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Tomar is a nice town 137 km far from Lisbon. It is located in the centre of Portugal.

Its main sight is the castle-convent of the Templars. It was initially built as a castle in 1160. Its complete building lasted until the 17th century. Inside this complex there are eight cloisters and a round church called Charola.

In the main square of Tomar you can visit the church of Sao Joao the Baptist. It already existed in the 12th century. It was rebuilt in the 16th century and restored several times. It has a Manueline portal.

There is a Synagogue in this town. It is one of the oldest in Portugal. It was built between 1430 and 1460. Inside there is a museum with Jews artifacts.

Tomar main festival is the Festa dos tabuleiros (festival of trays). It cosists of a procession of around 400 girls in white, carrying towers of platters with bread and flowers on their heads; along with music and fireworks. This festival takes place every four years.

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