Tivoli Gardens

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3 Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Reviews

Vikram Vikram
312 reviews
At the end of the day, it's really JUST another amusement park! Jul 15, 2016
So I get the history - it's supposedly the 2nd oldest operating amuseument park in the world (built in 1850s). Also, as per Wiki, Tivoli is the second-most popular seasonal theme park in the world, the most-visited theme park in Scandinavia and the fourth most-visited in Europe. Also kudos that so many rides are operational and functional with minimal change since opening up over a 100 years ago.

That said, it really was just another amusement park. I don't know why travel books keep going on and on that this is the must see attraction in Copenhagen. It really wasn't all that!

This place is ideal for a day out with kids. Or, during the summer, Friday nights when there are pretty cool concerts (you pay extra for that). Other than that, it was like any carnival built in recent years - lots of rides, shows, shops, eating out, etc.

My only saving grace was that there was an Illum branch within the gardens and pretty quiet, so I browsed freely inside it.

If you're not into amusements and checking it out just because a travel book called this a not-to-miss attraction in Denmark, then please avoid.
Dragon Boat lake and Dæmonen roll…
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cotton_foam says:
Yunni (Gingerbatik) warned us that it is not so much of a big deal ...
Posted on: Sep 08, 2016
Ils1976 says:
I so want to visit it one day, even if I am agreeing with you!
Posted on: Sep 04, 2016
missandrea81 says:
The photos are wonderful though. ;)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2016
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WalterC WalterC
391 reviews
Nice place to stroll and enjoy with family and friends Apr 22, 2015
Located across from Central Station, and in the middle of Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is a nice amusement park to visit, if you have kids. And if not, a good way to spend some time, as it is something fun to do with friends.

Rides are not included in the admission. You have to buy separate tickets for that, or get an all-day bracelet for unlimited rides. There are events held there sometimes, but I did not see any there, so I can’t really comment that or the rides themselves. But the rides do look like fun to ride on. There are also games and places to eat. The food was okay, and there are restaurants for different budgets in the park.

I spent only a few hours at this place, and thought it was a nice place to walk around. The architecture of the buildings are really nice to look, and a very good place to people-watch, as it seems to be mostly locals. It may not be Disney, but there just seems to be real charm to this place, as the park has been around since 1843.

Overall, I think it is worth visiting, though not a must-see. And worth dropping by for a few hours if you have the Copenhagen Card already, to kill some time, as it is open late, until around midnight. Also, nice place to spend the day with family and/or friends, and get a break from visiting museums.
building with Chinese architecture
characters from Hans Christian And…
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Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
Tivoli Gardens Jul 24, 2013
Read a lot of mixed reviews before going, and having been seems most are disappointed in it as a theme park, but it is so much more. It's a park, that has some rides, but there is plenty of other entertainment, or if you just want to enjoy the surroundings. Has a special feel to it, that I got as soon as we were through the gate.

We were there for it opening at 11am, and it was busy then. To keep the queues at the ticket booths down you find staff walking the lines with credit card machines that you can pay on and then fast track into the park.

First building you notice is the NIMB hotel and then there is a large grass area in front of the main stage where people were setting out picnics, or setting up deck chairs to sit and read. The flower displays and fountains were really nice.

A stroll deeper in and you get to the area with the rides, though it was quiet first thing. Plenty of choice for food and drinks .

We had planned something else for the afternoon, but you can get a 'stamp' on the way out that allows you to enter again later, cost 15K (about £2), so you don't need to be stuck there all day.

When we came back at night we came in the side gate opposite the main entrance of the main station. A lot busier, but a great atmosphere that you could just sense. Guys walking about with beers, something that just wouldn't be allowed to happen in a place like this in the UK.

Live music on throughout the park, and we stopped for a while at a jazz performance at the Music Pavilion. People just sitting chilled listening to live music.

The rides were expensive, though if that is your thing the wristband would be worthwhile. We decided to just go on the Star Flyer, the 80m chairplane ride, and you can buy the required number of tickets from machines located round the park, using bank cards or cash. The view across the city and out to the Oresund bridge made it worth it, as well as a bit of fun.

We grabbed something to eat, and spread out across the lawn to eat it. Lucky with the weather and it was still comfortably warm well into the night.

Highlight was the laser show over the lake, though photos and video( see main blog Part 3) don't give the full effect. Worth the 99K for that alone, and it's on every night at 22-45.

During the summer there are various events on, and Friday nights they have concerts and on Saturday nights there is a firework display, all included in the entrance fee.

If you're looking for the adrenalin junkie theme park experience you won't like it, but if you want a nice place to relax and slow the pace down for a while you'll love it.
NIMB Hotel
Across the gardens to the Radhuset
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haidgirl says:
congrats on your feature! : D
Posted on: Aug 23, 2014
Vikram says:
Well done on your featured review. Well done as always.
Posted on: Aug 22, 2014
KeikoCreative says:
Congrats on your featured! I actually did have that thought of visiting especially for the freefall. I love the night atmosphere, it is nice with the lights up seems like there are various different theme.
Posted on: Aug 22, 2014
urrjaa urrjaa
2 reviews
Good, average, but still worth a visit. Oct 26, 2011
Tivoli - An amusement park not just for Kids but the charm, serenity, the happiness in the air equally enjoyed by the older generations alike.

Tivoli kinda disappointing me. It was nice beautiful and all that, it was nothing VERY Special though, for the amount I was paying. Yeah the Rides were fun, but my disappointment was that there was NOT a huge 3 minute long like Roller Coaster. There were 2 mini roller coasters though; Bottom line the Rides were nothing special.

Tivoli is fun place, there are amazing restaurants inside. There are many small carts selling Hot Dogs and Coffee. The Tivoli is worth seeing during Halloween and Christmas, me being lucky enough to have been there during both the occasions. The whole park is decorated into the Themes and there are many shows and concerts taking place. There were many boutiques selling Winter Caps, hand glows etc. A nice place to window shop.

So should one Go to Tivoli or not and save the 250 kroner ?? GO, since when would be the next time you know for sure you will be in Copenhagen? And by going to Tivoli, you do get to talk about your trip more when you happen to meet a Dane back home. Tivoli after all has a big place in the heart of every Dane.
Tivoli during Halloween.
Tivoli during Halloween, some witc…
Tivoli during Christmas.
Tivoli during Christmas.
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urrjaa says:
It was indeed beautiful during Christmas, but i had cold toes :( !!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2011
dahling says:
So envious of you - been there twice and both times it was closed and I did not get to go. It looks beautiful during Christmas, I hope I get to go again. Nice pictures
Posted on: Sep 14, 2011
maja_zlahoda maja_zla…
3 reviews
Tivoli, like Disney but on a smaller, more european scale Jul 03, 2011
When in Copenhagen there are some sights that cannot be missed, Tivoli Gardens is one of them especially if you are with your children or if you are planning a date. These gardens not only hold giant blooming roses, but also accentuate a unique atmosphere through different classical music concerts in gazebos around the gardens. In addition to the amusement rides and cotton candy, you will find a Ben&Jerry's faithful to the American ice cream tradition.

Overall it is a good place to explore if you want to sit back, enjoy a nice coffee and ice cream and listen to some classical music.

Rose Garden
Tivoli among the roses
American tradition
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Joli Joli
2 reviews
Not worth it's money Oct 02, 2010
The entrance fee is very high, but the park does not own up to expectations. Although there are some carousels and other attractions at the park, also many restaurants and snack stations, ..you have to pay for each of those things seperately, as well as paying the entrance fee and it sums to quite alot money for visiting a park. it is a nice park, but far from leaving you speechless.
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Marjis Marjis
31 reviews
Tivoli Gardens Jul 08, 2008
Tivoli Gardens is amusement park in Copenhagen. I went there with my friend and we had really fun.

There is many good rides to try, if you go there The Star Flyer is must.

We didn't see any performance there. We saw performing stage and couple halls, but we didn't see anywhere schedule or something where we could have seen show times. It was a bit confusing.

There's lots of game machines and games to play. We didn't eat there (we did go back to our RV to eat and then we did go back to Tivoli) so I can't say anything about food. I just can say that there is many places where you can eat. And many bars too.

You can easily spend whole day there and it's not really expensive (or that depends how much you use inside Tivoli).

If you ever go to Copenhagen I recommend to you to go there. :)
The Star Flyer
sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
Nov 16, 2007
Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park in Copenhagen. It's one of the oldest in the world, and when I went, had re-opened for teh Christmas season and the markets.

The rides in the park were a lot of fun, and I especially liked the Odin Express, which is one of the oldest roller coasters still in use. As well as the Odin Express, there is a more modern roller coaster, several different heights of swings, a free fall ride, and a lot of other rides. There are a number of restaurants and bars too, and some of the sort of shooting galleries and so on that you get in amusement parks. For the Christmas season, the illuminations and decorations are magical.

The park charges about 60DMK to get in, and then between 30DMK and 10DMK per ride. It is possible to get a multiride ticket that allows you unlimited rides. I think that the park is expensive, but by no means unreasonable for what it is.
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vaar vaar
15 reviews
Jul 18, 2006

This is the place !!

Everybody can have a great time in Tivoli ! There is great food, many funny things to try ect.

You can try 'The Demon', 'The Flying Trunk', 'The Golden Tower', 'The Dragon', 'The Mine' and more :D

It's very beautiful at 'The Golden Tower' and 'The Flying Trunk'. You can see over Copenhagen!

I've been there about five times in my life :D It's so great !!


Choose between 38 different restaurants in Tivoli.

Some of the places are very expensive to eat at .. but it's very good food ;)


With a Multi-ride ticket you can try all the rides in Tivoli as many times as you like! It's not expensive.

It can get very expensive if you don't buy a Multi-ride .. Then you have to pay every time you want to try something ..


Each year there are many concerts in Tivoli. I've never been to any of them, but it's often famous singers ;)

If you're going to Copenhagen, Tivoli is a great place to visit ! :D
Tivoli in Copenhagen :D
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dahling says:
I like that you also post about the price, it helps decide what to do. thanks for the review
Posted on: Sep 14, 2011
cutieismi says:
I will go there for sure ! :)
Posted on: Nov 13, 2009
ronman2006 says:
Yeah Tivoli was great, a must see, I didn't try the food there either just the candy, too bad you missed the performances they were great.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2008
Maja Maja
3 reviews
Jun 05, 2006
I know Tivoli is an obvious thing for a tourist in Copenhagen, but if you are in Copenhagen in the summer months, you just have to go here. It's not just another amusement park, it's a unique place with history seeping out everywhere. I go there every year with my family, even though I'm the youngest (23 yr), we all have great fun.You get the combination of classic amusement park things, good quality restaurants, culture (there's a pantomime on several times a day) and brilliant atmosphere. If you aren't that much into the amusements (it's quite expensive as well) then go on a friday for "Friday Rock", during the summermonths there's a concert on every friday, often quite big names (Sugababes plays the 9th of June 2006), though mostly danish. And it's only the cost of the entrance to the park.
The Ferris Wheel at night
Fireworks over the lake

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