The Statue of Liberty

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Liberty Island, New York, NY, USA
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The Statue of Liberty New York Reviews

loripori loripori
272 reviews

Saturday, May 4, 2013

As part of our Bus Tour to New York City, our group went on a Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise. To me, the highlight was seeing the STATUE OF LIBERTY for the first time. The boat got pretty close, so we were able to take some pictures of this iconic statue.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States and is a symbol of Freedom and Democracy. The Statue, located in New York Harbor on Liberty Island (south of Ellis Island), is of a robed female figure representing LIBERTAS, the Roman goddess of Freedom. She bears a torch and a tablet on which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

In 1984, the Statue of Liberty was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site

May 1 - 5, 2013

Shoreline Tours was offering a NEW YORK CITY BUS TOUR and since Hans and I have always wanted to go to New York, but did not want the hassle or stress of driving there, we jumped at the chance to go there.

The tour was for five days, leaving from Windsor early Wednesday morning (6:00 a.m.). Our first stop was in Niagara Falls, where some wanted to take advantage of the duty-free shop there. We made our way through New York State and then the I-80 through Pennsylvania, with breaks about every two hours for washrooms and restaurants (lunch & dinner). About 7:30 we arrived at our destination for the night, the Holiday Inn Express in White Haven Pennsylvania, which is right in the heart of the Poconos.

Thursday, May 2 - early 9:00 a.m. departure. Around 11:30 arrival in Times Square, where we were able to have some lunch and then a guided tour of New York. Dinner at Carmine's.

Friday, May 3 - Morning - Top of the Rock. After lunch - NBC Studio Tour - Radio City Music Hall Tour - Evening - Free time until 11:00 p.m. (we met up with Donna_in-India and her family and spgood, for dinner at Virgil's.

Saturday, May 4 - Morning - Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, N.J, - Afternoon - Circle Line Cruise - 9/11 Memorial

Sunday, May 5 - early departure and headed back home.

All in all a wonderful experience. Price included four nights accommodations, one dinner (Carmine's) and all admissions, gratuities and luggage handling.

I also want to thank Neil - our escort and Paul - our driver, for a most wonderful experience.
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty
View from Top of the Rock
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EmmaDeCloet EmmaDeCl…
3 reviews
Great Sight Nov 05, 2014
This is an iconic New York City landmark that we just had to see first hand. We had cruised by the Statue of Liberty at night while cruising out of New York in 2007 and wanted to come back and have a closer look.

As with other attractions in New York City, there is tight "airport style" security to go through prior to proceeding to the ferry that transports you to the Island. There were a lot of people waiting in line when we went, but the staff keep the crowds moving very efficiently - there's no fooling around and holding up the line here!

We chose to sit on the top level of the ferry to take in the views of the Manhatten skyline. the tickets for actually going in the Statue of Liberty were long sold out, so we purchased tickets for access to the grounds. We walked around the perimeter of the Statue . The grounds are well maintained and clean and we enjoyed our time there.
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camwilde camwilde
163 reviews
More than just a statue Dec 12, 2012
This statue represents the welcoming of many of my ancestors as they arrived to the new land, although it wasn't around until after they all came over (dedicated in 1886). Still, it is an important reminded to us all that Liberty comes at a cost and we need all kinds of people with different backgrounds to become stronger as a nation.

We visited the Statue of Liberty in 2008 while my daughter was still an infant. We were there during the busy season and were warned to get tickets early, which we did. I am very grateful for this advice as we wouldn't have been able to go up to the pedestal. When we went, the crown was closed and we wouldn't be able to go up anyway. I hope to return though and go all the way up.

In the base of the statue is a museum which talks about the history and has some of the retired items from the statue.
Taking a photo in front of the Sta…
Taking a photo in front of the Sta…
Getting ready to go into the Statu…
At the base of the Statue of Liber…
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dannyrock4 dannyroc…
31 reviews
A wonderful Icon of New York City! Jul 09, 2012
You think of New York, you think of the Statue of Liberty, it is an icon of New York and there are many different ways you can see it. You could take a helicopter ride, sail past it on a boat or simply catch one of the many ferries going that way, that’s what we did and we spent a good couple of hours on Liberty Island. It was a gift from the people of France dedicated America on October 28 1886 representing freedom. It didn’t cost too much to catch the ferry across and only took 20 minutes, as you would expect there is a fairly large gift shop on the island with all different kinds of merchandise, but all the same it was a fun trip, I would recommend this visit to Liberty Island so you can learn some history and appreciate just how large this statue really is.
simbathelion simbathe…
3 reviews
Liberty Island May 21, 2011
I just want to say. For starters I was a little disappointed that when you see it in the movies it looks stupidly big.

However, when you are on Liberty Island it actually seems quite small in comparison. However, I think it is certainly well worth seeing just for the experience.

It was a surreal experience and although I would never go back. I will certainly never forget it. Especially as it was only a few years after 9/11 and NY still seemed to be on high alert!

Definitely recommended!
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gerriek gerriek
2 reviews
Cool attraction, can be busy Mar 06, 2011
New York's tallest lady can be observed best from Liberty Island itself. You get a good view of NY's skyline as well as a close op of Lady liberty. The lines for this attraction can be quite long. We went 10:30 AM and there was a 1,5 hour queue. Luckily we had the NY city pass, and we could skip the lines! Amazing service. The security is pretty bad though, almost like airport security. Once you've passed this point you can enjoy the view from the boat. Amazing statue you do not want to miss on your trip to New York.
Statue of Liberty view from Libert…
mhoffi1 mhoffi1
3 reviews
statue of liberty Mar 03, 2011
hi guys,

if you want to visit the statue of liberty in NYC there are 2 possibilities.

first one: you can take a ferry for 50 cents from a sport close to battery park. the ferry passes liberty island and ellis island. BUT you cannot hop out.

second option: you take a ferry for 20 dollars from battery park. the ferry stops first at liberty island, then on ellis island.

It is worth visiting both islands!!
heyitsgerard heyitsge…
2 reviews
Figurine of Freedom Jul 23, 2011
This old lady is a must see if you visit New York, you gotta visit this place just to say you have

If you want to go into the statue on any level, you better buy tickets in advance.

Lots of security checks if you can bear those it is well worth seeing.
michaelr510 michaelr…
2 reviews
Great expierence in NYC May 09, 2011
Had a great time in NYC. The Statue of liberty was amazing and highly recommended. It was my first time visiting and was on my own and wouldnt have had it any other way. taking the ferry over the ellis island was easy and quick.
lulalovestotravel lulalove…
3 reviews
Statue of Liberty Apr 16, 2011
When i was younger, my mother used to take my siblings and I to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island during the summer so that we can have something to write about when we went back to school in September. I believe everyone should visit this monument since it signifies what America is all about : Freedom & Liberty.
George89 George89
1 reviews
Visiting The Statue of Liberty Apr 04, 2011
Really recommandable to pay it a visit!

Be sure -though- to buy your tickets 1 day in advance so you can skip the long que of standing in the line to buy it at first, and after to stand in the line to actually get to the ferry!
mrd911 mrd911
3 reviews
Statue of Liberty Mar 29, 2011
Great place to see.

If you want to visit the crown inside the statue, be sure to get your tix very early as they are limited and sell out fast!!!

This is the tightest security I have ever been through. They wouldn't even let me take my car keys with me, but they do provide lockers(for a small fee).
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
A Must See and A Must Book Jan 29, 2010
One of the things you have to do in New York, but you really need to book it before you go. Was down twice, and both days there were no tickets available for the Crown tours (and this is in January).

Fortunately i'd booked mine online before I went so I was sorted and had a time to be there.

It's actually cheaper as well. It cost me just $15 for the Crown Tour, which includes the ferry over, yet on the day it was $20 just for the ferry across for those just turning up. Best to allow at least an hour before your tour is scheduled to make the ferry across in time.

For the Crown tour though you need to call at the pre paid window at the ticket office and have your photo ID with you (drivers licence for US citizens and passports for foreign nationals).

Once on the island you have to register at the Information Centre (which is on your left opposite the gift shop as you come off the boat) , and again they had to see my passport. From there you head towards the back of the statue, and keep to the right where there is a seperate enterance for the Crown tour.

Tougher security than the ferry to get into the statue, and you then go over to a deask and one of the Ranger type folk will give you a time to come back as they limit the numbers going up at any one time.

There is a museum to wander round to pass the time, though it's not that big.I only had to wait half an hour, though expect it would be a fair bit longer in the summer.

354 steps to get to the top, and the bit up the pedestal is fine, but the spiral staircase is a lot tougher.

Views from the top aren't really any better than from the top of the pedestal, but it's one of these things it's nice to say you've done.
Liberty Enlightening The World
Original Torch
Statue Display
French Fund Raising Campaign
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HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Plan in advance to save money and have a stress-free time Jun 09, 2010
Planning in advance is the only way to visit the Statue of Liberty, now that's it's open! Go online and buy your tickets a month or 2 from when you'd like to go. Traveling to NY in the high summer season? Maybe you should look 2, 3 or 4 months in advance.

Decide if you'd like to take the Pedestal tour or go all the way to the Crown. If you buy the pedestal tour, you will be able to go up a little less than half the total height. The 'pedestal" tour means that when you look at Lady Liberty, you see her body on a large rock pedestal, that's where you'll be able to get to. The view is great and the picture postential is high. If the elevator is working, you get off the ferry and walk right up to her and catch the elevator to the pedestal. If the elevator is not working, you have about 150 steps to climb.

If you want to do the Crown tour, it will cost a little more and may be worth it. You would do as noted about, but then there is no elevator service beyond that and you must be able to climb an additional 300-someodd steps to get to the crown. You don't have to climb until you get there, you can stop and rest, but the staircase is narrow and people will have to pass by. When you get off of the ferry, don't go straight to the statue, you will usually have to stop at the information center out front.

You can't bring water or food into the Statue, so if you think the climb will exhaust you and make you thirsty, have no fear, the National Park Service sells water for about $3 downstairs. Pocketbooks are OK, but backpacks are not permiited and have to be checked.

Wear comfy shoes and if you think you'll be outside a lot, sitting and resting and taking in the view-bring sunblock.

The ferry from Battery Park goes in a loop, it goes from NY (or NJ if that's where you started) to the Statue of LIberty to Ellis Island and then back to the state you left from. This means: don't try to do Ellis Island first and then come back to the Statue. From Ellis Island, be sure you get on the right ferry. If you want to go back to Battery Park (in NY), be sure to avoid the NJ ferry.
A pic from the base-how cool, huh?
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seaotter seaotter
3 reviews
Strength of Freedom Dec 30, 2009
Words cant describe the Statue of Liberty. The feeling you get just looking at her, its endescribable! Anyone who claims to be a patriot, HAS to go! No questions asked!!!
dennisvanweeghel dennisva…
14 reviews
Lady Liberty New York Aug 03, 2009
Het vrijheidsbeeld is erg mooi om te zien en hij is ook erg groot wat je niet zo gauw denkt totdat je er zelf onder staat en niet groter blijkt dan een teen.(ik ken nu eenmaal alleen die dingen uit de kadowinkel). Jammer dat je er niet meer in mag. Je komt er door een klein bootje (varrey) die heen en weer vaart.
Lady Liberty New York
Lady Liberty New York
Lady Liberty New York
Lady Liberty New York
wongjst wongjst
40 reviews
Jul 06, 2007
This symbol shown as a welcome to all immigrants and return U.S. citizens. Standing at a tiny island in N.Y. which is right in between the Hudson River and N.Y. Harbour. The Statue of Liberty, a a huge statue observed as a woman standing, head with a crown, held a stone tablet in her left hand, and her right hand up held a flaming torch, it was a French gift presented to the U.S. way back in 1886.

If you want to visit to the Liberty Island and the Statue, please be prepared there will be a personal searches which include a X-ray scan, very similar to the security found in airports.

Currently the interior of the statue remains closed after Sep 11, 2001. Only the museum and ten-story pedestal are open for visitors which have a "Monument Access Pass" which you need to make a reservation at least 2 days in advance.
thebballkid thebball…
2 reviews
Jun 16, 2007
Wow guys. It turned out this thing is everything it looked like on TV. I loved the little island it's on. You have to take the boat there so that is a (lengthy) experience of itself, but still really fun. The statue itself is really powerful when experienced from so close and there are some amazing places to take pictures of the New York City beauty. Certainly a must if in NYC.
This things is beautiful
On the boat
Some great places for pictures of …
And again...
jwilsonwsu says:
I was happy I could go to the top before 9/11. A must for anyone going to NYC.
Posted on: Jun 19, 2007
Dave says:
When I went last winter we allowed 3 hours to see it, but couldn't go because the the line was over 2 hours long! So don't make the mistake I did, allow alot of time.
Posted on: Jun 19, 2007
AndiPerullo says:
I have a fabulous view of the Statue of Liberty right outside my building. I never take her power and beauty for granted! Glad you enjoyed!!!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2007

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