The Stinking Rose

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325 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA
(415) 781-7673

The Stinking Rose San Francisco Reviews

mmekiss mmekiss
2 reviews
Great food Jul 17, 2012
I have nothing but good things to say about this restaurant. The food was great and the staff was very friendly. The restaurant was very clean and had a great theme. They have booth that have drapes on the front of them, it made it seem more private. The best part of the decorations was this rope of garlic that spread through the place. The only thing was it was hard to find parking but I think that happens in most places in San Fran. There are a few things to see right around the restaurant and all within walking distance.
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vances vances
581 reviews
Lick your garlic habit... Nov 10, 2011
Okay, if you are seeking something quirky in San Francisco, definitely head to North Beach and dine at the Stinking Rose. As you might guess, thie eatery specializes in garlic dishes...pretty much everything offered here is steeped in the stinky stuff.

Fortunately my wife & I both love garlic and we had a fun dinner here. The Stinking Rose features a really fun atmosphere and tacky decor, though the service was a bit lacking during our visit (nothing fatal, but certainly not top shelf). I ordered mussels in garlic sauce and it was awesome! The side of garlic mashed potatoes was good, but I've tasted better preparations elsewhere.

So add this to your SF destinations list, but if you don't have a good time, be forewarned --- I'm telling you this place stinks!

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antwan918 antwan918
1 reviews
Really Good Restaurant Jun 11, 2011
Really good restaurant in SF, check it our if you are there. You will have no regrets! It can be pricey but the cost is something that the food makes up. I am a garlic lover and this restaurant is awesome!
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bobbyv85 bobbyv85
2 reviews
Stinking Rose Mar 25, 2011
The Stinking Rose was a good restaurant but the food was a little too garlicy for me. If you LOVE garlic then this is the place for you.
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Travelbuddys Travelbu…
93 reviews
For Garlic lovers Dec 20, 2009
Great restaurant if you like your food with lots of garlic!

Located in North Beach, San Francisco's renowned Little Italy, the "original" Stinking Rose has become famous for celebrating the culinary euphoria of garlic and serving over 3,000 pounds of the pungent herb each month.

The restaurant looks great from the inside and has a good atmosphere. Make sure in the weekends you make you reservations. Price is average.
Restaurant from the outside
hmmm bread and garlic
tenderchicken22 tenderch…
6 reviews
Not Just for Garlic Lovers Jul 25, 2009
Their motto is:

"We Season Our Garlic With Food!"

And they certainly live by it. I've eaten here once, but as a garlic lover, it is my intention to make another trip to San Fran so that I may dine here again. From roasted garlic appetizers to garlic ice cream for dessert, this restaurant will have you in garlic heaven. Even the decorations stay true to the theme. They have what is most likely the longest strand of garlic in the world hanging from the ceiling.

If you were dragged to this restaurant by a garlic-loving friend, but cannot fathom consuming it yourself, don’t worry, they have dishes for you too.
almond72 says:
Must be careful about visiting this place. Many people suspect I'm a vampire since I stay awake at night and sleep in the day. :)
Posted on: Aug 10, 2009
Dalmia says:
Sounds like my kind of place!! Garlic & onions, two of my fav ingredients in dishes!
Posted on: Jul 25, 2009
mkarinaa mkarinaa
48 reviews
The Stinking Rose Aug 22, 2009
Who doesn't love garlic, but I was a little disappointed. I've heard all these great things about it but in reality it was alright. Yea there was a lot of garlic but other then that nothing special. One thing that did stand out was the garlic appetizer, that was truly great but the entrees were alright. I'll take The Cheesecake Factory over The Stinking Rose any day.
poohstanggt poohstan…
133 reviews
Jan 12, 2008
This is by far my favorite restaurant! The one in Beverly Hills/West LA is even better but now that I am in Northern CA, I will be loyal to the San Francisco one! Definitely have to try the Bagna Calda to start. It’s basically their signature dish and I’ve tried to make it at home and it just is not the same! For entrees, the Neon Ravoli or 40 Clove Garlic Chicken are amazing. The recipe for the 40 Clove Chicken is online, fantastic to make at home. It sounds like a lot with the 40 cloves but the sauce reduces it some and it’s not that garlicky. For dessert, you must try the Garlic Ice Cream. It sounds strange at first but everyone who has tried it LOVES it!! It’s just got a hint of garlic and the sauce is almost a tad spicy so the combination is perfect. Probably not the best first place date but definitely worth it!!! :-)
Their infamous Bagna Calda - clove…
Porterhouse Pork Chop with garlic …
Gnocchetti with garlic gorgonzola,…
Couldn't resist a picture of Chiqu…
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Marinushka says:
I loved Bagna Calda too:)))
Posted on: Aug 06, 2010
adriana123 says:
OMG! the bread and dipping sauce they give you is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! you can keep the vampires away for weeks with all that garlic!
Posted on: Apr 03, 2008
TRE69 says:
I love the Bagna Calda too! Next time I'm in the Bay Area I will have to go to the SF location!
Posted on: Jan 14, 2008
tirsomaldonado tirsomal…
322 reviews
Lively restaurant in San Francisco Apr 29, 2008
Although it is known by being a garlic restaurant, I did not try any and was very good anyways. The food was very tasty and it is located at the North Beach area! We had some starters and then a main dish.

It is a beautiful restaurant, with tons of wine corks hunging from ceiling and lots of old photos on the walls. Dinner did not cost more than 85$ and besides having a good dinner, it is a fun place!
poohstanggt says:
WOW! I can't believe you found something without garlic! :-)
Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
turtlejen turtlejen
2 reviews
Jan 17, 2007
If you're headed for North Beach in San Francisco, head to the Stinking Rose. A garlic infested restaurant that leaves you not only stinking, but begging for more.Everything I have had there has been unbelievable. A must is the bana calda as an appetizer, anything else is fair game and bound to be delicious.
waterfyre says:
Mm-mmm! I love this place. How can you go wrong when everything has garlic in it!?
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
vances says:
I agree! The mussels in garlic sauce is fantastic. We found the service to be so-so, but it is a fun eatery.
Posted on: Jan 17, 2007

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