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Tiel is a very old city, allready founded before the year 850 it grew because the nearby city Dorestadt shrunk. The, then, village was plunderd by the Vikings in the year 1006, but any archeologic evidence is still missing, except for a lettre written at that time. Tiel became a member of the Hanseatic League in the 13th century, by this time it was officially a city, with city rights. But it's not know if these rights included the right to mint coins.
During the Second World War there were many hard fights, the Germans where inside the city while the Americans tride to enter the city.

Now days the city is modern, expanding rapidly and there are severall nice things to do. Tiel is situated in the Betuwe, a large area with many fruits. There is an annual fruit corso, sort of carnival with floats decorated with... fruit! This carnival like event is in the second weekend of September, together with Appelpop, an open air popfestival which you can visit for free.
The fruits made jam production possible in the city, there is a museum dedicated to this in the city centre. You'll find exhibits about the mascot of the former jamfactory 'De Betuwe' he became the city mascot later on.

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