The rice terraces of Ifugao and Mountain province

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Banaue, Philippines

The rice terraces of Ifugao and Mountain province Banaue Reviews

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Some info about the rice terraces of Ifugao and Mountain province Apr 01, 2012
Rice terraces are common throughout Asia but nowhere are they as spectacular as in the rugged mountains in northern Luzon. - Robert Gardner

There are dozens of rice terraces in Cordillera region and five of those were inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage sites… Mayoyao , Hungduan, Nagacadan, Batad and Bangaan. The last 2 cluster of rice terraces are located in Banaue.

Here’s a link regarding the places, transport, lodging, restaurants, things to do, tourist traps and warnings tips.

Since you’re going to make an effort of going to Banaue, you might as well get the best out of the Cordillera region. I have met some tourists in Banaue that did not know about this other amazing places. It is a pity if you miss out Sagada and the Halsema highway of the Mountain Province. A loop of Ifugao and Mountain Province is highly recommended.

Best itinerary would be Manila - Banaue – Sagada –Baguio – Manila. You can add Mt. Pinatubo in between Baguio and Manila so you can have the best part of the northern Luzon. 4 to 5days would suffice but 6 0r 7 days is more on a leisure pace.
Banaue terraces
Bay-yo terraces
Kiltepan point
Batad terraces
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Amazing rice terraces of Banaue Mar 03, 2011
I was simply amazed by the beauty of the rice terraces in Banaue. Hiring a tourist guide is very cheap and the hiking on the rice terraces is an experience you will never forget!
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8th Wonder of the World? Aug 22, 2009
You know how someone from some country would claim some local landmark as the 8th Wonder of the World? Well, in the Philippines, the Filipinos claim the Banaue Rice Terraces to be such. But wait, there is no 8th wonder. There was none when the ancients chose theirs. Still, there was none a couple of years back when the modern world voted online for theirs. Besides, I've always thought of 80s World Wrestling Federation superstar, "Andre the Giant" as the "8th Wonder".

Although really spectacular, the Rice Terraces of Banaue didn't blow me away the way it should have. The reason being, It wasn't the first rice terraces I've experienced. That alone. I'm not saying it's not breathtaking. It is. But, had it been my first rice terraces adventure, it would have been a different story.

I wasn't able to fully experience banaue. I was with Family. They can't trek. We didn't even go to Batad and Mayoyao (which many have claimed to be a whole lot better than the one in Banaue). If i were alone, I would have done those and this review would have sounded more positive. Let's just say, I was there for the cool weather (WONDERFUL by the way), and to spend time with my family (SO MUCH FUN TOO). And like I always tell myself whenever I travel, "don't do everything at once, so you have a reason to go back". Batad and Mayoyao, well i'm making them my reasons to revisit the mountains soon.

Comparing it to the other Rice terraces i've been to - Sapa in Vietnam - without a doubt, Banaue is more grand and majestic. It's sheer size alone doesn't really compare to others in Asia. The time I was in Sapa, the harvest was over, hence I really didn't get to enjoy the greenery. In Banaue, I was able to experience that.

As for Banaue's town center. It's old and rundown. Unlike in Sapa, it's quite progressive. In Banaue, there's only a few decent accommodations to choose from, not really a lot of choices for food either. I think Banaue should really step it up a notch when it comes to catering to their visitors - maybe step out of the 1970s or something. But i can live with that. The thought only occurs because the town is a glimpse of the Philippine's tourism industry in general - neglected yet overly-hyped. There's a lot of beautiful sites in the country, but the government and it's people need to properly maintain them.

Putting all these observations and comparisons aside, Banaue still has lots of promise. One, It is beautiful - very beautiful, to be exact. Hey, i did enjoy my time up in the mountains just by looking at the view. Imagine how i'd enjoy it even more if i actually went there to trek. And two, the locals are just awesome - such rich culture and warm hospitality! 8th wonder? Perhaps not (again there's only 7. Let's not push it), but Banaue definitely is in a league of it's own - and i love it!
now thats just beautiful!
a traditional ifugao house
macro on the edge
rice terraces
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stebanns says:
congrats! :D
Posted on: Aug 31, 2009
sarahsan says:
Congtrats on getting your review featured today! Beautiful place!
Posted on: Aug 31, 2009
planisphere says:
@elle, greenest is may-june. golden terraces (near harvest) is july... :)
Posted on: Aug 31, 2009
Mikey-L Mikey-L
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hiking in Banaue and Batad Sep 27, 2009
Last year (2008) in november i went to the Philippines with a buddy of mine. One of the reasons why we went was because we saw photo's of the beautifull Rice terraces online. So of course we went there.

We first took a busride from Manila to Banuae. It took 10hours or something to get there, we went at night, and that was great cause so you don't miss out a day from your travel. The only terrible thing was that we had our t-shirt and shorts on. Here comes my BEST TIP EVER: It's freezing cold in those busses, so you really should put on at least a sweater.


Arriving there, we stayed at Banuae View Inn. It's uphill, and you have a really nice view, the rooms are really ok. I don't know how the rest of the places there are, but for me this was allright... but then again... i don't care much about accomidation, if i can sleep.. i'm happy.

The first day we did the Banuae View hike. It was like a 3 hour walk. We did it with a tourguide with us, he was a really nice and fun guy. He was still young, but he had so much info and stories. The view was also amazing. The walk was good, we had to climb a little bit (really climbing) That was so hard, but also so fun. It was just trying to look for a rock to put your foot on, or just dig your foot in the dirt and go! It really was great.

Next day we went on the Batad hike. We went with a Trike to Batad, and from there we walked. It was 2,5 hour like downhill, wich was already kinda hard. Then you arrive at Tappia Falls. The tourguide (wich was the same one as the other day) joked about we could take a dive cause it's so cold. But we laughed and did it. It was refreshing.. hehe.. Then we went back uphill for 3hours. And that was good for the first 1,5hour... but then it was getting insanely making us tired. Even the tourguide couldn't take it anymore. But still we had so much fun doing it. Then we ate something with the beautifull view behind us.

Let's just say: It was awesome.. and i'm thinking bout doing it again this year!

Ow, and let me say, i did these 2 hiking trips with my DC skating shoes on.. I think i'm the first to ever done that. lol.'
Getting some diner in Banuae, took…
The rice terraces in Banuae
Alot of animal skulls on a house s…
Nice "little" stairway, we are goi…
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The rice terraces of Ifugao and Mountain province Jul 15, 2008
Rice has been a part of the culture of the Ifugao and Mountain provinces in the Philippines for centuries. About 2000 years ago a major construction were started in this area building the rice terraces and they have been producing a lot of rice ever since those days. Back in the old days the rice terraces was just a way to produce enough food to survive in the area. But today they are also famous as a tourist attraction. The rice is now money in several ways - money from the tourist. But also regular money in the Philippines given the 1.000 peso bill actually got a scene from Banaue on it.

There are several different places to go and see the terraces in the area. The most visited one is the terraces around Banaue because it is the biggest city and on the main road. These terraces are really impressive made with clay walls. But they also get a lot more tourist than the other terraces around the area. Hence some of the feeling of natural beauty can be lost in the big city. There are other rice terraces close to Banaue in Batad and also in Mayoyao and Hungduan neither of which I visited.

To complete your visit to Banaue you could consider going to somewhere with stone walls like Malingcong. The terraces there is slightly less impressive compared to Banaue but they receive virtually no tourist at all. Hence this area has kept more of the original feel to them. The same goes for the terraces in Nagadaclan about 10 kilometres out of Kiangan. These terraces get virtually no tourist either hence you can wonder around the area without being bother by anyone.

Which area you want to visit will depend on the time of year because of the difference in harvesting season. You generally do not want to go to an area where all the rice is harvested and the next season rice is still not planted.
Rice terraces
Waterfall in the terraces
The forrest mixed in with the rice
Flower at the road
tj1777 says:
yeah thats the way I remember it now - but it might have been the price as well.
Posted on: Jun 19, 2009
planisphere says:
hahaha so it was the meetup's fault. :-p
yep, maybe next time i'll go with you. :)
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
tj1777 says:
I thought about it - but I had a deadline you know - the meetup in Manila ;) maybe next time if I get to the mountains
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009

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