The Wonders of Spearfish

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Spearfish, South Dakota

The Wonders of Spearfish Reviews

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Oct 04, 2007
Upon viewing Spearfish Canyon noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright mused, "It's strange that all we hear about is the Grand Canyon, when this is even more miraculous..."

Indeed, there are many cool places in Spearfish Canyon, most known only by the locals. Probably because they're somewhat hidden and hard to give directions to over the interwebs, but if you really want to know I can try to help you out.

First of all, there's the Devil's Bathtub. Not only is it a relatively easy hike, the views are breathtaking and spectacular. The bathtub itself features a rock slide into a pool. The pool used to be about 15 feet deep, but has filled with sediment over the years. While you can't dive in it, a dip is especially refreshing on a hot day. The rock slide used to be a lot of fun, but recently a large boulder appeared at the bottom obstructing the slide. Some say that it washed down in a storm, other suppose the Parks services put it there to discourage the place from becoming a party spot. Either way it's really a bummer, and someone should head up there with a pole and a pulley to dislodge it. I'd help them.

An even lesser known spot is the community caves. A thin draw between two cliffs reveals a somewhat steep hike next to a small stream. At the top is a waterfall, behind which is a series of large caves perfect for camping. Experienced climbers can hike above the caves where a smaller waterfall can be found. Careful, it's slippery.

Eleventh Hour is just passed the two giant boulders in Spearfish Creek. The boulders themselves have become informally known as the "kissing rocks" as they are barely touching. The two rocks fell a few years ago, and you can still see the path of felled pine trees in their wake. The first part of Eleventh Hour is a relatively easy hike over small boulders in the stream. There are man made ladders and bridges made out of pine trunks to help you along. The second half of Eleventh Hour is almost vertical, but culminates at the highest point in Spearfish Canyon. The views from up here are awesome.

Spearfish is also home to the Matthew's Opera House, and various events are held there throughout the year.

The High-Plains Museum is a very large museum populated with Native American and Pioneer artifacts. The museum is an interesting place to find out about western culture and pioneer ways of life.

Spearfish is a very laid-back, contemporary town. It has lots of unique restaurants aimed at this demographic, and so a very positive dining experience can be had. In fact, I'm going to write a separate review about it.

Spearfish Park is located in the middle of the town, and offers camping year round.

The D.C. Booth Historical fish hatchery has been breeding trout for release into public water systems for over a century. I like to go here and feed the ducks. The underwater display window is cool. Big trout can look kinda scary.

The animal sanctuary is really cool. They have like 60 big cats including lions, tigers, leopards and more. They also have a few bears, lemurs, ostriches, and bobcats. Totally awesome.

Stay tuned for more stuff.
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