Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong

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Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong Lantau Island Reviews

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Lantau Island - escaping tourists Apr 17, 2011
So you are in Hong Kong and you want to escape the chaos of the city? Lantau Island would be my answer.

It is a must visit and here are some tips to avoid those nasty crowds.

1) Get there early!

20 minutes before the np360 opens (10am week days, 9am weekends). Otherwise you will spend most of your day wasting away in a unforgiving queue.

2) Purchase the package bus deal

Near the queue for the np360 you will see the bus company stall. Go there and get the voucher that will get a one way ticket on the cable car and a unlimited pass on the bus around the island.

3) Buddha time

Run up the steps to the giant Buddha and get your picture. Tick, done that been there.

4) Wisdom time

Head up the Wisdom Path to the outdoor replica of the centuries-old Heart Sutra (old poles with words of wisdom on them). At the top pole you can head off track up the hill a bit (sshh secret) to a big boulder and get some super photos of the ocean/buddha.

5) Peaking it

Feeling fit? Two hours up to Lantau Peak... nice views, but a hard walk in hot weather!

6) Tai O Village

Find that bus ticket of yours and now head down to the fishing village of Tai O. Basically it is a little village on stilts that smells of fish big time.

7) What the, white dolphins!?

Yes, dolphins and they are white and for a very cheap price you can head out from Tai O and make peace with these nearly extinct creatures :(

8) Beach it

Hop back on a bus heading towards Mui Wo (ferry port back to Hong Kong). On the way you will pass many beaches on your right with plenty on bus stops. Not many people (week days anyway) so you will be able to roam on your own.

9) Ferry time

In Mui Wo there are two types of ferries. One faster than the other. Both you will be able to enjoy a nice view back home.

10) Back in Hong Kong.. now what?

So just outside the terminating ferry port there in a bus stop where you can get a lift straight up to Mt Victoria :)
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Amazing Big Buddha Jul 25, 2011
Walking the 260 + steps to the Big Buddha platform is free, but to go inside the Big Buddha costs more than I was willing to spend. His real name is Tian Tan Buddha and he's located behind the Po Lin Monastery. He is the world's tallest outdoor seated Buddha and I love him and the leg workout that I endured getting to the platform. This Buddha is amazing and the breezes offered on the observatory platform were well worth the hike up the stairs. I ascended the stairs pretty quickly and was greeted by 12 bodhisattvas offering up gifts to the Buddha.

Suggestions: Try to visit the Buddha on a sunny day or the fog will take away from the beauty of your pictures. Visiting the Buddha via the cable car is probably the best way to go and take Bus #23 back down if you want to save money.
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Vatler Vatler
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Don't Miss This! Jun 07, 2011
I spent two weeks in Hong Kong and went to see the Buddha twice in that time. It's absolutely a magnificent sight. The first time I went was in the afternoon around 4pm and there was almost no line. The gondola I rode in was empty aside from my friend and I. The gondola ride is about 25 minutes long and is the perfect time to take out your camera as there are some spectacular views.

Once at the top there are a few shops to grab souvenirs and lunch before you make your way up the stairs to the Buddha. There are about 300 stairs so be sure and leave yourself enough time to climb the stairs and take pictures up at the top. I'm glad I went in the late evening as the crowds were low and the sun low on the horizon gave everything beautiful lighting.

Definitely do not miss this. The gondola ride is beautiful and the size and beauty of the Buddha must be seen!
dcal1982 dcal1982
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Amazing paceful place in the middle of Hong Kong May 08, 2010
This place is just amazing we went there for the day and it was just great.

The access to the Buddha is free of charge but to get there you have to take a cable car. This trip in cable car is awesome, almost 6 kmts and you can take a Crystal Cabin that makes the trip much more enjoyable. It is a cable car but the floor is made of crystal and so you can see everything. We took that. It is a little bit more expensive, but believe me it is worth!

The statue of the Buddha is really astonishing, it is huge and (at least the day we went there) it is in the middle of clouds. You have to climb some stairs to get there but nothing to worry about

In my opinion Tian Tan Buddha is a must when you visit HK.
Japril Japril
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A Must See in Hong Kong Dec 10, 2009
I have been to Ngong Ping quite a few times in my life already, probably once every time I go to Hong Kong! It is definitely a must see when you make a visit, though once is probably enough seeing that not much changes up there.

My last visit to Ngong Ping was this February 2009, coming from Canada (-30 degrees with snow), Hong Kong had some pretty sweet weather (+20) where I just wore shorts and a tshirt; but as a word of advice, bring an extra piece of clothing if you're going around that time as it was quite chilly up there! Otherwise, if you go in the summer, shorts and a t-shirt and a bottle of water to get yourself up those steps is a divine plan!

The wait for the Gondola did not take long at all and the ride is very smooth. It takes around 25 minutes or so to reach the top, which is a great time to pull out that camera and take some shots of what's around you. It is also a good time to make some friends in the Gondola if you are traveling alone... as most of the people that attend to Ngong Ping are tourists!

Throughout the ride, you'll see a trail down below. These are for the true adventurists who have a lot of time to kill. The trail takes quite a while to conquer (this also depends on your level of fitness) but it can be done! They say the trek is about 8 hours... but if you're like me and you'd rather hang out for half an hour, relax and check out the view from above, the gondola is a much better choice.

When you get off, you're greeted by a nice little garden and some amazing historic Chinese architecture. Throughout this maze, you'll be able to check out some tea shops, get some food/drinks, or souvenirs and take a bathroom break (which is MUCH RECOMMENDED).

When you reach the bottom of the stairway to the Buddha, there's a booth set up that asks you if you'd like to have a vegetarian meal. You don't have to get it if you don't want to, but knowing me, I knew I would be hungry when I got up there - so getting a coupon for lunch now would be a good idea. I believe there are two kinds of meals that you can get. There is the full vegetarian meal which you will have in a temple, and usually the monks will be in there too (this meal is much more traditional, you get a sense of what the monks eat everyday), they are also very friendly and always try to figure out where you are from. Then there is the other vegetarian meal that most of the tourists go for (I'm not too sure why). This one is also good, it is a little cheaper and you eat the meal outdoors in a cozy tent by the temple garden. Personally I prefer being in a temple with the monks but that's your choice!!

I'd also advise carrying a few napkins along with you, as, if I remember correctly sometimes the washrooms up in the mountains don't have toilet paper.

There is a lot to see around the base of the Buddha, including a temple by the eating area with large Buddhas inside which are made of Gold. Here lots of people light inscents as a way to pray to the Buddha for happiness and prosperity (you can do it too if you like, but it's not mandatory) - Make sure you bow three times in total when you are finished praying with the inscents in your hands, one bow for each Buddha.

The trek up the stairs to see the Buddha up close and personal can be a little tiring so be sure to have a bottle of water with you or take a break whenever necessary. Getting to the top is very rewarding when you get to see the surrounding views and see the actual size of the Buddha.

Also, make sure to check the weather report so you know you are going on a day where it doesn't rain or there's not a huge overcast of fog!

Enjoy your trip! :)
Tian Tan Buddha
Buddhaup close
A temple
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Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong Aug 03, 2009
De Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong bevind zich op Hong Kong Island (een eilandje vlak bij Hong Kong city). Deze kan je onder andere bezoeken doormiddel van een kabelbaan.
Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong
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