Tingyuen navy ship

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Weihai shi, shandong, China

Tingyuen navy ship Weihai shi, shandong Reviews

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Apr 29, 2006
This is a replica of an old Ching dynasty battelship Ting Yuen, now a museum on the water. It was a totally rebuilt battleship, with many exhibits showing what it was like in 1894, and a movie to show its fate (blown up by the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese war in 1895). If you are a naval buff or history buff, you should enjoy this exhibit. I am neither, and I found this a great place to visit.It was a surprisingly well presented museum, with wax statues substituting for the sailors. It was a sad time near the end of the last dynasty in China, although the sailors were well paid, an electrician on the ship made 30 liang per month, while 4 would have been the living expense for one person for a year. The ship was built in Germany, it was still not a match for the Japanese battelships at the time (which can fire its cannons about 10 times per minute, vs the Chinese ones of 1 every 10 minutes), so at the battle protecting Weihai in 1895, even though it put up a good fight, it was fatally wounded, and the Japanese blew it up near Liugongdao after stripping her of anything of value or use. The Japanese landed behind the cannons in Weihai and took over the city. The cannons were built to face only the sea, and were not able to defend against land assaults. After this last battle, the Chinese navy were wiped out completely, and eventually signed a humiliating treaty with Japan. Not only did China lose its power of Korea, it had to cede the Liaodong peninsula, Taiwan and other territories to Japan, and paid Japan huge sums of money (200 million, 4 was enough for one person to live on for a whole year then). Taiwan was returned to China after Japan lost the 2nd world war.
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Weihai shi, shandong Map
Weihai shi, shandong
photo by: portia