The Underground Bazaar/Walkway -- a Shortcut, Good Deals and Possibly Dante's Inner Circle of Hell

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Baku, Azerbaijan

The Underground Bazaar/Walkway -- a Shortcut, Good Deals and Possibly Dante's Inner Circle of Hell Baku Reviews

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Nov 17, 2007
As drivers here are often reckless, there are more and more underground walkway springing up around Baku. One of the older ones is located near the Academic Theater near Fuzili Square. In addition to being a "safe haven" for pedestrians, it also full of booths of individuals selling anything -- bootleg colognes, clothing, electronics, shoes, books, etc.

There are several ways to look at this area. First, chances are you will not get run over by a car, truck, van or bus while in the underground, but getting run over by a person is another story. So it is relatively safe. Second, there are many discounted items, so it could be looked upon as a good shopping experience where the possibly of that random drunk driver plowing into a group of innocent bystanders is greatly reduced. Third, you could look at it as anytime you combine people with material items that they could possibly buy, you are merely asking for trouble.

I tend to fall into the last group. Maybe I am a stereotypical male where I know what I need to do or get when shopping. As soon as I do it or get it, I leave. I do not need to find anything else. I also believe that shopping reduces an individual's IQ by at least 20 points. How else can explain a little old woman blindly walking into the path of man of a large man hurrying (not at a full out run but close) to get to work? How else can you explain people suddenly stopping as something (usually make-up) has captured their eye? How else can you explain taking up an entire walking passage when they see other people are coming the other way? Yes, shopping makes everyone dumber.

I have always faced the dilemma when going to Ministry between dealing with shoppers or dealing with drivers. I usually choose the underground because getting run into by a person is a lot less painful than getting run into by a car. Just a thought! Also, if I should ever decide to try out for an American football team or a rugby team, the underground bazaar would be great training.

In all honesty, it is not that bad if you are not in a hurry, but it can get a little crazy when there are many people in there. If you are a foreigner, you can expect for most merchants to try to totally overcharge you. I had some guy try to charge me 6 manats for Boos cologne, when actual Boss cologne was only 2 manats in the Aptek down the street.

The place can smell terrible in the summer, just as a warning.
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Get ready to run the gaunlet.
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