Thoughts on the Bridge on the River Kwai

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Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Thoughts on the Bridge on the River Kwai - Bridge on the River Kwai

Thoughts on the Bridge on the River Kwai Kanchanaburi Reviews

christl3 christl3
171 reviews
Lovely bridge Oct 26, 2012
The bridge over the river Kwai is very beautiful i thought. The scenery is spectacular and the bridge itself, although very touristy, is well maintained.

A little colourful fake tourist train runs up and down it for a cost.

It's nice to walk across and have a ponder!

If you are going to Kanchanaburi it's a must see!

There is also a world war 2 museum very close by that has an assortion of information regarding the bridge... and every other topic under the sun it would seem.
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korrahh korrahh
12 reviews
Apr 26, 2006
I went to the Kwai river with some friends and their kids. We walked across the black iron “Bridge on the River Kwai” on a narrow footpath that ran parallel to the rail track. There was no guardrail and it was quite high so its not too safe to walk across after dark. I held little Jannies hand as the older kids skipped ahead. After we got back across we went down to a floating restaurant to have a splendid Thai supper of fresh river fish. The kids had great fun throwing scraps over the side to the fish. A kayak went quickly downstream a young man was paddling and a woman was swimming alongside on the side opposite us, she clung to the kayak with one hand. I suppose she was doing this out of modesty. Swift narrow swallowtail boats sped upstream leaving waves in their wake that rocked the restaurant. As darkness fell they came back downstream with more tourists. The bridge was lit up and a tiny locomotive tooted and chugged across. The scene was so tranquil it was hard to imagine the inhumanity that took place on that very spot. Here the Japanese worked thousands of Allied POWs and other Asians to death building the bridge, many were died from maltreatment and disease. In the end the infamous bridge was not of much use as it was bombed and at the end of the war the Thai-Burma line was never used. The Burmese just tore up their tracks for scrap metal. Yet another monument at the futility of war and another dark stain on Japanese history. Still, the atmosphere at the bridge more subdued than at similar sites in other Asian countries. Part of this may be the complicated relationship (complicity)of the Thais with Japan during the days of the Empire. In Thailand I faced absolutely no hostility from old or young, very different from Korea or China. There are things about my culture and country that I’m definitely not proud of and oppose. The cruelty and oppression shown on other nations during the war showed some deep negative aspects of Japanese culture and psyche. I personally don’t believe these proclivities will change without a change of heart. The heart of man is filled with darkness. i don't believe merely turning a monk and chanting mantras will not atone and will not shed light into this black void. Many Japanese turn to Buddhist thinking patterns “oh its just karma that makes war criminals. When everybody dies they become a Buddha anyway and blah..blah” If they were honest they'd admit that Buddhism for all its time hasn’t taken away the bloodthirsty rage that is in the heart of Japan (that results in heinous atrocities) it only bottles it up (suppression) given time it will once again rear its ugly head. I’m not a humanist. I don’t believe in the goodness of humanity (been doing too much humanitarian work) and I’m not optimistic of modern Japan. Muddled mysticism only frustrates victims as it removes all accountability. In this “enlightened” age denying accountability is very popular. When there are no absolutes and no power to submit to we all can become gods and oh what cruel wrath we humans have.
Bridge on the River Kwai

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