The Vigeland Sculpture Park (Vigelandsparken)

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Oslo, Norway

The Vigeland Sculpture Park (Vigelandsparken) Oslo Reviews

LindsayA LindsayA
21 reviews
Free! and well worth doing Jul 24, 2012
You will have read many other reviews complimenting the sculpture park and rightly so.

This is a lovely park, well situated in Oslo and popular with locals and tourists alike. Hundreds of sculptures to look at all depicting people in various poses.

This park is on every cruise ships itinerary, so if you can try and get there before the buses do, unless you don't mind gaggles of tourists being herded around you.

Easy to get to either with the underground (t bane) to Majorstuen (all routes go through this station)or Tram #19 (trikk) to Majorstuen and then walk 400m down to the park, or tram #12 which stops directly outside the park gates at 'Vigelandsparken'.

Nice on a summer's day to take a picnic and your disposable BBQ. Big children's playground just inside the main gate on the left hand side.
One of the many sculptures surroun…
The Fountain in Vigelandsparken
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kjartanaarsand kjartana…
4 reviews
Excellent statue-park Aug 02, 2011
The Vigeland statue park is a huge park in the Majorstua district in Oslo, filled with hundreds of statues representing life itself in all its shapes. At least, that was the artist, Gustav Vigelands, goal. Bonus: all the statues are NAKED, which evidently shocks some people. Many people like to take a photo with one of the smallest statues, "Sinnataggen", the angry little boy, which is so famous it was once cut off its pedestal and stolen. After a visit to the park you can have lunch in the very nice cafe Herregårdskroa, open only in summer, though.
Mayrond Mayrond
1 reviews
Oslo Apr 13, 2011
Oslo is very nice city, with a terrific public transportation.

You can oslo walk from city center to different places.

Everybody speaks english in Norway so is very easy to communicate even if you dont have any idea of norwegian.

People are friendly and want to help you if you ask for any information.

The only thing is the prices are very expensive here so is better to prepare your own meal and drink before going out for clubbing.
Holidays2011 Holidays…
3 reviews
Human nature May 07, 2011
This is an amusing park in Oslo where there are many sculptures regarding the theme human nature.

It is a really nice place to walk, do a picnic or just relax. It is free, and the sculptures are amusing. Their expressions are so real!

Highly reccomended!
larysazal larysazal
1 reviews
Fantastic sculpture park Mar 30, 2011
One of the most spectacular attractions in Oslo. It a complex of sculptures which show a cycle of life as well as various emotions and relationships between people.
ana_pt ana_pt
48 reviews
Should not miss on the city Mar 10, 2011
Nice park where you can seat with a cup of coffee(buy on the way)n relax, the sculptures r just fantastic.Going to Oslo without going pass here would be a pity. I truly recomend
Vigelan Park
stevemco stevemco
33 reviews
Vigeland Sculpture Park Nov 03, 2009
The Vigeland Sculpture Park is a great place to spend the day. Some North Americans may find the sculptures quite perverse but remember… you’re not in North America! Those of you that are well traveled… enjoy it!

Important: The comments express are mine and in no way intended to promote any product, service or tour. Also, I’m not here to write full ‘play by play’ reports on my experience simply to provide short first hand personal impression. As with all comments, reviews, recommendations on the internet, in books or magazines, they are SUBJECTIVE! We all have individual likes and dislikes and it is your responsibility to perform your own ‘due diligence’ and make educated choices. The bottom line… we live on an amazing planet and I’ve been fortunate enough to have explored a large piece of it. My only suggestion would be to get out there and enjoy every bit of it whenever you’re able.
harmeling says:
I am from Norway.
What do you mean.....?
Posted on: Oct 31, 2009
patkooy patkooy
1 reviews
Vigeland sculpture park not a must Aug 24, 2008
Although any local will tell you not to miss the sculptures, they are certainly not the most interesting thing in Oslo if you're there only for a short visit. They are certainly nice but not something you can do without. The park is really nice on a sunny day, especially late afternoon when everybody lights their one-time-use-BBQs (they even have special wastebins for these BBQs!). Or go for a jog, it's large enough for that.
ejames01 ejames01
34 reviews
Frogner Park, Oslo, Norway May 05, 2008
I had a chance to visit the park and Oslo back in 1986. I fell in love with the park and Norway. The city was clean and the people where very friendly.
138 reviews
Jul 06, 2007
Cut from the Internet:

One of Norway's most visited attractions with more than 1 million visitors every year. Popular recreation area.

The unique sculpture park is the life work of the sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) with more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron. Vigeland was also responsible for the design and architectural outline of the park. A monumental artistic creation with a human message that is well worth seeing.

The park is open all year at all times.


This is a natural place to go when you are in Oslo. There is alot of people visiting this park ,but its not very crowded (Oslo is a small city). The Main statue monolitten is a symbol of people stepping on other people to get to the top.

PS: Dont miss the statue called "Sinnataggen"
Monolitten. The most famous Statue
Overview of most of the statues.
A typical Statue
Busy little bee feeding on some of…
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farrellanna says:
yeah, i really wanted to see this park. glad to know its worth seeing. maybe you could let me know how in the world i would find it once i know where i am staying.
Posted on: Aug 15, 2007
Martin_Austria Martin_A…
75 reviews
Dec 01, 2007
The Vigeland sculpture park is one of the sights you can visit in Oslo. The Vigeland park is part of the Frognerpark. The works are made by Gustav Vigeland, a famous Norwegian sculptor (1869-1943). He made 58 bronze statues and 110 stone statues. Was great to see them half covered with snow.
darlingwish darlingw…
4 reviews
Oslo Vigeland Park Oct 01, 2006
The Oslo Vigeland Park is a definite must-see when you're in Norway's capital city. It's a part of the Frogner park and with an area that covers 80 acres, it's pretty huge!

There are hundreds of different sculpture depicting people in various human activities, 212 as I've counted *lying about the counting*, which are all modeled by Gustav Vigeland, hence naming the park from him.

At the main entrance of the park, there are large gates and small ones for pedestrians made out of iron and granite. Then there's the bridge where one of the sculptures you can find Sinnataggen (Little Angry Boy). He is the one of the famous (if not the most) sculptures in the park, the most phtographed and probably the biggest show off of all. The other sights of the park includes The Children's Playground (where the statues are in the likeness of children playing), The Fountain, The Monolith and The Wheel of Life.

On a clear sunny day, especially in summer, it is best to visit this park but when you get there in a dark, gloomy or even snowy winter day, and has only a few days to live, or i mean to stay in Oslo, then you have no choice my friend but to still go as I really recommend this place for you to see.

To get there is fairly easy, that is if you're already in the city. From the central station, hop on a tram (trikken) or a subway (T-bahn) and get yourself to Majorstua. From there you can hop on a tram which is only two stops away or walk (to your right as you step out of the station, ok? hehe) but walking doesnt really save you money unless your one hour tram/t-bahn ticket has expired and you have to buy another ticket. Journey from the central station will be about 15 to 20 minutes, I guess.... You go check and correct me. Have fun!
The Monolith, the focus point of t…
The Little Angry Boy
The Monolith and people just chill…
Oslo Vigeland Park
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darlingwish says:
oooo yes it is!
Posted on: May 06, 2008
rizky_wisnu says:
beautiful park indeed!
Posted on: May 05, 2008
ejames01 says:
Beautiful Park!!!
Posted on: May 05, 2008
davidx davidx
564 reviews
However could he? Jun 23, 1997
The Vigeland Sculpture Park was the very first place I saw on my first evening in Oslo. I expected to find it far less wonderful tHaN I had heard claimed - there had to be a limit to what one person could sculpt. I continue to believe this but it must be a mighty high limit because this is a very spacious park containing more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron, all the work of Gustav Vigeland.

The entrance to the park is a wrought iron gate and it leads almost immediately to a bridge with 58 bronze sculptures of people to the sides.

Beyond that a path continues in the same direction to The Fountain and then on to The Monolith, The total height of this, including the plinth, is over 17 meters. The main theme running through both the pinnacle itself and the surrounding granite sculptures is the Cycle of Life.

Finally, still on the same line, the path leads to The Wheel of Life, a symbol of eternity consisting of women, children and men holding each other.

I am sure I failed to grasp much of the symbolism - but I'm equally sure nobody has to in order to appreciate this amazing park. (The Vigeland Museum, near the park, is currently - Nov 2010 - closed for works
The Monolith, Vigeland Park, Oslo
Details of surrounding figures, Th…

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