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Urayasu, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Reviews

anewchapter anewchap…
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Disney Jun 05, 2014
I don't think that a review of Disney needs any introduction, it's the most famous theme park in the world visited by millions of people a year, so if you don't know it then welcome to Earth ....and welcome to Tokyo!

Tokyo Disney is split into two parks-Disneyland and Disneysea. I bought a 2 day pass at 11,000yen (roughly £65/ $107) which I consider to be a bargain price for the amount of sights and attractions inside.

I visited Disneysea first on a Monday and Disneyland on Tuesday. The train ride from my hotel in Ginza was your typical ride until all of sudden out of the window you see towers and palaces and mountains..welcome to Disney :)

As soon as you enter the park your immediately struck by how large the place is. It really is like stepping off the train into a whole new world.

I knew I was going to be spending the whole day at Disney so I felt no need to get the Fastpass ticket. The fastpass ticket is basically for people who don't wanna queue for too long, but you have to go on the ride at a set time and you can only use the ticket again after you've been on the ride.

Personally I don't mind queuing for rides, the problem I have is that the park doesn't give you anything to do whilst your queuing. Why not have tv's on the wall playing something, or music playing, or some kind of meet and greet with a disney character whilst you wait? Instead it's just zig-zagging lines of people all getting restless.

As for the attractions themselves, there's so many so I'll keep it brief:-


Stormrider--Loved it. Great Simulator. One of my favourites!

Indiana Jones--Great ride. Nice shock and drop at the end.

Journey to the Center of the Earth--Another nice drop!

20,000 leagues under the Sea--Forgettable.

Aquatopia--Simple but quite fun.


Pirates of Caribbean--Ok. Could do with a big drop finish.

Splash Mountain--Loved it. Great drop. Arghhhh!

Haunted Mansion--Ok but no big thrills.

Gadgets Go Coaster--Short rollercoaster but fun.

Star Tours--Great Simulator, 2nd to Stormrider Imo.

If there's any rides I haven't mentioned like Space Mountain and Raging Spirits then there's a good reason--if I get dizzy on a kids ride like Aquatopia then there's no way I'm doing 360's on a giant rollercoaster.

Aswell as the rides theres plenty of fun things to do/see. Like meet Mickey & Minnie (it's Disney, you have to!) and enjoy the shows (I saw 'Legend of Mythica'). There's also ton's of places to eat and shop.

I visited Disney alone and I was never bored and never thought to myself 'this is for kids'. Disney caters for everyone!

Another thing I think is worth mentioning is that the staff were very friendly and helpful. Even though they are there everyday and see hundreds of people a day they never treated you like you were just another visitor. They made you feel like a welcome guest, so thanks to the Disney staff (they also took some good photo's of me whilst I posed so I can't complain).

Disney is great, a definite 5 stars whether you traveling alone or with family. Disney-"Where Dreams Come True" :)
with Minnie Mouse (Disney, Tokyo)
with Mickey Mouse, Disney, Tokyo
Disney, Tokyo
Infront of the Indiana Jones Ride …
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pammy_robertson pammy_ro…
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I love Disney Dec 03, 2014
This was my first visit to Disney even though I'm in my 30's and I was transported back to 5yes old again. I thought the price was reasonable I think 6,400 yen and a friend said she went 2 yes previous and it hadn't increased, which is good. Also the cost of items inside the park were pretty reasonable too. Not the crazy excessive amounts for water and snacks that I was expected.

The park is easy to navigate around and we got a free map. We also received a 'what's on' guide which wasn't accurately updated. Nothing in the program stating that some of the rides were closed and nothing to say that the castle actually closes at 4pm so I missed out.

There is also queue jumps, these are free, you go to the ride and use the machine, pre book a time slot then go back and walk to the front of the queue. These machines stop in the afternoon also, so get your queue jump things as early as possible.

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of characters wandering around. We only saw Peter Pan and Wendy, but that's lame, I wanted a picture with a cool character... Yeh I am in my 30's.

Food wise there is a great variety, loved the pizza spring rolls, at first a weird combo but pretty good. Try them.

All in all I loved my first Disney experience, the place really is magical but my day would have been perfect if I'd met say Mickey haha. I'd highly recommend visiting, I can't compare to other resorts but think it's good fun. The parades were pretty spectacular, especially the evening one which is like a light show. Get a spot early if you have little ones so they can see.
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Zagnut66 says:
Congrats on being featured! Too bad you you didn't meet Mickey though!
Posted on: Dec 09, 2014
justic21 justic21
2 reviews
Funny:-) Mar 07, 2011
even though is was rain at the day I have a lots of fun the crowded are great people in japan are very nice and lovely you can actually pretend to be back to the childhood:-)I would say in japan only
jericho9mm jericho9…
6 reviews
Jan 09, 2008
Well, well, having 2 kids really makes your vacation really fun exciting and exhausting. One thing about it though, it makes you forget your age. Well that's what Mickey, Minnie, Donald mostly do to us, and our kids are the instrument. Disney Sea is not a different theme park compare to Disney Land, MGM and Epcot or any other Disney attractions. It was a bit different because it seems like they jammed MGM, Epcot and Disneyland all together, and the theme is obviously eveolved around Ariel, I was hoping they'll have Finding Nemo instead of Arabian Coast... what do you want from a desert attraction? it's supposed to be in land?... anyway, the park was divided into 6 theme attractions: Mediterranean Harbor, American waterfront, Port Discovery, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Lost River Delta, and the Arabian Coast. As all Mickey lover knows, with each theme attractions, there are restaurants, rides and shopping to do, but generally all the attractions are called ports, and most of them are surrounded by body of waters(that's probably I like it, being a Sailor) what really get me was the rides, like the stormrider, The whirpool, Raging spirits, Journey to the center of the earth, and of course we have to ride some for the kids too, like the Blowfish Balloon race, Sinbad, Caravan Carousel, Flounder's Flying Fish Scooter... we didn' able to experience all the rides of the long wait in line, and a bit crowded, who would know that there's a lot of people during Christmas day?... and most of them like the cool rides ;), so my advice was to get fast pass(duh?)... okay that's already given, but my actual advice is to take dramamin, I don't get dizzy when it comes to ride, but tagging with kids, they will drag you from one point to another, and of course the crowd in the line... even though it was cold, you can smell the odor... argh! anyway dramamin will help a lot; we did go to some theaters, it was Aladin and i forgot the other one becuase I fell asleep, becuase we don't have a clue what they were talking about even though it looked funny... the entertainers speak Nippongo... so we ended up hitting some rides again, again and again. By the time we get to Tower of terror, the wait in the line was 2 1/2 hours... so we have to skip. There's a lot of rides that we didn't get to enjoy, just like I said it was winter, it was cold and gets dark quick(1600), I was exhausted... the foods are okay, but really expensive and only in small portion... you really don't want to eat a lot anyway... I know my review is a bit vague, but I really don't want to detail everything, because the best way to enjoy an attraction like this is to explore it yourself, I don't want to spoil the fun. But just like I said if you guys did go, use fast pass, take dramamin, wear comfortable clothes(you'll be surprise with the crowd), and take breaks in between, don't rush...M I C K E Y... M O U S E!!!!
The crowd!
Inside Mysterious Islan!
Be careful not to get wet.
Cristine taking a breather.
melissak melissak
35 reviews
Nov 12, 2007
Tokyo Disneyland is a great theme park. It is laid out very similar to the park in California with much of the same rides. It caters pretty well to English speaking people, but all of the commentary on the rides is in Japanese. I went in late August and it wasn't too crowded. It has fast passes like the original Disneyland and you can cut your wait times drastically if you use them correctly. At night there was the Electric Dreamlights parade, which is amazing, there are hundreds of thousands of lights on all the floats. After watching the parade everyone moves over to the castle and watches some awesome fireworks. The park is very clean, much like you would expect from any Disneyland.

Disneysea is a different Disney experience. You take a Disney train from the park entrance to the DisneySea entrance. This park is very original and different from the other Disneylands. It has themed areas like the other one, but these include Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Mediterranean Harbour and Lost River Delta. Mermaid Lagoon has Ariels underground palace built above ground and underneath it is an area with many rides and a store built like a whale, you feel like you're underwater. This park also has the Indiana Jones Ride, which is very similar to the ride in California. There is many interesting rides here like Journey to the Center of the Earth and the Terror of Terror.

At night in the Mediterranean Harbor, on the water, there is a show called BraviSEAmo, an amazing show that uses barges, fountains, pyro effects and fireworks.

I'd say Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are must visits when going to Tokyo, but if you can only spend one day, I'd say choose DisneySea for a really unique expereince. The tickets aren't too expensive I believe, it cost me about 9800 yen for a 2 day pass for both parks. But unlike Disneyland in California, once you choose a park you have to stay in that park, you cannot jump to the other one.
Cinderella's Castle by night
the entrance to Disneyland
Mermaid Lagoon
Mediterranean Harbor
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msjulicious says:
Thank you so much for this review. I'll definitely keep this in mind when visiting.
Posted on: Jun 08, 2009
rgriffs says:
Thanks for the info sounds like a lot of fun!
Posted on: Aug 16, 2008
korrahh says:
I lived in the next station down (Chiba) but avoided the place like the plague. Japan has too much mickey mouseness without importing it from the US. You know they got a hello kitty land too. Cheers!
Posted on: Nov 12, 2007

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