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Vatican City, Italy

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Fitnessguru729 Fitnessg…
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The Vatican! Sep 20, 2011
I was making my way through Rome and the next stop was The Vatican. On the way to The Vatican I met a fellow traveler from Moscow, Russia. It was hard to make out what she was saying but she said she was a model in Moscow and she wanted to see The Vatican and she was on her way to meet a friend. We went to see the The Vatican together. The Vatican was incredible! The best was the tour of The Vatican inside and viewing all of the tombs. It was spooky but very interesting. I highly recommend this tour. You see so much on the tour it's even too much too list here but the tour is free just to let you know! My Russian friend went on her way and hopped in a cab and it's incredible to think that I will probably never see that girl again but just connecting with someone from a different country is mind blowing and that moment right there sparked my love of travel! Ciao Ciao Katarina from Moscow, Russia! Ha!
My Vatican tour partner! Katarina…
The Vatican: Rome, Italy
Great tour!
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Alisia84 Alisia84
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Vatican Museum Jul 17, 2011
I visited the Vatican Museum on a hot summer day. Beautiful site, but I found it hard to fully appreciate the experience because it was unbelievably crowded and the tour guide was hard to follow. If you want to hear what the tour guide is saying you have to stay pretty close to him/her or you'll lose reception. The whole walk through took approximately 2 hours. I would recommend learning a little about the Vatican before going and if you don't like being in hot/crowded environments, probably best to go off season.
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Della Della
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The Vatican Sep 17, 2011
Crowded but worth it! How can one review the Vatican. Bring comfortable shoes--lots of walking!

I would recommend going during low season!

Pope is not there during most of the Summer months!

Make sure you get some stamps and mail some post cards from the Vatican PO.

Best Gelato is outside the Vatican!
Vatican outside
Steph_Prichard87 Steph_Pr…
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Amazing Jun 22, 2011
If you are going to Rome..... you MUST do the Vatican.

Such an amazing historical and artistic stand point!

I went on a Michael Angelo art tour for 4 hours including the Sistine chapel, it was so amazing and so worth the £35 admission and tour fee!

Would reccomend this to anyone, a MUST!
carlydc1985 carlydc1…
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I loved it! Mar 22, 2011
Like another poster, I'm not very religious at all but I think the Vatican is a must see as well. There is loads to see and great photos to take. I imagine if I would have had the religious background for it, it would have been more amazing than it was. The artwork at Vatican Museum alone makes the short metro ride from Termini worth it.
Guards @ The Vatican
HuBison HuBison
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When in Rome, you HAVE to visit the Vatican Jun 11, 2010
There are a dozan pictures you can take out front. If you visit inside, your shoulders and knees must be covered, so you really should carry a shawl with you anytime you leave your room and walk around Rome and the Vatican city.

If you get in line to go inside the Vatican, there is a guard there checking to be sure everyone is presentable. Men must be wearing shorts that come over the knees or pants. Women wearing strapless dresses, tanktops, sleeveless shirts or items that would be appropriate on a hot day are not permitted inside unless you are covered by a shawl or sweater.

There are so many things to take pics of inside. If you are Catholic, you can attend Mass, but it is in Italian-even for such a variety of visitors from around the world, Mass is not held in English or Spanish or other popular languages.

Go early. At 9am, there were less than 100 people on line in front of me. by 11am, there were over 200 people in line. You have to go through a metal detector.
funinuk funinuk
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Jul 09, 2007
I am not religious in any sense of the word but I have always wanted to Visit the spectacular Vatican City.

St Peters Square

We first saw it on the Angels and Demons tour and stayed a very short time. We then came at night to watch the sun set over the city from St Peters square. The buildings and fountains look fantastic at night lit up and there are no huge crowds. I would recommend you come at night for a look.

St Peters Basillica

We later came to explore the inside of the city. We lined up for St Peters and the Dome for about 1/2 an hour. An elevator (thank god) and 300+ steps later we were at the top of St Peters dome. This has to be the BEST 360 degree view of Rome you can get. There is also a souvineer shop on the roof! There is also a lookout on the inside of the dome where you get a great view of the church below.

The Basillica is huge and there are a number of things to see in there including a piece of the actual cross (or so they say!) The paintings, sculptures and decorations are absolutely amasing!

The Vatican Museams

We lined up for about 1.5 hours (and 3 blocks) to go into the Vatican Museams which open really early so we had no chance of being able to get up early enough to avoid the queues! But we met some nice Canadian girls in the queue who we chatted away to. Inside the museams spread around a large square, we really only wanted to see the Sistine Chapel. We followed the signs (and people) through intricately painted rooms with sculptures, paintings and tapestries lining the walls and ceilings. About 20 rooms later we FIANALLY arrived at the Chapel which was full of tourists milling about. I sneakily took a photo of the ceiling! I suppose it was worth the wait - I can say I have seen it now!
The Vatican at night
The Vatican at night
St Peters Basillica
Stairs in Vatican Museam

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