduled for 9:55pm so it gave us time to shop around. They have a couple of merchandise stores and food restaurants downstairs. When time for out elevator came we headed to the 2nd floor where they instructed us to remove all electronics and go through security. Then we walked down a hall which had some old memorabilia and a view of Radio City Music Hall.

Once inside the final elevator I noticed the top of it light up and some projections and quotes being played. The elevator it self was very fast, we reached the top in a couple of seconds. Once up there I was speechless just amazed at how nice the city looked at night and just the peacefulness. We went up on all three levels took some photos. I do recommend some type of professional camera (I wasn't prepared so my photos sucked). The cold and snow did not bother any one at all. Everyone seemed so excited and relax up top. There was even a couple of people with a picnic set up enjoy dinner outside.

If you are ever in NYC I highly recommend you visit the observatory deck. You are not timed, so you can spend as long as you please taking in the scenery. It you go during cold season wear a hat or hoodie along with gloves the altitude made it feel even colder.
GE Building
Radio City Music Hall
Our Tickets
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saintgl says:
I'll do this my next time in NYC, thanks!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2012
spocklogic says:
Your photos are not bad actually. Especially considering you have a lot of night shots, which are hard to capture even with a professional camera.
Posted on: Feb 15, 2012
Glynnes says:
A nice review! Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2012
RickySandoval00 RickySan…
1 reviews
Better then the empire state! Jun 03, 2012
Amazing! its like its centered in the perfect place to see the east and the west side of manhattan! the 360 view of the island is jaw droping great!!! the east side you see the huuuuuuge park of central park! and in the west side you see nothing but gigantic buildings like the empire state in the dead center and the new monster trade center!

must see the top of this building you must!!!!

the lines are better then the empire state in my opinion
Icarus_Sky Icarus_S…
3 reviews
NICE VIEW Apr 17, 2011
Great views of New York from up TOTR. All angles, four sided photo opportunities with plenty of space to enjoy your time up their. We bought a Sunrise and Sunset ticket which allowed us up day and night as the ticket wording suggested. Well worth it in my opinion, particularly as you get the benefit of day, sunset and night views
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shennalicious shennali…
1 reviews
Better Than the top of the Empire State Building Feb 03, 2011
It is traditional to think of NYC and associate it with visiting the top of the Empire State Building. However, Top of the Rock is better because you can include the Empire State Building in your view from the Top of the Rock. The New York skyline is just not complete without it! In addition, the floor level of Top of the Rock is about the same as Empire State's observation deck.

The atmosphere of Top of the Rock is more interesting and meant for visitors whereas the Empire State Building is a regular building. I live in New York and try to visit Top of the Rock once a year. The view never gets old.
Eric says:
Thanks for sharing your review on TravBuddy!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2011
Laila1311 Laila1311
2 reviews
Really nice experience Jul 21, 2011
Visited Top of the Rock beginning of July 2011 with two teenage kids and agree with other reviewers that Top of the Rock is a very nice place to see. No queues and staff friendly. The attraction itself was also nice: we had space and could see the view in all directions without problems. The elevator was also great with the glass cealing. Maybe a bit to the expensive side though.
AnkeSuna AnkeSuna
13 reviews
Top of the Rock Aug 07, 2010
If you want to go up a skyscraper for a city view on NY, choose the Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock) instead of the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is so crowded you will not even get the chance to really enjoy it and take a good look at the city. When you go up the Rockefeller Center you will see the Empire State Building from a distance!
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magera magera
10 reviews
Best place to see the Empire State Building Jan 02, 2010
If you want the best view of the New York skyline including the iconic Empire State Building, then get yourself to the top of the rock. Its pretty cheap, about $13 and the views are awesome. Its also less crowded then the empire state observation deck.

Worth doing twice aswell. Daytime and Night to see the contrast.
central park as seen from top of t…
the best place to see the empire s…
Andy99 Andy99
621 reviews
The View from 30 Rock Nov 11, 2009
The Top of the Rock is the observation deck atop the 70 story GE Building at 30 Rockefeller Center (30 Rock). The view out over the New York City skyline is magnificent! And, it is especially spectacular at night with the city illuminated below!

The 850 ft. (259 m) skyscraper opened in 1933 as the headquarters for RCA and NBC and anchor of the Rockefeller Center development. The public observation decks occupy the 67th, 68th and 70th floors of the building. The 67th and 68th floors are fully or partly enclosed (with openings for camera lenses). The 70th floor is entirely open and is the place I recommend for photos.

On a visit to New York City, you will want to go up either here or the Empire State Building for a view of the Manhattan skyline. The advantage at the Top of the Rock is that you can see the Empire State Building from it.

I didn't find Top of the Rock as crowded as the Empire State Building, nor is there a delay with seeing a film. Photo opportunities abound up here. I liked the glass-ceiling elevator that takes visitors directly to the top. At night, the elevator shaft is illuminated and you can watch the top floor approaching.

Tickets for the observation deck cost $20.
View up to the Top of the Rock
Mid to Lower Manhattan from the To…
Sony Building and Bloomberg Tower …
Citicorp Center from Top of the Ro…
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Dutch_guy says:
I agree with Andy. I've been up Empire State and Top of the Rock, and the latter gives a much nicer experience. Less people and less waiting. NYC from the top is awesome, a few meters more or less doesn't matter then any more.

Good review, Andy!
Posted on: Jul 31, 2011
world-traveller123 says:
agreed better then empire state building
Posted on: Feb 22, 2011
ejames01 says:
Congrats on being featured Andy!! Great job!!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2009
cristin11 cristin11
4 reviews
Better than Empire State Building Dec 20, 2009
Great views, even though the bad weather caused the pictures to look rather dreary. Loved this because it gave me views of the Empire State Building :).
Ashley5 Ashley5
22 reviews
Top of the Rock Mar 09, 2008
On our trip to New York City we new we were going to either the top of the Rock or the top of the Empire State Building, to do at least one of these is a must for a New York City trip! We decided to go to the top of the Rock because that way we would get a view of the Empire State building. I don't know if it was because of the time we went, we went towards the evening but it was still daylight out, but we didn't hardly have a crowd at all. The elevator took us straight to the top, and made our ears pop. We forgot all about that once we made our way to the edge. It was an amazing view of Central Park, The state of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, plus more. It was worth every penny to get to the top. I would recommend going with some daylight out and staying into the night. We got both day and night shots that way
View from the top, with Statue of …
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ajdennis1980 ajdennis…
54 reviews
Brilliant 360 views Apr 10, 2008
This was a great experience. There was no queue when we went and the $18 if well worth it.

The lift up is great, I know you say it's a lift what’s so special....well the roof lights up and you can see all the way up the lift shaft to the top. Trust me it's cool.

There is a history of the building bit which shows how it was made and you can pose for the well know photo on the beam, and walk along a section.

The top has great views (Chrysler is obstructed by MetLife building!) and even for someone who hates heights it's a must see!!
looking down
Empire state from the top
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yarasil yarasil
36 reviews
Awesome views of NY and Central Park Sep 17, 2008
It is a must do that when in NY you go to the top of Rockefeller Center or the Empire State building. The views are breathtakingly awesome and well worth the trip at any time of the day.

Rockefeller center or Top of the Rock as they call it, offers views of the skyline, the Empire State building, Central Park and the George Washington bridge.

If you are planning on visiting Radio City Hall or where they film NBC Today then you are right where you need to be for a visit to the Top of the Rock. It costs $20 to take the elevator to the 67th floor. Once at the top you can go up to the 70th floor which gives you unobstructed views of the city.

A note for photographers, I heard that they do not allow tripods which you will most likely need if you plan to take some night shots of the city lights. Also, beware that there could be a line to get to the top. We waited about 30 minutes as they were only using one elevator. You can purchase tickets online or at the booth located on the plaza. Rockefeller Center is a stop on the tourist hop on/hop off bus.
Rockefeller Center
Top of the Rock: Central Park
Top of the Rock: NY city and Empir…
NBC Today

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Top of the Rock Map
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New York
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