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Tipping Guide (brought to you by Verizon Wireless & Conde Nast Traveler) Jul 27, 2009
If you can't access the website (http://cntpromo.com/tipping/) to figure out how much to tip, the following is a brief overview of popular countries.


Iran - Most service charges are included, so tipping isn't necessary. To really express appreciation at a restaurant, give a few dollars; for a hotel, give a gift from the United States.

Lebanon - Tip 10% at a restaurant; $2 to doormen and porters (per bag); $20-$25 to concierge to secure good service.

Qatar - 15-20%

Saudi Arabia - 10-15% at restaurants; $2 to doormen and porters (per bag); $20-$25 to concierge to secure good service. Do so discreetly.

Syria - 10% at restaurants; same guidelines at Lebebanon for rest.

United Arab Emirates - U.S. rules apply for restaurants; $30-$335 to concierge every time you have a major request; porters $2 per bag; $3 to hail a cab; $3/day for maids.

Yemen - 10% at restaurants; $2 per day for cleaning staff.


Canada - 15-20% at restaurants; $10-$20 to concierges; $1-$2 per bag for porters; $2/day for housekeepers.

Chile - 10% is already included in bill; $20 to concierge; $1/bag to porters; $2/day to cleaning staff.

Colombia - 8-10% usually added to bill - it's common to add more; $4-$10 per person per night at a hacienda; usual tipping rules apply to hotel staff.

Ecuador - 10% included in bill; 50 cents per bag to porters; $1/day to cleaning staff.

Nicaragua - 8-10% at better restaurants; 50 cents per bag to porters; $1/day to cleaning staff.

Caribbean - If outside your resort, check bill to see if tip is included - if not, leave 15-20%; Concierge is usually included in service fee, but feel free to give more; $20/week to maid.


Indonesia - 10% tip is included - throw down loose change (up to total 15%); 10% service charge included at hotels, but employees often down see it, so fee free to give more to staff that are helpful.

Malaysia - 10% included at restaurants - locals usually round up bill; $1 per bag for porters; $1/day for cleaning staff.

Pakistan - 5% or more for restaurants; $2 per favor to concierges; $1 per bag to porters; $1 to cleaning staff.

Philippines - 10% may be included on bill at restaurants, so check. If not included, give 10%; 10% is usually included on bill at hotels; 50 cents per bag to porters; $5 to concierges that go out of their way. Tip cleaning staff only if you see them...they will not pick up money that's left behind.

Singapore - Same as Malaysia for restaurants; $10 to concierge who does a special favor; $1 per bag to porters.

South Korea - No real tipping culture in South Korea.

Taiwan - Check the bill - about half the restaurants include a 10% service fee. If not added, leave 10-15%; leave $20 to concierge when you check in or out; $2 per day to cleaning staff; porters $1 per bag.

Vietnam - Scan bill - gratuity usually isn't included, so leave 10%; $20 to concierge that does special favor; $2/day to cleaning staff left at end of staff on nightstand where it's clearly visible. You don't need to tip doormen.


Croatia - If you're only having coffee or a drink, leave change; leave about $1 at a casual diner; 10-15% for dinner if not included on bill; few dollars a day to cleaning staff at end of stay; $1 per bag to porters.

Czech Republic - Usually included at restaurants, but consider adding additional to total 15%; $10 to concierges that do something special; $1-$2 per bag to porters; $3-$5 epr day to cleaning staff.

Hungary - Service isn't their strong suit, so up to you whether to leave some change at restaurants; $20 to concierges that do something extra special; $1-$2 per bag to porters; $3-$5 epr day to cleaning staff.

Spain - If service is good, round up the bill to anywhere from 7-13% at restaurants; 5-10 euros to concierges to do a special favor; 1 eruo per bag to porters; 5 euros per day to cleaning staff.

Switzerland - 15% included at most restaurants; $10-$20 to concierge only if you made a special reservation through them; $5-$10 to cleaning lady on spot if they went out of their way.
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