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Top 10 Antique Sites in Turkey - ... Celsus Library @ Ephesus ...
Top 10 Antique Sites in Turkey - ... Asklepeion @ Pergamon ...
Top 10 Antique Sites in Turkey - ... Statues of Ancient Gods @ Mt. Nemrut ...
Top 10 Antique Sites in Turkey - .. the Ionic Stoa on the Sacred Way @ Miletos ...

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... for the lovers of ancient times ... Dec 01, 2010
Dear Travbuddies,

Of course most of you know about the history of Anatolia (Asia Minor), which is a part of present day Turkey. That "history" contains a period about 10000 years, and probably this cultural heritage make the people feel excited.

There are lots of antique cities and ancient ruins over there, for the archeology lovers & fans. You can see the heritage from neolithic period when people start farming to classical and middle ages' magnificent cities.

So, I would like to share the most popular ones as a Top10 list here.

1) Ephesus; is located in Selcuk (Izmir) and definitely the most popular antique site in Turkey. It's well-known with famous "Celsus Library" which was built in early 2nd century by Romans. Also "Temple of Artemis" which is one of the seven wonders of ancient world was here. The name of the city also given to the most famous Turkish beer; Efes Pilsen.

2) Mount Nemrut; is located in Kahta (Adiyaman) is southeast part of Turkey. It's 2150 m. high from sea level and listed as UNESCO world heritage since 1987. The site goes back to 8th century BC, and famous with it's statues of ancient gods. Also, one of the best places to see the sunset not only in Turkey, but also in the world.

3) Pergamon; is located in today's Bergama (Izmir) where hosts one of the oldest libraries of the world and the Altar of Zeus (which has been in a exhibit in Berlin for years). The big theater is still exists in the city with the ruins of Dionysos Temple. The history of city goes back to 9th century BC.

4) Miletos; was one of the most important ports of Anatolia with Ephesus in ancient times, but nowadays both of them are away from sea. The city known as the "Capital of Ions" and located in Soke (Aydin) in present day Turkey. The golden age of the city was 6th century BC, and the architectural monuments such as theater and roman bath still exist.

5) Aphrodisias is in Geyre (Aydin) and defined as "The most magnificent ancient city in Anatolia which can survive" by many archaeologists. This literally huge city's history goes back to bronze age, but most of the ruins we can see today is mostly belongs Roman period. Most of the visitors indicate that average time to spend in this city is at least 3 hours. Temple of Aphrodite, Stadium and Tetrapylon is the main monuments of the site.

6) Didyma; is located in present day Didim (Aydin) and famous Apollon Temple is in this antique town. This splendid site is also well-known with Medusa relief inside the temple. A must see.

7) Hattusha; was the capital city of Hittites and the exploration of this ancient site is considered one of the biggest events in the history of archaeology. There are a lot of monumental building inside the walls of this imperial city's ruins. It's located Bogazkale (Corum) in middle Anatolia.

8) Sardes; was another capital city for another important country of history of mankind: Lydians. They were the ones who used money for trade first, you remember? =) It's located Salihli (Manisa) today, and history goes back to 9th century BC. The excavations is still running by Americans nowadays, this site is worth to visit.

9)Ani; is located in the border city Kars in eastern Turkey with it's whole architectural heritage. Until recent years, this site could be visited with special permission by the government officials and taking pictures was prohibited because of the conflict between Armenia and Turkey. However, nowadays, it's pretty easy to visit the site and you can take pics, video etc. Excavations and restorations are still continuing, and it's expected that this cultural heritage will be one of the most popular destinations for antiqu freaks in the future. =)

10)Our final destination is ... Troy. You know where it is, you know what happened here, you know the story, right? After the Hollywood blockbuster movie, this antique site became popular again among travelers, and nowadays new excavations started again in Troy. Plus, you can see the Trojan horse which was used in the movie as well, as a bonus.

I hope this helps for travbuddies to plan their destinations in Turkey.

Godspeed! =)
... Celsus Library @ Ephesus ...
... Statues of Ancient Gods @ Mt. …
... Asklepeion @ Pergamon ...
.. the Ionic Stoa on the Sacred Wa…
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TravellinChic says:
Wow! This is a very good list! Thank you sooo much! :)

Posted on: Feb 05, 2011
ktee036 says:
Congrats !
Posted on: Dec 03, 2010
Dr_Seuss says:
On a roll Cihan 8-) Congrats on another feature. Hitting Istanbul on Sunday, should be good :-)
Posted on: Dec 03, 2010
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