Things I wanna do before I die

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Globevoyager Globevoy…
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Things I will do before I die Jul 20, 2014
There are so many great things to do in life to have an amazing time. I have done a lot of things already (vollunteering in Africa, seeing wild elephants, living in the Carribean, and many more) but the list of dreams is not getting shorter.

Here is my bucketlist in a random order.

1. Climbing some high mountains in the world.

Check! I've been to the Mount Everest Region.

Check! I've been to some mountains in Bolivia.

2. Swimming with sharks.

Check! Reef Sharks in Ningaloo Reef, Australia.

Check! Got chased by a bull shark in Fiji.

3. Travel the world as much as possible.

Check! 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 already were epic.

4. Sky diving.

5. Live with local cultures all over the world.

Check! Caribbean, Africa and Australia.

6. Settle down in a beautiful place some day.

7. See the Big 5.

Check! Elephant, rhino, lion and bufallo.

8. Learn some more foreign languages.

Check! "Learned" Spanish on the streets in South America.

9. Stay happy!


10.Stay healthy and get old.

Working on it :)

11.Find the man of my dreams.

That's probably the most difficult one :s

12.Work with animals.

Check! I worked with camels in Australia.

Check! I worked with abused monkeys in Bolivia.
Globevoyager says:
Tick: swimming with sharks. Reef sharks in Coral Bay, Australia
Posted on: Jun 17, 2010
Koralifix says:
Like this great list! Good luck!!
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
tinni says:
Your Top10 what you wanna do before you die sounds great! I wish I could do all those things, especially #5!
Posted on: Mar 12, 2009
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aelder2259 aelder22…
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My Bucket List Mar 14, 2009
Places to visit:

1. Cambodia (13-week volunteer vacation)

2. Zambia (to visit my sponsored girl)

3. China (Great Wall)

4. Kenya (Visit Masai friends)

5. India (Taj Mahal)

6. Costa Rica (Sea turtle volunteer vacation)

7. Australia (Great Barrier Reef)

8. Greece

9. Antarctic Cruise

10. Egypt (Pyramids)

11. Scotland & Ireland


1. Swim with dolphins

2. Go on an African safari

3. Go up in a hot air balloon

4. Edge of space supersonic jet ride

5. Fly like Top Gun

6. Kayak the Amazon

7. Photograph polar bears

8. Ride the Eastern & Oriental Express

9. Attend a gourmet cooking school in Europe


1. Have dinner with Bill Clinton

2. Have dinner with Barack Obama

3. Meet the Dali Llama

4. Deliver a baby or just attend a birth

5. Have a bit part on a TV show
Koralifix says:
Great list! Enjoy your adventures!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009
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