Tierpark Berlin (Berlin Zoo)

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Zoologischer Garten Berlin, Berlin, Germany
www.zoo-berlin.de - 030.25 40 10

Tierpark Berlin (Berlin Zoo) Reviews

andrejav andrejav
751 reviews
Truly special zoo Jan 09, 2012
Since fall of the wall, Berlin become a grand center of art, urban living and very progressive city in every sense.

In the former western part of the city surrounded by the park, Berlin zoo is the place that everyone should visit at least once in their life. I have been in many zoos around Europe, and this is really great one, with huge variety of animals, separate aquarium and great nocturnal animals presentation. Way that animals are presented is very hands on, and it looks like they care about comfort and look of the habitat where animals are placed.

I haven’t seen anywhere else that nocturnal animals are presented in such a way, and it is real enjoyment to go in the dark basement and go slowly through the corridors.

Other people made good reviews, I just wanted to add more images :P
Building close to the entrance. I …
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Glynnes says:
Some place for me to check out on my next visit. Thanks!
Posted on: Jul 18, 2011
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Suusj Suusj
198 reviews
Berlin Zoo Jul 09, 2011
The Berlin Zoo is quit a big Zoo with a hughe variaty of animals. 15.000 animals of 1500 species. Defenitly worth visiting! food is expensive though!

Fun part is feeding time. Weard thing that happened was at the baboon's. They were fithing, probably teratorial fight but steal really weard to watch!

The zoo is narby the U-bahn and a busstop. So you can get there easaly by public transport.

The zoo is open from march till october from 9.00 till 19.00 hours. So a whole day of fun!

We paid 20 euro's p.p. for a combi-ticket. It alowed us to visit the zoo and the nearby situated aquarium.

Voor 20 cents you can get some food in the petting zoo. So you can feed the goats, horses etc. Really nicce for children. Also for grown-ups :-).

Feeding time:

•10.30 am polar bears, sea lions

•11.00 am seals & fur seals

•11.30 am panda

•12.00 pm tropical primate house

•1.30 pm seals & fur seals

•1.45 pm king penguins

•2.00 pm wolves, canids, coatis, brown bears, tropical primate house

•2.15 pm hippos

•2.30 pm cormorants, lion house during the summer season

(except for Mon. & Thurs.)

•1.30 pm great apes

•3.00 pm panda

•3.15 pm sea lions

•3.30 pm pelicans, lion house during the winter season

(except for Mon. & Thurs.)

•4.00 pm tropical primate house
Entrance of the Berlin zoo
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monky says:
Congrats on this last featured review Suus!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2011
Ils1976 says:
Gefeliciteerd met je feature! Ik heb deze dierentuin enkele jaren geleden ook bezocht vanwege de wereldberoemde Knut! :)
Posted on: Jul 19, 2011
nyprne says:
Congratulations on your feature!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2011
skiathos skiathos
31 reviews
Berlin Zoo Aug 03, 2011
Entrance to most English zoos costs about 50% more, (although you would not normally pay extra for an Aquarium). Nevertheless, this is still good value for money, especially as the Berliner Zoo has around 15,000 animals and 1,400 different species (including the Aquarium) and it is reputedly one of the best zoos in the world.

They have all kinds of bear here, my favourite being the polar bears. Sadly the bear called Knut, who brought a lot of world media attention to the Zoo in recent years, died suddenly this year. He was a huge favourite, due to his playful nature. Ever played throw and catch with a polar bear? (I include a photo of Knut from a visit in 2009)

The Hippo-drome is another favourite of mine, as you can get great underwater views of the Hippos and sit on the step watching their interplay, above and below water.

Most of the animal enclosures have an open aspect about them, so you get really good viewing and photo-taking opportunities.

The website gives you the feeding times, which can vary of course and there is a children's petting corner where, for a minimal extra charge, you can feed and stroke the animals. (need to high-jack someone's kid, next time I'm here)

It's easy to find your way round the Zoo. There are some steps to navigate though. There are all the usual facilities, which tend to be a bit on the expensive side and there is a very well equipped children's play area nearby.

You could spend the whole day here, but when I go in July it tends to be very hot, so I find the morning is best, then take the U-Bahn to Wittenbergplatz to get lunch and browse in KaDeWe (Kauhaus des Westens) department store. The Zoo is part of the Tiergarten Park (largest park in Berlin). It costs nothing to wander around the Park and there are watering holes/cafés dotted around the Park.

At week-ends, the Zoo is very busy. It is very popular with locals, and draws tourists from all over the world. During the week you can avoid the queues and crowds, by going early. Open throughout the year and from End March-Begin Oct daily 9:00 - 19:00. Check their Website, (it has an English option). If the weather is mixed, there are a lot of indoor viewing areas and enclosures to amuse yourself in.

Finding it: From Zoologischer U-Bahn, look across the road, past the buses, tall building in front of you with a huge Giraffe on it points the way. Travel buddy, Andrejav has a fab photo of this, see his review above. You can smell the Zoo as soon as you leave the station; not that it isn't clean, just that animals and their shit do smell.

Entry Cost - Zoo Only: Adult 13 euros. Family ticket 22-35 euros. (additional 7,11,15 euros respectively for Zoo & Aquarium). There is usually a discount to, if you have a Berlin Welcome Card (tourist travel card).
the fabulous Knut, 2009 (RIP)
who's watching who?
Father, mother and child
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theexplorer theexplo…
3 reviews
Best zoo in germany May 09, 2011
It's been a little since I've been, but I'll never forget my time there. I grew up in Philadelphia and used to tell people all the time its the best in the world but that was before I went to Berlin. The layout was easy to navigate and the selection of animals were diverse. I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to go that you don't hesitate you won't regret it.
cari cari
30 reviews
Mar 28, 2005
I love zoos almost as much as I love natural history museums - maybe even more. There's a rumor going around that the Berlin Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world, so when I last went to visit my friends in Germany, I thought it would be wise to stop by.The zoo is good, sure, but it's not incredible. Maybe it was all the hype that let me down, but to me it seemed like the animals were even more unhappy than most zoo animals and the place seemed awfully dirty. I got there early in the morning - in fact, I'm pretty sure I was the first person in that day. I recommend doing the same. Go before it gets too hot and too crowded, and you may have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For example, I made a beeline for the monkey house as soon as I got in, and I watched the zookeepers leading the gorillas to their cages for the day. It was very strange to be alone in a room with a gorilla, and the way he looked at me was something I will never forget. If you get there early, you too can visit your favorite animals before anyone else gets there first. I went back to the monkey house on the way out and it was completely, absolutely different. I'm really glad I got there when I did.There's an aquarium in the middle of the zoo with a dinosaur statue out front (my German wasn't good enough to figure out why), but it's an extra admission fee to get in. The zoo fee (11,00 € for adults, less for students, children, groups, etc) isn't horrendous, so if you're still up for some animal-seeing after the hours you'll undoubtedly spend wandering the park, go for it. I didn't go in, but the building was huge and I'm willing to bet it would be a safe investment of your time and money.In conclusion, the Berlin Zoo is worth a trip if you can get there early. And the cafeteria food serves all your German favorites - I had wienerschnitzel, Haribo gummi bears, Spetzi, a pretzel, and German chocolate cake. At a zoo! You can't beat that with a stick.
skiathos says:
Have visted this zoo on 3 occasions and never noticed it was dirty. Also, the animals seemed pretty happy to me, so really quite surprised at these comments. The zoo has one of the largest number of species of any zoo, a unique atmosphere, well looked after animals - thanks to the dedication of the staff there. In short it probably is one of the best Zoos in the world. You will be hard pressed to find such a broad diversity of species in one anywhere else. However, I do agree, it's best to avoid hot afternoons. You can smell the Zoo on the approach there and the crowds and queues aren't the best.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2011
scarr scarr
8 reviews
A Game of Catch to Remember May 20, 2005
The Berlin Zoo was a zoo to remember. The shear size and diversity of the park would impress anyone. It is costly for Americans, though everything seems costly with the exchange rate now. Adult pay €18 for the zoo and aquarium or €12 for just the zoo. Kids are €9 and €6 respectively. The Berlin Zoo was memorable for me because of their orangutans. My friends and I stood and watched two orangutans throw poo at us and then hold out their hand as if asking us to throw it back (which I resisted); it was funny to watch. If you are a zoo fan, this one is ideal for family or individuals and it has something for everyone.

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