The Stinking Rose

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55 North La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
The Stinking Rose - garlic roast prim rib, served with gold yukon garlic mash potatoes and creamed swiss chard
The Stinking Rose - Surf & Turf
The Stinking Rose - fried calamari
The Stinking Rose - dracula's grotto room with the cob webs :)
The Stinking Rose - I tried to take a picture of us in the mirror...I failed...
The Stinking Rose - The Gang and the Appetizers
The Stinking Rose - Donna's Birthday Treat...Garlic Ice Cream Sundae

The Stinking Rose Beverly Hills Reviews

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Jul 25, 2007
The Stinking Rose restaurant pays homage to Allium sativum L. or

GARLIC. If you love the flavor and scent of GARLIC, then a visit to The Stinking Rose is a must.

I ate at the Stinking Rose a long time ago...all I can remember from

that experience was the Forty Clove Garlic Chicken...yes you read it right...40 cloves of garlic!

I returned to The Stinking Rose to celebrate my cousin's birthday. We were seated in a booth along a wall that had a very colorful mural. The booth seating was at first tight for a party of 5. My cousin commented "Hey if those guys can fit (pointing at the table across from ours), so can we!". We busted out in laughter because in fact she was pointing at a reflection of our party on a had to be there! With good company, our tight seating became an intimate dining experience elbow to elbow with family and friends.

Since it was a special occasion we splurged!

To accompany the house-baked focaccia bread, we ordered the bagna calda which is garlic cloves oven roasted in olive oil and butter. The menu indicated there was anchovy in the mix but I didn't taste it. All that I could taste was the roasted garlic which had a creamy consistency when spread on the bread...yummmy! You can't go wrong with garlic, olive oil, and butter right?!?

Since she wasn't driving home, my cousin had the garlic martini which she requested to be made with the top shelf stuff...I believe it was Grey Goose. I would say this cocktail is an acquired taste...with one sip the raw garlic flavor was a bit too overpowering...even for me. I think the alcohol released the pungent taste of garlic way too much...but at least I tried it.

To whet our appetites, my cousin ordered a large tureen of garlic steamed clams. The dish came to the table in a huge white tureen. As the server removed the lid the garlicky scented steam wafted in our direction. The tureen was filled with what I believe were Manila clams bathing in a broth of garlic, herbs, white wine, and clam liquor. The clams were perfectly steamed and still tender. The broth was equally delicious...I recommend dipping the focaccia bread in the broth.

A friend also ordered the breaded asparagus which was OK...not exceptional in taste as it was pretty plain. And at 9 bucks it was not worth it.

For the entree, all but one ordered the Surf & Turf (Tiger Prawns OR Crab with Prime Rib). Since we didn't want to deal with the mess of cracking crab, we all opted for the prawns. There are 3 cuts of Prime Rib...Regular, Large Cut, and The Slab. I got the Regular, two others got the Large Cut and my cousin got The Slab. The sides included Garlic Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and Creamed Swiss Chard. The Prime Rib was OK...not the worst and not the best I have ever tasted. I should have went with the crab because the tiger prawns to me tasted slightly overcooked. At the price point, the Surf & Turf also was not worth it.

My cousin's boyfriend ordered the Garlic Braised Boneless Short Rib. All in all we enjoyed our entrees, more so because of the company and the euphoria caused by eating the clams.

Now for dessert, my cousin got the Garlic Ice Cream Sundae, another ordered the cheesecake, and the rest of us ordered the frozen custard. Again, the garlic ice cream is an acquired taste. The garlic flavor was not as raw and pungent as it was in the martini. Garlic undertones mingling with creamy ice cream and chocolate sauce didn't fare well with me. I think it was because I associate garlic with savory food. But it is worth a taste if you can't make it to Gilroy, California for their Garlic Festival, where I hear garlic ice cream is quite a seller!

I think we were too anxious to order dessert because unbeknownst to us at the time of ordering, each order of frozen custard is enough to feed 3 people and we ordered 3 of them! Note to the description on the menu before ordering! The frozen custard, without garlic, was a welcomed treat though to mask the lingering garlic flavor on my palate.

There were some hits and misses on this dining experience at The Stinking Rose. But I would go back because I still have to try their Dungeness Killer Crab. Heck, I'd go back just for the Garlic Steamed Clams and Bagna Calda!

Speaking from experience, The Stinking rose DOES season their garlic with food!
The Gang and the Appetizers
Surf & Turf
Donna's Birthday Treat...Garlic Ic…
I tried to take a picture of us in…
alicegourmet says:
Oh gosh...Garlic Martini! I can imagine how strong the raw garlic will make your breath!!! I made 40 cloves of garlic Chicken last year! Cooked garlic is way more mild and fragrant than the raw one.
Posted on: Mar 27, 2008
retrospeck says:
Did you find yourself burping days after eating there and it still tasting like garlic? It sure happened to me!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2008
sybil says:
good food. but.... i once made the mistake of going dancing after chowing here.... bad idea. BAD IDEA! :D
Posted on: Oct 17, 2007
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mellemel8 mellemel8
275 reviews
Oct 27, 2007
This was a cool restaurant. if you wanted to reserve a room. you can choose either the Dracula's grotto, Michaelangelo's room, cork table, and chianti room. i reserved 9 people to dine in Dracula's grotto. the ambiance is very entertaining. we were sitting in the corner of the room. we were served first some dinner rolls with dried garlic on top. there was a also a very strong garlic spread on the side. WOW it had a kick on it. i love it.

we all shared a large order of calamari. i would not recommend this. it was too breaded.

i ordered the garlic roasted prime rib as rare as they can get it. they gave me a perfect cut.

my best friend derren ordered a garlic martini. that was very good with the grey goose.

my other best friend, lees ordered a mojito. that was not bad as well.

my battery of my camera died on me after main course. tracy(TRE69) took the rest of the pics.

i ordered the famous garlic ice cream with a carmel mole sauce. that was quite tasty.

parking is valet only. i would recommend reserving before 5pm. it is less crowded.

garlic roast prim rib, served with…
fried calamari
dracula's grotto room with the cob…
mellemel8 says:
HAHAAHA going to the gym the next day was not fun :P
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
sybil says:
yep, and don't make my mistake of going dancing after.... garlic and dancing... NOT a good combo! :D
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
latelunch says:
I love this place, but it's not good to bring a date! Garlic overkill! The garlic ice cream is my favorite!
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
jeffy jeffy
23 reviews
May 31, 2006
There is another location in San Francisco that I have never been to. This review is particular to the restaurant on Beverly Hills' Restaurant Row on La Cienega Blvd.

As far as nice restaurants in Beverly Hills go, The Stinking Rose is actually relatively cheap. Regardless, this place is a little more expensive than most other restaurants. So, I've only been to this place for big occassions. If I had the chance to go more often, I definitely would because The Stinking Rose is delicious and especially unique.

'The Stinking Rose' refers to a garlic, the key ingredient in practically every menu item. If you don't like garlic, you'll hate this restaurant, because you can even smell the garlic from outside. If you do like garlic, you'll come away loving this restaurant because their meats, pastas, and seafood dishes are terrific. Everything that I've ever eaten here is superb and I recommend this restaurant to everyone.

The place also has a great atmosphere. It has its own unique style, with garlic-themed decorative features, and plenty of color. Plus, the restuarant attracts a fun diverse crowd. Families, young couples, locals, and tourists alike all come to eat here.

Definitely one of my favorites.
jenn79 says:
It's true! For a "themed" restaurant, their food is awesome! My favorite is their lasagna.
Posted on: Jun 01, 2007

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