Things To Do In Sagada, Philippines

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Sagada, Philippines

Things To Do In Sagada, Philippines Reviews

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Sagada Adventure Jan 04, 2014
Expect long drive from Manila. It took us almost 12 hours to finally set our foot to Sagada (we have 4 stop overs)Sagada, however is a place which will always remind me how brave I am to face and endure all the challenges itcould offer. Cave Connection is a must. One of a kind. But be extra careful. No safety gears to actually protect you. We dine in Lemonpie House afterwards. That's day1.

Day 2. As early as 6am we were off for a trek to see the Bomod-ok falls. Wow! and it said everything to describe that wonder. After which, we visited the famous hanging coffins an old church and ofcourse souvenirs. Dine in Yogurt House.

Day 3, enroute to Manila. We visited the strawberry farm. We opt not to explore Baguio City since we've been there already aside from the fact that we all wish to have a good rest since we need to report for work the following day.

There are lots of place to visit, however, due to tight schedule we did the basic. We still enjoyed though :)
Cave Connection
Stop over to see the famous rice t…
Entrance of cavecon
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caloy_me caloy_me
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What to see and do in Sagada Nov 13, 2012
A crash course on the to-see and to-do's in the Shangri-La of the Northern Philippines.

Assuming you've already figured out how to go there, this review will (hopefully) help you decide on what sights are to be seen and what activities are to be done by you! :)

1. Caving - either at Lumiang Caves, or Sumaging Caves. What's that you say/ too easy? Then if you're up for the challenge, do the cave connection! entry at Lumiang cave, exit at Sumaging cave, which is a total of about 4 hours. Still easy? try the Crystal Cave, which guides have dubbed the "extreme spelunking" experience. Sadly, this is closed at the moment for preservation.

2. Hiking - Mt. Ampacao is the highest point in Sagada at 1889 meters above sea level, but due to Sagada's geographical location, there is only a 386 meter-elevation gain when hiking up this mountain, and is also why it only takes around 90 minutes to reach it's summit! It offers views of Sagada and nearby towns, along with Tirad Pass, where the Philippine hero Gen. Gregorio del Pilar was killed. guides can be secured at the town's guide office and along with Mt. Ampacao, you will also be taken to Lake Danum, which is more of a big pond than a lake.

3. Camping - a very nice camping site would be at Kiltepan peak, located on the eastern part of Sagada. This viewpoint offers excellent views of rice terraces below it and if you are lucky, sea of clouds every morning while waiting for the sunrise. For the adventurous, you can try biking all the way here, camping for the night, then finding your way bak to the town. Just be sure to return the bike, if you rented it!

4. Burial Sites - Echo valley and Lumiang cave both were burial sites by the ancestors of present resident of Sagada. You will see the hundreds of coffins at the entrance of Lumiang cave, some of which were dislodged by a previous earthquake. Echo valley, on the other hand, has the hanging coffins of Sagada. To get here, you can either get a guide or do it by yourself, which is almost always the way to go if you are on a tight budget, or just plain adventurous. Echo valley is behind a cemetery behind a the church of Sagada. biking would only get you up to the cemetery but from there you would need to walk.

5. Waterfalls - Bomod-ok falls and Pongas falls are 2 of the waterfalls that are being promoted by the guides association of Sagada. While I haven't been to Pongas falls, Bomod-ok falls will need you to trek for 6-90 minutes through rice terraces and a small village before reaching the waterfall itself. This is an absolute must if you do not mind the heat of the sun and the exhaustion after a long trek. Your reward: a very cold dip in the waters of bomod-ok falls! cliff jumping not recommended, but possible!

Alas, do not limit yourself to the activities mentioned above. If time permits, walk around the town. Talk and meet the locals. Experience the local cuisine. Sagada is a place where the weary traveller can truly relax and reflect. Good luck!
Bomod-ok falls
Rice terraces on the way to Lumian…
rice terraces near Sumaging and Lu…
inside Sumaging Cave
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lauro lauro
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things to do in sagada, philippines Apr 21, 2009
Sagada is a small mountain community located high and deep in the cordillera mountains.

blessed with a climate of eternal spring, its cool temperature is a great escape from the heat of manila and the lowlands, but it is very difficult to go to sagada (see my review on how to get to sagada)

despite a small town, sagada offers lots of thinkgs to do for people who are born to see and hike the nature.

blessed with so many activities to do, here are some of my favorite things in sagada which is a small town but blessed with huge amount of god's work.

hiking - armed with so much hills and mountains around the small town, sagada is perfect way to stretch the legs and test one's stamina.

cloud forest - very few countries in the world has cloud forest, and the philippines is blessed with it.

camping - at the peak of mt. Ampakaw at 1900 meters, offers the best view of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

caving - dotted with caves, the famous one is sumaguing whic is about 200-300 meters deep with an underground river that empties into a lagoon at the end and also lumiang cave, a burial cave eons ago by the tribal customs has a tunnel and connection to sumaguing cave.

rice wine - the only kind of wine that is produced in the philippines.

mountain tea - with its high altitude, sagada and some towns in the mountain province can only produce this kind of tea.

and many more things to do like the rice terraces, waterfalls and lake danum which is a water catchment from the mountains which formed into a lake.

best of all, everything is so cheap!
thick pine vegetation for great hi…
mountain tea
high peaks
cloud forest
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vodkaphix says:
I can't wait to visit sagada, all that nature!
Posted on: Aug 23, 2009

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