The Stratosphere

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2000 las vegas boulevard south, Las Vegas, NV, USA

The Stratosphere Las Vegas Reviews

WalterC WalterC
389 reviews
Trip to the observation at the top May 05, 2017
Located at one end of the Strip (debatable whether it is actually part of the Strip), the Stratosphere is a casino, hotel and tower, all combined into one. It is the tallest building in Las Vegas. With the different functions of the Stratosphere, this review will be mainly about the tower part. I did not stay here, so I can’t comment on how this place was, as a hotel.

Located along the Deuce bus route, the Stratosphere is not hard to get to. The bus will drop you off, next to it. And it lit up with neon lights at night. The tallest building in Las Vegas, one can ride the elevator to reach the observation deck at the top of it.

There are 2 different places to view the city. One of them is indoors, while the other is outdoors. Make sure you see both. The outdoor view is located above the indoor one. You get really nice views of the Strip and the downtown area, seeing it being lit at night. And I assume you can also see the surrounding mountains as well, but only in the daytime. Either way, you will be treated with really nice views of the Vegas area, seeing that it is more than just the Strip.

There are other attractions on the observation deck, but they are NOT included on the admission price. One of them is the SkyJump, which is bungee jumping. Obviously, not for the faint of heart. But still, even if you are not doing the SkyJump, it can be just as entertaining to watch someone else do it. A bit of a crowd can gather, to witness such a thing. There are also a bunch of thrill rides, which take you farther up in the tower, and completely outdoors. There are different package deals, if interested in this.

For any visitor to LV, the trip to the Stratosphere should not be missed. To truly get the best of it, though more time-consuming, is arriving 2 hours before sunset, and staying until it is dark, so you can get the views of both daytime and nighttime of the city. And experience both the indoor and outdoor decks of the tower.
where to enter the Stratosphere
Stratosphere building
indoor view of the Strip
closer look at the Strip
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kristennoelle9 kristenn…
21 reviews
If you're looking for a THRILL....!!! Apr 06, 2013
Paid $34 for a ride to the top of the tower and access to all 3 rides (excluding the sky jump).

Up here you get an amazingggg view of Vegas, especially at night... I live for views like this!

And if you're truly a daredevil you'll try the thrill rides. I admit I was scared out of my mind to get on these things, but it ended up being one of the most fun parts of my trip!! It's definitely one of the most daring things I'll probably ever do in life, next to one day sky diving.

If you like being adventurous, coming here is a must!
Nair2011 Nair2011
246 reviews
360 degrees panaromic views of LASVEGAS May 13, 2011
Wanna see Lasvegas panaromic veiw then Stratosphere is the place. This tall observation desk is next to Willis tower, Chicago in height. Around 17 USD as entry fee, we can see great views of LAS VEGAS.

This hotel and casino located in the begining of the Lasvegas strip in Lasvegas blvd. Little far from other famous casinos. Very romatic place to be in for couples and families.

There are 3 thrilling rides on the top. Package tickets can be bought for the same. I was here only to see the panaromic view of LASVEGAS in night. This is a must visit attraction in lasvegas in night for the views. I have enjoyed my time thoroughly here with my friend.
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spocklogic says:
Nice review - condensed with the basics for Vegas.
Posted on: Sep 27, 2011
whyme85 whyme85
2 reviews
The stratosphere May 29, 2011
If you are in Vegas you must go there because you won't find anything like it. There are three types of activities to do. If you are afraid of heights don't go there. Try to visit it at night in my opinion to enjoy more
krishnakumarg krishnak…
3 reviews
Stratosphere for slimmer wallet Mar 19, 2011
This hotel is placed on remote end of the Las Vegas strip and definitely not the hotel to stay when you trip to casino world.

If you have lightweight wallet then this would be better choice but why someone has to go Vegas without money. Though it is a descent hotel to stay but not in Vegas.
HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Go be INSANE or just enjoy the view Sep 12, 2010
I went to the Stratoshpere with a friend of mine and I don't consider myself slow, but it took us a while to take in all the options you can do at the Stratoshpere. There is a combination of just paying to go up and ejoy the view or paying for some or all rides.

We just wanted to go for the view-why, because people who ride those rides are insane! Yes, I have jumped out of perfectly good plane, but that is so different that riding some twirly twirly ride while dangling over the edge of a building how many stories up! I don't think so.

There are 3 rides up on the roof. If you went a couple of years ago, they have since changed some of the rides. One dangles over the edge as it it spins, another thrusts you forward at a angle such that if the ride malfunctioned (and I'm sure it wouldn't), you be aimed right for the street, and another drops like a free fall. I'm sure there's a different experience riding these rides at night versus during the day.

But, like I said, we went for the view. There'a a little walk around with a 360 view of the city. If you take pictures (cause the view is great), you will have to play with the flash and angles as the flash might come out in the glass. You paid for it, so take your time and enjoy the city from so high above and just hang around looking at the different reactions of people who regret their decision to ride a ride that is on the roof of a hotel! I imagine some of those people have to be on hallucinogens and this would make it worst.

So, hope you enjoy the insanity; let me know how it went.
bashmentbabe bashment…
63 reviews
On top of the world ! Jan 18, 2009
The stratosphere tower is absolutly fantastic it makes for a great family outing or a lovely day out for couples.

The views from the top of the tower are phenominal and breathtaking wheather you go in the day or at night.

I went to see both as I loved the views so much .

The Rides = There are three incredible thrill rides also at the of of the tower 1. Insanity ... '' A massive mechanical arm extending out 64 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower at a height of over 900 feet ''

2. x-scream... '' With a space age, yet simplistic design resembling a massive teeter-totter unlike anything you've ever seen, the X-Scream will propel you and several other riders head-first, 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower.''

3. Big shot ... ''in a matter of seconds, the Big Shot thrill ride catapults 16 riders from the 921-foot high platform up the Tower's mast to a height of 1,081 feet and down again.''

I rode on them all and had the time of my life... my dad and his girlfriend were too scared to get on any of them so they just watched ... If you can only handle one ride however I think x-scream was the best because the views totally hit you when your sitting over them

Warning definatly not for the faint - hearted or anyone that has any form of vertigo lol.

If you want a great day and evening out you should purchase the show, dinner and tower package which is around $52 which includes one ticket to the show AMERICAN SUPERSTARS (its a celebrity tribute and well worth the money the Michael Jackson tribute was awesome and the Christina tribute was inspiring Ive never heard anyone sound more like Ms. Aguilera than the woman herself.) one dinner buffet, two drinks and one tower pass.

you can meet the stars after the show and have picture time :)

overall I think that the sratosphere tower is one of las vegas' best attractions and should be added to the ''must do'' list.
after the amrican superstars show
christina tribute and dad
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reikunboy says:
Wow sonds awesome
Posted on: Jan 21, 2009
Dancr says:
My wife and I saw American Superstars back in 2007 and we enjoyed the performance as well. We didn't have the opportunity to try any of the thrill rides however but we will be returning to Vegas most likely later this year.
Posted on: Jan 21, 2009
Kaantie95 says:
Yes I agree. I was there once and amazing. The dining was classy and the wine was tasty.

Got to go again though.
Posted on: Jan 21, 2009

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