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Tiahuanaco Overview

Just an hour and a half from the city of La Paz we find Tiahuanaco (Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiahuanaco Culture), one of the circuits that should know any tourist visiting Bolivia, for know the most old archeological ruins from Sudamerica.

This place is near the Titikaka Lake and its a region where it feels a mystical atmosphere around the archeological ruins.

Their antiquity disclosed pieces that were found and displays them in museums and out in the same ruins.

The culture tiahuanacota has several periods, the oldest is about 6.000 to 4.000 years BC and the last of the years 1200 AC. It is much that the ancient that Inca Culture and therefore is a different culture.

The ruins that are more attracted is the Puerta del Sol (Gateway of the Sun), the monoliths (specialy the named Stela Bennet and Stela Ponce), the Kalasasaya temple, Puma Punku Temple(Puerta del Puma)and now in excavation of the pyramid of Akapana.

It can take a day tour that includes visits to museums and ruins, and is better take an around tour. There are no desirable hotels for tourists in Tiahuanacu, it is better to make a round-trip tour on the same day.