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Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Tommy's Burger - The sign depicts the original hut at Rampart and Beverly in LA
Tommy's Burger - Much cleaner and shinier than I remembered as a kid
Tommy's Burger - 'Chili cheese burger and chili cheese fries combo'
Tommy's Burger - Not looking so good after the half the combo hits the stomach...
Tommy's Burger - Tommy's in Hollywood

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cneoridium cneoridi…
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Jul 04, 2007
First, if you're from LA, stop reading now, you'll probably be offended with my review of a cherished part of your culture..

Tommy's Burger was founded in the 40's and made the chili burger, chili dog, and chili fries a staple of LA cuisine in the 1960s. There's a Tommy's Burger in every city in the LA basin, especially the inland areas; too much competition on the beaches I guess. They're famous for giving you free chili on whatever you order (although not all of them do it anymore), and making big sloppy burgers really fast. This is truly a Los Angeles icon.

Now, the only problem is that ...the food is horrible! I don't know if others have picked up on this, but it's really bad. I remember not liking it growing up, but when I saw one, I felt I had to "take one for the team" and review it for TravBuddy since it's a big part of the LA experience.

The burgers are typical 60's super-thin frozen patties for fast cooking, the cheese is wax-like, and the chili is sort of like mud, but doesn't taste as good as mud : ) The 'chili' is more of a chunky gravy that actually congeals and holds it's shape as it cools. I mean, if you lift up a fry, the whole layer of chili lifts with it! Unnaturally orange grease seeps from the chili's edges, staining the whitish American cheese slice and mealy bun. You could avoid the chili, but that's the whole point of Tommy's!

Chowed down a good half of the chili cheeseburger and chili fries combination, got on the freeway back to San Diego, and thought I wasn't going to make it. We had the windows down for what seemed like immanent hurling but somehow survived, as we drove into the night with pale, sweating faces and rumbling guts...

Anyway, Tommy's Burger, it's a famous Los Angeles burger chain, one of the original fast food restaurants that started the whole trend.
The sign depicts the original hut …
Much cleaner and shinier than I re…
"Chili cheese burger and chili che…
Not looking so good after the half…
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electricapples electric…
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Not What I Would Call a Chili Burger Jun 23, 2007
Ok, the last time I went to California, everyone kept telling me that I had to eat at Tommy Burger and get a chili burger with extra chili. Ok, I grew up in Texas and Oklahoma...I KNOW good chili. I had my doubts about how this chili from California would taste. Not to be surprised, I wasn't impressed. As a matter of fact, I found the chili to be tasteless. Funny, because everyone else there thought the chili was spicy. Hmm...interesting. The food itself was fine, I just wasn't impressed with the chili. Nothing they should be bragging about. If you want a real chili burger, this isn't it.
Tommy's in Hollywood

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